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  1. I'm next door to O'Halloran Hill in Sheidow Park. Nice little pond 2 minutes away that i fish regularly. Once your up for a fish give me a PM
  2. Whereabouts will you be staying ? If down south i can show you 1 or 2 little spots i frequent on a regular basis
  3. Just thought i'd introduce myself,as you can see by the username i'm in Adelaide. Been in Oz for 13 years originally from Scotland ( not exactly known for carp fishing ) mostly used to fish the canals for perch,roach pike etc and loch fishing for trout and salmon. About 8 years ago a friend of mine put me onto a small pond in my area which he said was full of carp, needless to say i've been ( excuse the pun ) hooked ever since. The biggest problem i find here is finding decent tackle, even a a half decent waggler is hard to come by. I did bring most of if not all me gear with me whe
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