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  1. Anyone else believe in it? I just finished a four day session on a lake that I have fished, on and off, for the last 30 years. The usual would be, if you caught ten fish a season, you're doing well. I fished a swim that I have fished a hundred times before, with wildly varying degrees of success, often as not resulting in no action whatsoever, but the swim that gave me my first ever 20lb carp! Long story short, on this occasion, almost 21 years to the day that I had my first twenty, everything just clicked into place, and, for a short period of time, the almost impossible became easy.
  2. Very interesting topic, and I fully agree with everything androoooo has said. We go fishing for fun and relaxation at the end of the day. Carp should be looked after the best we can, but don't kill yourself in the process.
  3. I've been using Wychwood Riot 65's for the last three years or so and can't really fault them for the money. Just as a point of interest, I've never had the line go behind the spool. One of them did make a few strange noises when cranking really hard under load (trying to stop a fish taking me round an island), but other than that, no problems whatsoever! I didn't like the shiny bits though, so I've now changed them to Penn Affinity 7000 black, which seem to be bloody awesome!
  4. Eh?? I've lived round here for nearly 50 years, and as far as I know there's no nuclear power station for miles and miles!
  5. lol. Obviously I'm particularly fussy about perfect alignment and tightness. Must be the engineer in me. [ ] phils_wicked, I'm from Newport Pagnell, but now living in Bradwell.
  6. Not sure if this will be of any interest, but I think I have found the answer to getting Delks perfectly aligned with just the standard screw thread. The only tools needed are a screwdriver, a pair of pliers and a 15mm spanner. Step 1 : Tighten the locking ring right up to the alarm, using pliers to nip up. Step 2 : Undo battery cover screws, remove back and the plastic bit the screws go through. The bolt should pull out easily. Step 3 : Screw bolt into buzzbar and using the spanner, tighten the bolt down until you have a flat side of the bolt parallel with the front face of the
  7. shade


    Just shit I want to post!
  8. Fished a full weekend last week, and by Sunday afternoon all I'd caught was a couple of tench. Then, with everything except the rods packed away, my left hand rod started ticking line of the clutch and this very welcome 25lb 6oz common saved what would have been a carp blank!
  9. Ok, so I fully understand the concept of zig rig fishing, albeit I've not actually done it much. My query is about location when the fish aren't showing in the colder months. If you think that the carp may be off the bottom, in the warmer layers, unless you have actually seen evidence of fish in the swim, how do you decide where cast the rig, given that they will not be fully active and swimming all over the place? I have real mental issues just chucking out a bit of foam into the great blue yonder, and so most of the time just leave the bottom bait rigs out there!
  10. I have been carp fishing since the mid 80's mate, and we actually started on one of the hardest lakes I've ever fished, and still do. Having said that, we did in those days take frequent trips to easier lakes just to get a bend in the rod. As a measure, I fished three full seasons for two fish, a low double common and my first ever 20 at 23lb 10oz. That fish will never be beaten on merit by any other, unless I get a 30 from the same lake!!
  11. I can't be the only one on here that loves the 'harder' lakes. You know the type, the ones where most people do a few sessions and give up because they can't handle the blanks. Most of my chosen target waters are this type, low stock, mature gravel pits. In these instances, it's usually the lack of people fishing it that makes it 'hard'. What I mean by that is, if every swim was taken every week, fish would get caught regularly, but not by everyone. A well known example would be Savay lake, hard, but by no means impossible. Doesn't really answer the original question, but for me, a big fis
  12. Optonic Radio G1's. You'll probably keep them over the Delks!
  13. Been general fishing since the age of 6, 40 yrs ago! Got into specimen fishing, bream, tench etc. in my teens. Started unsuccessful carp fishing when I was about 18, then read some books, most noteably Rob Maylin's 'Tiger Bay' and learnt enough to catch a few carp. Still learning and evolving to this day!
  14. I use G1's as well, not skipped a beat at all. I could improve them, but not with anything like those new ones. Think they need to look at their marketing team and bang a few heads! Oh, and funnily enough, I'm a carp fishing welder as well!
  15. I posted this pic up somewhere on here before, but I like to use the reverse combi rig shown in this pic, especially if the water seems to fish well using 'normal' chod rigs.
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