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  1. Hi mate Have you looked at the Wrekin reservoir? I've always classed it as a runs water as it's fairly easy, good average size of fish aswell. I haven't fished it for a few years but there must be a few 20s in there now. As for TAA Apley is meant to be a runs water with a couple of 20s but I'm not sure I've never really fished it.
  2. I was on the syndicate for 3yrs, feel free to msg me
  3. Some of them pools have changed a lot lol.
  4. I’m just curious to what’s wrong with this fish. Some other anglers think it’s a swollen gland and is contagious?
  5. What's your beef? Lol Have you got nothing better to do other than criticise other people's posts? Sad little man. 😂
  6. Does anybody know any decent fishing spots in or around bath must be day ticket or free water as I will be doing a few after work sessions. I've tryed the Avon but no joy. Thanks jack
  7. Some of these have been smashed now. Mirror - 28.09 Common - 32.01 barbell - 9.15 pike - 21.14 chub - 4.08
  8. So your rigs sound fine it's just that the pool I fish I'm only confident fishing a chod the weeds that thick. The people who fish normal rigs seem to catch nothing or very little, in my opinion the carp would have to be really rooting in the weed to find your hookbait if they were just passing they wouldn't see it so wouldn't be tempted. But of course even with a chod you need to be on the fish. Aswell it's very hard in your case when you havnt got much time. The only other thing I can think of is to hide your line as much as you can and make minimum disturbance.
  9. Hi there you say it's full of weed, what rigs are you using? I've been fishing on a 9acre pool what's full of weed but has 50 to 60 carp I'm told and is very hard. I've done 22 seperate 24hr sessions and had 4 fish but I know others who have done like over 30 for no fish.
  10. Hi there I don't know much about Blackfords but do you know about TAA waters that's only about £25 with about 15 pools loads of decent carp to be had. WULAC is another but that's about £100.
  11. Does anybody know of any day ticket waters around the Warminster/Frome area including rivers stretches and any info on them would be great thanks.
  12. It fished hard last year and the stock seems low and a bit unkown but there's I think 3 known 30lbers and proof of about 4 high 20lbers from what I've seen. Most the carp are low 20s there's a few high teens aswell and in the next couple of weeks they are putting in 10 fast growers and another 20 or so mid to high teens from another of the clubs waters. rumours of a 31lb pike aswell.
  13. Sorry I should of said where it is Its just outside Telford not far off j3 on M54.
  14. One of my local syndicates will be needing new members in March the bailiffs are struggling to get new people to join (genuine reasons). If anyone is interested or wants more info then please send me a message. thanks Jack
  15. Hi all Wow I ain't been on here for about 3 years.
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