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  1. sometimes quality bait just doesn't work,tricking them may just get you that take,if your fishing short sessions
  2. will try this weekend and let you know
  3. hows this crush a few popups into your bag as you fill it when it melts the popup bit rise and if the carp are higher in the layers it should drag them down,works well in winter
  4. Have a look at the daiwa Emblem 500t I have a couple for marker an spod work
  5. Make sure the sand is dry before you start putting your attractors in,most sand I get is damp just put some in a container in a dry place to dry out totallyt it goes like dust,also add some salt with your attractor massive bags would be a issue,small bags say 50mmx100mm and a descent rod say 2.5 t/c rod would get you 40/50 yards this also gives you the option of lighter lead using the weight of the bag to get you out
  6. How about this Pva bag filled with sand soaked in a pva friendly liquid and your hook bait inside the bag
  7. Have a look at this http://www.carp.com/carp-forum/viewtopic.php?t=35660
  8. What dates are on offer at Rushes no point in me bidding if the dates don't suit
  9. if your struggling with ingredients have a look at http://www.aabaits.co.uk/ his postage is not expensive
  10. Have a look at rushes lake the banner is on here,been more than a few times.
  11. Look for a good model shop on the net near you,they will advise you on batteries,also any servicing they would be able sort for you. I did this when i wanted a new remote for mine,my local shop was very helpful.
  12. Probably because all the fish out of the rivers are ending up in lakes
  13. well if you air dry them all glug them all keep them coated in glug they will be ok i cant see what the problem is with them been in a freezer its only like freezing food bought from the shop
  14. Had a lot of success on pinapple,particles will work,get the redband in(pigeon corn) hi viz pop ups on a zig
  15. do you have pics I was protected from nasty wildlife by my guard frog here it is keep in watch and here it is seeing tel58 off after he came over with his tramp juice
  16. cheers blankeds That tramp juice was rocket fuel and deffo not for me Tel58 had 2 cans and after tea he went to sleep till 3 in the morning,i think the wildlife was interfering with him whilst he was asleep
  17. No worries we all have to start somewhere,using fresh bait will imo catch you more fish,its the right move to make
  18. If you air dry them and have some left you would be better of glugging them in the flavour of the bait,this seals them from the air an moisture cant get at them its the moisture that sends them off,make sure they are 100% dry before you glug them as they will go off from the inside out when they are glugged,they go like bullets when glugged and can be used as hook bait,i have had some in glug for 3 years All you have to do is put them in a tub with a tight lid on every couple of day for about a week give them a shake,if the glug doesnt cover them totaly,if they are totaly covered your ok
  19. Have a look in the weed you drag back to see whats in it,creature wise it may contain the diet that they are eating also look in the edge for shrimpy type creature,water snails if there there carp will be on them out in the lake. On a non fishing trip take your rake through it out drag a few areas inspect the weed see whats in it,all the effort WILL pay of If you fish maggots as freebies and a bunch on a madusa rig i cant see the roach being a problem,also if the small fish are mooching the carp will not be far behind,once the carp move in the smaller fish will move off,you could use blo
  20. Is there alot of naturals in the lake? Have you tried pva bags of dead maggot into the weed?Also crush a pop up into the bag if they are high in the water it may drag them down to your bait if they munch on the bits floating up If there are fish showing over your bait in the top layers,what about zigs over your baited area. As asked,pva foam on the hook or hook length in a pva bag of bait
  21. You met a numpty if someone comes chatting to me i chat back,theres no point in been ignorant.
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