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  1. Mirror 33lb3oz Chilham Mill Activ8 Boiles Common 29lb8oz Chilham Mill Activ8 Boilies Both caught a few years ago now, fishing a swim known as shooters, Spodding out hemp, chopped boilies and a tin of stagg chilli believe it or not
  2. hi what about lengthening the hair rig by a couple of inches, when casting in to silt the hair will usually get dragged into the silt with the lead. Sounds like the fish are finding the bait but maybe the lead is plugging into the silt with only a couple of inches of the hair rig exposed, this is why your getting the takes but a very light hook hold. Also try a different lead arrangement, still use an inline lead, but fish it so it comes off on the take like ali hamidi from korda fishes the zig rig. ill try and do an illustration for you if need be, anyway hope this helps
  3. Hi all im off to fish Kingsnordley Fisheries this sunday for the first time does anybody know anything about the pools there. Im going to try the Specimen Pool for the carp and would appreciate any help
  4. Ok yeah ill be there hiding under my brolly drinking coffee and no doubt smoking a fag
  5. yeah ill be down there sunday as well, id like to see how the fish are getting on see if theres any more floating around. Ill be there first thing, i am sure there must be a twenty in there somewhere, problem with the island is i think its more of an angler magnet more than a fish magnet i fished a similar place a few years ago all the carp that patrolled the island were small and i have seen a few big splashes in the corners and i have had the bigger fish from the margins, i think the bigger ones are mainly feeding on the match anglers baits and avoiding the island, so im going to see this sunday
  6. Yeah i have noticed the general condition of the fish to be pretty poor, however i have had a few that looked like they haven,t been caught before but for the most part the mouths of the fish are damaged. Not surprising when you see who fishes on there really, plus i like to get there as soon as it opens to set the traps but regulary get (urm how can i put this politely) some people set up right next door and continuously cast to where i am fishing, which isnt best pleasing undoing all my hard work. I am sure there is a twenty in there but is it worth all the hassle you have to go through whilst being there. Ill give it a couple of more shots but as soon as i start feeling its not right then ill be off to pastures new. I totally agree with the litter thing i have done it myself and the only reason i do is because i cannot stand rubbish in my swim, its a great shame others do not have the same respect. We all have a part to play in keeping fish safe and keeping the enviroment around us tidy and bins are supplied. I did notice a few roach/bream hybrids dead covered in a brownish algee floating around.
  7. Hi everyone i have recently moved back to brum from kent and i am looking for a decent carp water to fish. I am currently on Sion Farm Fisheries trying to wrinkle out a twenty, if any exsist. I have to admit i have been a bit spoilt with fishing as i used to fish chilham mill which was an excellent water stuffed full of carp, maybe i have set my expectations to high but surely there must be a similar lake around the west midlands Thanks
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