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  1. im waiting for a reply from trakker see what they say, other than this the bivvy is excellent so im a little bit gutted!
  2. guess i could but dont wanna void the warranty
  3. echo what others have said, Blackwidows well worth the money & definately dont feel/look like sub £50 rods! I use 3 along with Aero GTE baitrunners, you wont be dissapointed
  4. been looking at this for pulling hook knotts etc: or should i just go got the korda one?
  5. Hi guys bought this bivvy brand new about 8 months ago, but its 1st use was 2 weeks ago & to this day ive only used it twice! Anyway... when i opened it up 1st thing i noticed was the elastic looks like its about to snap because when it bends over the edges of the poles the elastice is getting scraped because the edges of the poles are very jagged & rough when im guessing they should be smooth or rounded so this dont happen? Ive just sent trakker a mail hoping they can help, anyone else had this prob before with trakker bivvys? other than this the bivvy is excellent, plenty of room & love the amount of options for how you want the opening!
  6. im looking at new home insurance too & as mentioned above, so far M&S seem to be the best when it comes to tackle as it covers you bank side too which is a big plus, think i got quoted around £20 per month for contents only + my all important fishing gear that would be insured bank side
  7. Well, dunno if anyone else is using this line but gutta say for carp fishing its A1 deep down its a sea fishing line, but my bro has been using it for a while now & after being impressed (very!) ive just ordered my self a spool for my 3 reels. No coil at all, strong & very abrasive anyone else use this? ..im using the black colour
  8. Hi guys Thought id make a topic on what "tools" are a must have for carp fishing along with the particular ones you have/use & why! Im asking because ive just started up carp fishing again, ive got most my gear sorted but now its onto what tools would be handy to have at my side Guess this thread also be good for new comers to the sport wondering the same thing! what ive got so far is: Brade scissors, baiting needle, forceps, superglue.. think thats it tool wise! pretty sure im missing out on alot more lol! ? ta
  9. get a slient generator!... wire all your gear up, as soon some scum touches it... bang just kidding, dont try this at home (or by the lakeside)!
  10. Just got back from work & now im waiting for my bro to pick me up, we off for a couple of nights fishin gunna be fun setting up in the dark mind lol
  11. tizdaz

    my first ever catfish

    Bet your arms felt 10x longer after the fight! Catfish put up 1 hell of a good fight so well done for baggin 1 that size dude, bet you were made up!
  12. very nice dude, w/done \o/
  13. Ta guys well.. I blanked on sunday just gone! I was gutted until a chap came by & I was chatting to him & he said there was about 6 people there yesterday & all of them blanked! lol But I have a feeling this place is a night water so me & my bro gunna go back this Sat & spend the night there \o/
  14. Well bought a new bivvy bed other day off the net & it arrived today! JRC X-Lite 3 Leg Bedchair First thing I noticed is that the name "X-Lite" lives up to it's name!.. its very light indeed... 7.2kg to be exact (Yup i weighed it!). Very sturdy, has a locking mechanism for each the legs so no collapsing! It's very well padded & also has a lil bit of a built in pillow! First impressions from me are good but time will tell. I picked it up new for £95 incl free delivery which aint a bad price as the RRP is around £110-120+ Im doing a night sesh on saturday so will update this post afterwards with a more "tried & tested" review \o/
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