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  1. Hello guys. Need a little advice. Am just back into carp fishing after a few years out of the game, due to the ex not letting me go much lol. Am looking for a nice syndicate/club water in either west Essex or Kent. Got bout 400 pound to play with and am not looking to catch fish below 20 pound too often and to hopefully beat my PB OF 29 which has stood for far to long now ha. Any advice would be gratefully recieved. Thanks.
  2. Hello everyone, after a little advice please. Recently bought a mk1 microcat that has been back to Angling techniques for a full service, so there is nothing wrong with it. Upon putting it in the water it doesn't go anywhere. Left and right jet pumps are working, reverse pumps work but boat doesn't move and when pushing forward nothing happens. (pumps don't spin). I might be being really stupid here, never used one before. Is it something to do with Priming? And if so what do I have to do? Would appreciate any help you guys could give. Am going Friday to Sunday and will be fishing at about
  3. Thanks for the link salo. That's exactly the rig I use really.
  4. Really!? have you fished any of the lakes there mate?
  5. Hello people. Gonna be fishing manor farm lake @ richworth linnear fisheries. Any tips or advice would be gratefully received. Thanks
  6. Thanks everyone. I'm on the bank for a few nights next weekend so think I will try running leads and slack lines, change sensitivity of alarms and try aiming my rods straighter to my bait. I suppose using anti blow back.rigs might help too. Thanks again.
  7. Yer me too, have had the rod tip bouncing bout really aggressively at times. What's your opinion on using running leads when fishing against margins. If you use fixed or semi fixed leads then surely a fish can pick up your bait and turn left or right without taking any line.
  8. That does make a lot of sense. Thanks mate.
  9. Yer could be I suppose. It always seems to happen when I'm fishing tight to the bank. Do you think I should be using a running lead in this situation, so that if fish takes bait left or right I will get an indication on alarm. Thanks tor your input.
  10. Hello people. Quick question. sometimes I see my rod tip flicking from side to side on my pod but no action on my alarms. I use semi fixed leads, is this the prob? Any ideas would be gratefully received.
  11. Has anyone fished The Slips @ Berwick ponds, Essex? Just looking for some opinions on the water.
  12. Hello guys, Am out of touch with Braids and was after some opinions on the best all purpose coated braid to buy. all opinions welcomed.
  13. Any clues Honka on what bait works well over there. 5 fish not bad for a lake that is supposedly quite hard. Fair play
  14. haha, took a while for the penny to drop then ha. Hard day at work fried my brain i think. Cant wait to be on the bamk!
  15. Thanks mate, heard a little about catch 22 but alot of bad things about taswood. louts on the bank, all fish with parrot mouths. liked the look of taswood until heard all that. Whats with the WD40 etc, am i being bit blonde or is this an in joke for newbies? haha
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