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  1. Funny how swearing isn't allowed on here but slating each other, bullying and threats of violence are deemed to be fine!?! Gazlaar you de man!
  2. Good man Spr! Proper pleased for you [emoji39] [emoji39]
  3. I love the lake, and think it'll be my focus from now on until it gets cold and I'll head back to bayewater.Largest fish is maybe high 20 poss nudging 30, average size is about 15. They are lovely carp, old and dark and not many there! I'd say lake is just under 4 acres., weedy, deeps margins. No son, just me and the dog. She did well actually no barking or bother. I had one run on a zig but the line parted when I lifted the rod!! Argh!!!! My own fault as I used even though it didn't feel right. Fox zig link in 10lb. No kinks or damage but it just felt weak [emoji39] Lovely night though, no bivvy needed just on me bed under the stars
  4. nealjt


    Thank you Gazlaaar. Can you put a link to your starting contribution please? I can't find it
  5. nealjt


    I'd be happy to be nominated, but you'd only get noddy ramblings
  6. Yes very cool! I'll be in retirement before I'm authorised the cash for carbon, imagine if all kit was carbon fibre, chair, barrow the whole shebang! would make moving swims a doddle [emoji12]
  7. If your going to go for it a carbon pod it surely the way to go [emoji39]
  8. Any way back to the pictures... have got my carp spotter on the look out [emoji12]
  9. The owner isn't an angler, and the carp aren't huge so there isn't enough attention to justify the effort. To be fair the tractor is a rumor but the chap that put the car in there told me about it! It's an old Austin went in years ago when he tried to drive it on the lake when frozen!!
  10. Spr - it is a great place, I think CM would approve, it has a few old and rarely caught beasts in its depth! also a car and a tractor oh and a gazillion bream!!!
  11. Not quite the quality of others! but I've got the lake to myself
  12. Well I'm home alone tonight.... My wife and son have a trip to London ..... Would be rude not to go really.... Woo hoo! Am sneaking out for my first ever mid week in between work fishing session!!!! Weather looks good so my canvas will be the stars
  13. That is brilliant! I wish I could hear the splash as it lands [emoji39] [emoji39] [emoji39] [emoji39] Would you not end up with a chuffing great pile of bait though? Or will you be sending multiple blocks out?
  14. From me it'd be a tough choice between corn or luncheon meat, I'd probably go with the meat
  15. Brilliant! You should be proud! This is what its all about, great memories being made [emoji39]
  16. Having said that these caught my interest http://www.pvafishingtackle.com apparently are made with added attractors.... although for the price I'll just stay with a glugged stick [emoji12]
  17. As cyborx said! It must do something as carp are supposedly amazing smellers/tasters! I've always just trusted it as it is proven to work and not repel fish although I'd say being caught regularly on little piles of food may have more of an off-putting impact
  18. Sad, it is such a shame, especially if big chub get ottered as they would be proper old fish [emoji25]
  19. Sorry I lied, they were £19 From Amazon and made in China https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01ETJWH6M/ref=pe_385721_143309711_TE_3p_dp_1 Obviously I'll need to see how they last. But they do seem to be built pretty well and all fittings and screws are tight
  20. Got me four of these, I'm not really interested in the stainless look, but am very happy with these I wanted a bank stick I can screw into hard ground. Check this out...! The extending section fits through the stick to help screw them into the ground [emoji39] [emoji39] [emoji39] [emoji39] Annnnnd they were £16 for 4 [emoji12] [emoji12] [emoji12] [emoji12] [emoji12]
  21. For me they are perfect can get a good grip on them and they work very well. I've got a DIY version of a jag vice which holds the hooks. Have used them on size 6 and 8 today and was fine [emoji12] The "vice" is the handle of an artist scalple
  22. Have been playing with these today, absolutely brilliant, I now feel like a can sharpen a hook to a decent point. £16 from Amazon and worth every penny [emoji39]
  23. I wouldn't say his findings are dismissed, he is spot on in my opinion, just didn't like his writing style. Agreed it is quite funny, going through the pains of mixing rolling & cooking baits which effectively lessens the attractors and seals it so it is more difficult to get the bait to entice the prey, only to then make more efforts to undo all that work so that the bait is effective ! I can assure you the irony is not lost on me!
  24. Didn't bloomin work though!!! [emoji23] [emoji23] [emoji23]
  25. Better version, the level of the bait in the water and a reflection of the stiff section can been seen.
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