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  1. Wow. Some people will believe anything Or try anything
  2. Lol, great post! I love making groundbait and have had some great results using my own mixes. It's becoming harder and harder to source quality ingredients in bulk in my area. We had a great grain merchants in town but they closed down, it was a real old fashioned place, stocking just about every type of grain and pulse you could think of, they also sold bulk crumb and bird feed (pigeon rearer is great), the service was excellent and they always beat Hinders on price, I guess thats why they went out of business.
  3. Same here, try chilli powder, too. Ian Or curry powder.
  4. I add milk powder to all my groundbait mixes, has anyone else got a favourite ingredient that they wouldn't make a mix without?
  5. Or go to your local supermarket and by a net of mussels, I've caught carp whilst using mussels for tench fishing.
  6. I had my first 20 on a rosehip isotonic bait by Mistral many moons ago. Thinking about it my second 20 was caught on the same bait, infact it was the same fish 1/2 a pound heavier, sure must have liked those baits!
  7. My advice is to insure your kit, and mark it in some way, this will at least inscrease the chances of you recovering your kit and may help the police to catch the scum. I would not try to stop a tackle thief, you don't know how many of his mates are hiding in the bushes or if he is carrying a knife! My kit is insured, marked and I also have a small dog with a big bark and even bigger teeth!
  8. Hi mate, I used to use capsules and atractor leads for winter fishing about 15 years ago, infact I've still got a couple of tubs of capsules and the leads in the back of my cupboard. I can't say that they caught me more fish but they gave me a bit more confidence when fishing single baits. I used to fill them with stimulin and koi rearer as this matched my baits. Using capsules seems to have gone out of fashion, people tend to use dips and glugs instead! As a bit of a side note I also used to raid the chemists for Alka Seltzer, which I added to my groundbait, the theory being that as
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