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  1. Hi. Thinking of joining beedles has anyone got any info on the place.ie stock and does it get stupidiy busy at weekends
  2. What did you want to know?... hi zammmo mainly is it worth giving it ago in couple weeks and wot baits work best this time of year there.
  3. hi all any1 got any info at all on elsons at stanwick
  4. Alright ralphj looking at fishing lake 1 or 2
  5. Hi all, Has anyone fished at le val dore.Any good?
  6. Thanks all for the recommendation looks and sounds great. Cant wait to get first run off a big french carp.
  7. Hi all, anyone got any recommendations of any lakes within a 2 hour drive from calais.Looking for somewhere to drive to but also would like somewhere that supplys food and showers. Any ideas
  8. Why not try naseby res.better looking place and fish.Can get busy but if you get there early you'll be ok.Plenty to catch
  9. hi, has anyone got any info on delapre lake in northants
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