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  1. Anyone knows when the bridge in Rouen re-opens going to Rushes in October. Tel
  2. i'm off to rushes on the 13th october for 2nd time fishing great, food absolute must Iian & Kim great hosts definately gets my vote
  3. Nothing serious i hope Julie get well soon
  4. Your right Blondee i was a little angel till i met them lot
  5. Just carved a new pick axe handle for next time going to bring a little friend for you next time Blankeds incey wincey
  6. The wildlife was only being neighbourly, could have done with your guard frog to see em off. That tramp juice was made of rocket fuel
  7. Well John did answer to a lot of different names.
  8. That last photo dont know which one looked the happiest
  9. Cracking common Andy had Julie, was that the cat he caught on the saturday i arrived.
  10. Saw you both leaving superu and tried to flag you down, not to worry just saw your pics they were beauties. hope you all had a good trip home and hopefully see you all again at rushes in the near future.
  11. I'm new to the forum and just come back from my first visit to france, arrived at 10 am and soon as i arrived was made very welcome by Iian & Kim with a welcoming cup of tea then shown around. On my way to my peg stopped of to meet my new neighbours for the week Andy & Julie, brilliant couple helped me with rigs and photos through the week two friends of theirs on the other bank Dave & Paul. The banter and mick taking had me in tears with laughter right through the week. My pb before i went was 15lb broke that more or less straight away with a 17+lb fish i was over the moon, then
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