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  1. Hi Rich, I fished Tokenham years ago and recently (2 years ago) joined again as I wanted a lake to teach someone else who was just getting into carp fishing and it is perfect for that. I only fished it at the start of last year before I moved off to where I was focusing my efforts for the year, not very successfully may I add. I was using boilies, not nuts though, but I was unaware that both baits were banned, can you let me know where on the website it states they are banned. I even let one of the baliffs try some of the boilies I was using and never got told not to use them, so I am
  2. Me and the other half ain't married - I have been fighting that one for 10+ years now. However I have converted her from a "no way am I going fishing" to a "When can we go fishing" type. Initially I would go off for weekends Friday - Sunday one weekend, then the next weekend we would do whatever she wanted. Then a few years ago, it was nice weather and I had something on on the evening, so I went to a little day ticket water nearby. She decided as it was just a day and it was beautiful weather she would come. She absolutely loved being out in the outdoors. A couple of weeks later, I or
  3. I am due to meet up with my mates in a few weeks time as Ilive in Bristol and they live in London and we are meant to be making a decision on when we want to go next year and where. This was on the list of possible places I came up with. I will let you know in a few weeks hopefully what the outcome is. I know the dates can be a bit of an issue as one of my mates is one of the Met's finest and he has issues booking time off of work.
  4. Hey Smufter, I haven't been there unfortunately, booked up for this year already but this is on my list of possibilities for next year. I couldn't find much info either but the place looks really nice. I would be going with two mates who have dabbled with the odd bit of carp fishing on small runs waters in the UK in the past. Any chance you could post a bit about the place when your back? Thanks
  5. Thanks guys - I presume it will also sink as it takes on water and once I have boiled it up?
  6. I have always used hemp quite sparingly in spod mixes and so on, the odd bit in marginal areas with some corn fished over the top maybe etc. Therefore I have only ever picked up some of the ready prepared stuff. However I want to start adding hemp to my spod mixes and looking to maybe use a bit more than I have in the past so thought I would take a trip to the local cow mills/pet store to see what the prices were etc. In both of the shops the hemp seed was almost white in colour, quite dried out and light in weight. I asked and took 20 - 30 seeds from both shops to take home and put in wat
  7. I own a Chub Vizor 2 man bivvy and it is a quality bit of kit, Have used it quite often since I bought it a few years ago, especially since the other half has started fishing also. Its never let me down or got near to letting me down. When I first got it a couple of years ago at a sale price a few of the guys I used to fish with went out and bought one for their France trips. Setting of for France for two weeks with it in the back of the car in about 45 minutes. I also have the Supa Brolly and the overwrap and my choice would always be that, if I am going on my own.
  8. Have you thought of writing him a letter/email asking for a full refund and any other money you spent or missed out on during this trip (days off of work)? On the grounds that - they did not give you enough notice for the change of venue. - the facilities were not as advertised. - the facilities were in your opinion against health and safety regulation. - you were made to vacate the lake before the time agreed on the booking. - distress of finding the facilities not as planned and the upset it caused etc. I would advise the owner that you intend to take the matter up with trad
  9. http://www.carp.com/carp-forum/viewtopic.php?t=56385 Any good?
  10. I always take way way way to much stuff. After every trip I try to remove more stuff that I don't use. I guess I like to cover all eventual possibilities and fish in as much comfort as I can. if the other half comes with me - it doesn't help as I need 2xbedchair, 2 times sleeping bag, 2xfood and drink, 2xspare clothes etc etc. That said with my new water looking like a bit of a back breaker I am going to need to trim the kit down further. I actually see it as a challenge though as less stuff = more mobility.
  11. A couple of months ago the other half bought a Actifry by Tefal. one of those new gizmos that cooks chips with only a table spoon of oil. For the record the chips ain't bad. Anyhow the actual system works by pumping very hot air into the cooking compartment which heats the food and the oil the oil then coats the food and it cooks. There is also a paddle in the middle that moves around to constantly move the food. Sometimes we cook some food without any oil as it has some fat content itself. So it actually go tme thinking about boilies (or whatever they would be called). As the poi
  12. I will send you a PM when I am back from work - we spoke a bit last year if you remember I am from Bristol.
  13. I cannot view youtube videos from work, will have a looksie when I get home. I hope to get onto that ticket this year though if it is the one I am thinking of. I need to go and meet Brian one Sunday (probably this Sunday) to have a chat. I have done a few allnighters in the mansion itself and that is one spooky looking place, not much to worry about with regards to paranormal stuff, but that is one hell of a spooky looking building, something straight out of a horror film.
  14. Actually as it is my first trip and the fact that it is meant to be a relaxing break the lake I have booked doesn't have a huge head of large carp - although it does have a chance of just beating my PB. I just wanted somewhere quiet peaceful and where we could get away from it for a week with few interruptions etc. I haven't told her yet but if this trip goes well I intend to try to make it a yearly event, maybe trying out different lakes each time.
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