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  1. nice of you to not beat about the bush chap i know money talks and know anglers are surcumming to greed but i only fish the public waters and rivers and as ihave read here not many do that because they want to catch while on holiday but its just like fishing an english water with bigger fish . any way thefrench have been mumbling about pollution i cannot see tha t all the lumps have been removed from the seine with in a couple of years . i just wondered if any one had heard the same or something else . i am going to move on to a diff river next year but will be back on the seine as well becau
  2. hey guys dont know whether any of you fish the rivers and public lakes . i have been doing so for the last 15 years and wonder is any one finding the seine very difficult over the last three years as i have heard whispers of pollution . coincidentally my results have slowed . further more i am thinking of moving to the saone could any one suggest areas to start preferably night zones but not necessarily . thanks guys
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