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  1. I'm aware alot of these waters will be old news to most people, I actually had a ticket around six years ago but I have been carp fishing alot more over the last year or so and I've learnt so much more than I ever knew, not to mention meeting some really knowledgeable angler's. I now look back and wonder how I ever caught and how much time I have wasted in the past because of this. Anyway I'm aware of the KHV virus on Trench introduced from a recent stocking of poor carp I believe? I was wondering if any of the other waters are worth fishing anymore I've heard people say The flash holds some good fish I believe this is the one that a separate night ticket is required? Also what about Blue pool I believe it once held some gems? As I'm really only trying to progress into my fishing my pb is 21lb and the only 20 I've had despite my efforts over the last year I can't seem to catch myself another one so with that in mind I'm not chasing 30's and 40's like alot who have been where I am, any fish will be welcome really. Thanks.
  2. Old Post I know but does anyone have any further information on this water please?
  3. Spoke to guy who run's it,£4 a rod £5 for two that's a day then as you said for night fishing. Going to give it a try asap any tactis? whats best for the cat's there?
  4. did another 24hr the weekend me and my mate,had one fish between 4 rod's ! I was fishing cell boilies and his SAS and still no good fished "no mans land ".Guys opposite were very noisy swearing,shouting,drinking and smoking and had 8 in totalusing a bait boat fishing the pad's best was a 23lb carp. Where am i going wrong? Anyone fish the damm wall anymore?
  5. is it rough up there? im told stand more chance of getting beat up and mugged?
  6. Anyone fished... * Withy pool telford town centre *Fen's pool's brierelly hill If so has anyone done anygood on them?
  7. Hi mate must of spoke to you we were told we should have fished cell bollies really?
  8. Cheers mate,its cheap too isnt it? cant find great detail about it on the net though. What size carp you had out? you ever fished fenspools?
  9. Hi usually free line over kingsnordley a couple hour's a night but never caught bigger than 19lbs. Me and my dad fished poolhall wolverhampton the weekend 24hrs and only caught one 17lb carp.We were told we had picked poor peg's i fished the stump and my dad the cut out. Looking to fish leighton's and stuart's at shattersford,did fish 36hrs at masters last yaer and blanked. Im intrested in big car and cat's never caught a cat as of yet im told the withy pool at telford is supposed to be a good day fishing?
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