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  1. Well done fella, thats it now, welcome to the strange and weird world of carp fishing
  2. Plus i can't help but think, how much of the slack line taken from the reels is taken up with under water currents.
  3. I would only fish slack if i was fishing the margins, and tighter the further i fish at range. Running leads are the way forward for good indication, even fishing a semi slack line you'll be surprised how much of the line is laying on the bottom. If your fishing snags, tight lines, locked clutches, and don't do it at night.
  4. Ian, the feeling i get always reminds me of A Passion For Angling, its the only programme out there that comes close to capturing the true essence of fishing.
  5. I must admit non of the knots i have used have ever slipped.
  6. I have got my first 24 hour session coming up this Friday, i haven't done such a long session for a few years now. Yeah for sure i have done quick over nighters but it has mainly been day sessions only, due to work and family commitments. Despite the obvious reason of catching fish, the other aspect i am really looking forward to, is the first couple of hours of light. Waking up to a misty still like mirror pool, really captures the atmosphere for me, its one of the things i have really missed about doing longer sessions. I have to say i am really looking forward to the social at Merrington in September, for these very reasons as well as others. So what do you like about fishing? apart from catching fish.
  7. Im out Friday till Saturday, first 24 hour session in i don't know how long.
  8. Maddiesdad A weed rake is a good tool to use to drag out some weed, although you could spend a little time baiting a couple of spots with hempseed. This will get the carp grubbing around, ripping up the weed and creating some new feeding spots for you. Before this step however i would try to locate the carp as much as possible, you'll need to spend time at the water just watching, you see holes in the weed and you may even see patrol routes through the weed. Find these area's first and start introducing some bait. If you are intending to use boilies, i would just scatter a handful or so over the hempseed, this will get the carp used to finding your bait and will build a little confidence. The gear you have got sounds ok but i would use drop off leads. A chod isn't necessarily the best choice for heavy weed. Pva bags are good as your presentation will always be spot on.
  9. garysj01


    on the bank this weekend?
  10. Nathan, one rule, find the fish first, simple as that.
  11. new pb lol Thats a biggun
  12. Good luck everyone this month, get the pictures down on here.
  13. I wasn't on about plastics, just normal hi viz pop ups
  14. Hi yaffle, a lot of good info on here mate, the only thing i would add, braid will be better as so much more is transmitted up the line to the rod. I have 2 spare rods which have the same test curve as my fishing rods. One is a designated marker float rod and one is a spod rod. All 3 1/4 lb test curve, i usually don't like to send out the marker unless i have to, so i just simply take off the rocket on the spod rod and attach a lead, nothing else and have a cast around with that. You'll be amazed at what you can feel with just the lead on the end. If i feel a change in depth i may also cast out the marker rod to see what the change is exactly. But you will feel so much with just a lead on the end, just simply cast out and slowly draw the lead back towards yourself, and every bump or change will be felt at the rod end.
  15. 5 turn grinner for swivels, go twice through the swivel, but i use a simple double loop knot, as i like to change my hooklinks on a regular basis.
  16. Attach a flouro pop up to your hook using a piece of PVA tape or string, cast in your rig, wait for the pop up to rise to the surface, and then you will have a visual marker to bait up to.
  17. Pop up dust in PVA bags, Grind down a few pop ups and add the dust to your regular PVA bag mix, its very good, all year round for lifting flavours through the water columns, especially during the winter when some oils can congeal.
  18. Hello everyone, do you have a top tip you would like to share with everyone?, well this is the place to do it.
  19. ESP stiff bristal filament, 20lb
  20. Ill have a bit more time later to reply properly
  21. garysj01

    June catch reports

    They could be fella, but the rigs i am using i have used before to catch big fish, i think its just a matter of, right time right place, i will get there fella, i just need a couple of more pieces of the jigsaw and ill be there
  22. garysj01

    June catch reports

    I just can't seem to get to the big ones at the moment Stevo, but ill keep at it, and keep on the fish and hopefully it'll turn right eventually Good things come to those that wait .... There's a lump munchin on the bait with your name on it mate I hope so mate, i do feel like im getting closer, every session i do im coming away with just a bit more, if you know what i mean.
  23. garysj01

    June catch reports

    I just can't seem to get to the big ones at the moment Stevo, but ill keep at it, and keep on the fish and hopefully it'll turn right eventually
  24. garysj01

    June catch reports

    Another 5 yesterday, nothing big but at least i am getting amongst them.
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