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    nealjt got a reaction from kevtaylor in Eagle Claw Lazer Trokar hooks   
    Yonny - that is brilliant!! Most check their hooks with a couple of pricks to their hands or nails... you check them in a laboratory!!! That is so cool!!
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    nealjt reacted to beanz in Sleeping whilst fishing   
    I agree, it makes the bullying and threats rather lame without a good swear word for extra intimidation 
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    nealjt got a reaction from beanz in Sleeping whilst fishing   
    Funny how swearing isn't allowed on here but slating each other, bullying and threats of violence are deemed to be fine!?!
    Gazlaar you de man!
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    nealjt reacted to beanz in Sleeping whilst fishing   
    I used to sleep while fishing, but after reading this thread I'v decided its wrong ....I now cast a rod out and hide it in a bush and go home to my bed .....its by far a better nights sleep.
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    nealjt reacted to Gazlaaar in Sleeping whilst fishing   
    I can't help but think this Sleeping While Fishing is just the tip of the iceberg compared to the rest of what is perceived as what's wrong with modern day carping.
    Commercialisation, Simmos, Mouth Damage, Muddy Carp Puddles, High Test Curve Rods, The Boilie Brigade, Fish To Big, To Many Fish, Not Enough Fish, What ever it is, from every angle anglers are being judged, looked upon negatively, told they aren't as good, told their fishing is easy, during the war springs to mind.
    Fishing is what it is, I don't need to justify my actions to another, and I'm guessing a lot feel like they have to justify everything nowadays, it's just not right.
    Leave people to enjoy what they love doing, leave people alone to enjoy the path they choose. Fishing has many paths, and everyone has the right to enjoy what they are doing without the fear of being ridiculed and having every aspect analysed and berated from what seems Self Appointed Elitist Garbage.
    Just leave eachother alone; and stop worrying what everyone else is doing, it's none of your business.
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    nealjt reacted to levigsp in British Record   
    Sorry but you said "but a fox should not be killed by dogs, it takes far too long for the fox to die", this simply is a lie, anybody who has witnessed hound kill a fox knows how quick it is.
    As for the rest I am not going to try and preach to the people who have taken the sheeps path, I will only say this, I have witnessed dogs of all breeds, destroyed because their pet loving owners thought they were to old, at least a hound gets to live life doing what is natural to it and when it cannot do that anymore it is shot, I wish I could chose that end!
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    nealjt reacted to nigewoodcock in British Record   
    Steve, please stop posting about hunting etc. I really don't want to have to start agreeing with you, it don't seem right!!!! Lol
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    nealjt reacted to newmarket in Sleeping whilst fishing   
    Welcome back you argumentative old sod
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    nealjt reacted to hnv in Sleeping whilst fishing   
    Sorry to hear that fella.
    At least it will be tender...
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    nealjt reacted to cyborx in Sleeping whilst fishing   
    haha!! i got sclerosis, eat that
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    nealjt reacted to cyborx in Sleeping whilst fishing   
    not really but sometimes, just sometimes a slap is in order
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    nealjt reacted to phildalton1982 in Sleeping whilst fishing   
    Love this, sometimes this forum is like an old wives club, can everyone not have their say without being told they're wrong for having an opinion, I've seen this forum be amazing for info but also full of pointless bickering. We are all adults, arguing the t o s s really isnt pro active is it
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    nealjt reacted to adamkitson in Swans. Pure white evil.   
    Stun gun on a landing net pole!
    (For legal reasons I should say I have never and will never attempt to electrocute a swan!)
    If my tips were under, honestly it would just swim into them. I keep my rods back with about 2 feet over the water, back leads a few feet in front of the tips, he still finds them. Also none of the 150 birds on this lake care about laser pens. Tried a lot! Also if you hit them with a well aimed boillie they see where it lands and get it before it hits the lake bed. All part of the fun!
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    nealjt reacted to Gazlaaar in Sleeping whilst fishing   
    I still say it's down to personal responsibility, if you feel safe doing it, do it, if not, don't
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    nealjt reacted to bobcross in September Catch Reports   
    Just back from a 24 hour session .
    Mirror 27.5.
    Mirror 21.0.
    Happy days just broken my Pb.
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    nealjt reacted to chillfactor in September Catch Reports   
    My brother in law had this down in Cornwall yesterday.

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    nealjt reacted to muftyboy in September Catch Reports   
    Nice little mirror from yesterday.
    Let's see if this works lol
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    nealjt reacted to nigewoodcock in September Catch Reports   
    The mirror that led me a dance on the boat

    Then another one just before packing up this morning.

    Another short overnight session and another two fish. I really feel like I'm starting to tune into the lake now.
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    nealjt reacted to Gazlaaar in September Catch Reports   
    The pit was looking good for a carp this morning

    And this was the result of 4 weeks baiting 2 spots with just half a kilo each,

    To say I'm pleased is an understatement
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    nealjt reacted to bishops in Toffee hook baits   
    tripe is probably a bit much, in fats and proteins http://nutritiondata.self.com/facts/beef-products/3483/2
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    nealjt reacted to salokcinnodrog in Fish Stock   
    If you consider most waters can probably support around 800lb of fish per acre as an average, some more, some less, if you go on natural food.
    Note that natural food, so adding anglers baits into the equation could well skew the equation, but due to extra natural pollutants from the baits and their digestion may actually see more fish not growing to full potential or possibly not surving as long.
    Now I figure that 800lb of fish is a lot of fish.
    800x 1lb carp, or even 20x 40lb carp are just  plain basic simple maths, yet you will have in that water perch, roach, bream, tench and carp, possibly pike if it is a natural lake, not a carp only stocked water as many have become.
    How do you equate a pound of roach? 1 fish or 16fish?
    1 carp per acre is probably in theory then, actually quite a high stocking level!
    Bear in mind that the water I am fishing probably contains around that stocking level in 60acres.
    Then bear in mind that fish rarely swim around on their own, so say I am at the northern end of the lake, yet the shoal* of carp are halfway along the lake, I could be a few hundred metres or half a mile away from any carp.
    *When does a number of carp, or at what number, become a shoal?
    Is two carp swimming together a shoal or just a pair?
    Are 3 carp a shoal?
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    nealjt got a reaction from spr1985 in The BLANK Ender   
    Good man Spr! Proper pleased for you [emoji39] [emoji39]
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    nealjt reacted to crusian in The BLANK Ender   
    When I first quickly read your post Spr I thought it said you'd caught " a one tonner " - cockney slang for a 20lber ? ! .
    So do you use the sawn off when dynamite doesn't work ? .
    Anyway congratulations .
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    nealjt reacted to spr1985 in The BLANK Ender   
    So.... I decided that I was going to have a cheeky couple of hours backside before picking my son up this evening, best decision I have made re. Fishing for ages! Bait in the margins less than ten mins and I get a one toner [emoji16] I am now sat banks side with the biggest cheesiest grin going! Just had this little beaut at 13lb on the nose. So not only have I broken my blank but I've also had my first fish on the Nash h-gun sawn off that the other half got me for my birthday happy happy scott [emoji16][emoji16][emoji16][emoji16][emoji16]
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    nealjt reacted to spr1985 in Rotary   
    No seriously mate, from what I just read in your writings I do everything you shouldn't......see them set up on them scare them away and then blank [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
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