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  1. I made this mistake once and instead of moving the bivvy, I tried to avoid it. At some point over that weekend I lined up a 120 odd yard cast and went for it. The hook caught in the bivvy and CRACK! top section of the rod snapped and splintered all over the place. Since that day, the rods go out first
  2. Hey Guys, Bad news I'm afraid, I'm being sent on (another!) business trip to Seattle from the 4th - 12th Feb so I can't make this any more. My company are hideously inflexible with dates for things like this Consequently anyone on the reserve list is welcome to my place. Whoever it is can take it for free as it keeps the organisation pain of sorting out refunds etc to a minimum and keeps things nice & simple for Cob. If someone really wants to pay for it themselves, feel free to donate the money to a charity of your choice Cob. This applies to my +1 as well, as he doesn't want to go on his own, the little baby! Thanks & apologies. Phil.[/i]
  3. Depends on the water I'm on. if I'm expecting a lot of action I'll start with 2. Most of the time I use 3 though.
  4. Johnson Ross - Hoddesdon Product range - 4 - Solid product range, not as extensive as some stores could be, but given the store is not enormous, I'm pretty well covered there. I've very rarely gone there and not been able to get something I've needed/wanted to look at. Smallish selection of rods, but can order in just about anything you want to have a look at without an acceptance to buy when it gets to the store and you've had a play with it. Pricing - 4 - Pretty good, don't see items for much cheaper (the odd penny here and there) in many places. Will offer a good discount if you're spending a decent amount of cash and are often willing to negotiate quite a bit. Service - 5 - Ordered from them online a couple of times, though I go in the store 90% of times I need to get stuff. Delivery always prompt, things that aren't in stock are pointed out very rapidly after order is placed, suitable replacements are also suggested. Knowledge - 5 - Very helpful / knowledgeable staff. Haven't talked to anyone in there who hasn't been on hand to offer advice/let you try a product out. I've also been recommended cheaper items than the one I was going to buy on the opinions of a couple of the guys that work there which is always nice.
  5. This is very sad news. Things are probably compounded by the fact that there's bound to be less anglers around this time of year when it starts to get colder, so you really can be quite isolated if an accident should happen
  6. Hey Cob, I notice you've put all if the +1s next to each other except for mine (Chay) Any reason? Or do you just not like me very much?
  7. Can't see this happening. There are loads of new anglers coming through and I don't see why they won't continue to do so. People like catching fish so will go to places where they can catch fish - that won't change. Probably correct. I actually disagree with myself
  8. Interesting! Do you think we'll ever reach a point where we can actually use something that affects the carps brain and MAKE it eat your bait/rig? At this point, due to people being so bored with catching everything in a lake in 5 hours, will there be a huge carp devolution movemt where people go back to using sweetcorn straight on the hook despite the existence of advanced chemistry? Who knows!?
  9. Ghillie suits and blow guns? Dressing up as a fish, jumping in the water and swimming after the carp?
  10. Some cracking fish in that little photoreel fella. Thanks for sharing
  11. It's currently a bit trendy to be a carp angler with shiny gear. It'll die down like any fad does, and with it will go the puddles as they won't be making the cash to stay open. Popular 'carp' shows on tv will get old and stale and the boys on tv will stop being people's idols) The few fad anglers left, will be left with no choice but to move into harder waters and they'll either up their game or get bored and quit. Circle of life.
  12. It's also to do with that fact that when fishing a critically balanced bait, you're taking the weight away from the shank/eye of the hook and making the point the heaviest part - which as you say makes the point naturally point downwards. It's a rig that looks odd out of the water, but when you get how it works, is pretty clever wouldnt just 2-3 turns on kk be the same...im yet to understand what the extra turns after the hair do??? As it's generally done with a soft material, that would quite possibly have the same effect! For some reason having that few turns down the shank would make me feel uneasy!
  13. It's also to do with that fact that when fishing a critically balanced bait, you're taking the weight away from the shank/eye of the hook and making the point the heaviest part - which as you say makes the point naturally point downwards. It's a rig that looks odd out of the water, but when you get how it works, is pretty clever
  14. Know what you mean, but I wouldn't exactly call the KD fancy. It's a very slight variation on a bog standard KK and can be very effective
  15. I've often had success using slightly unusual hookbaits in situations like this. I've caught on prawns, cockles and even a piece of chilli biltong when they just don't seem to be having 'normal' baits.
  16. Looks like a high upper double to me. Could even nudge 20 if it was quite a 'thick' fish. Doesn't really matter though as it sure is a pretty one!
  17. Have a look at some Brasher Hillmaster Gtx's. love mine - they may be slightly over your budget, but you can find them for £80 or so if you shop around. You probably can't go too far wrong with skeetex's either. Most of the fishing branded ones I've tried really aren't very good to be brutally honest.
  18. I'm not sure how much of this is true, but I seen somebody do this before, and got told its dangerous for the fish because something like pop ups arnt meant to be eaten by the carp? Don't no whether they can't digest it or what not? Because people only use pop ups as a hook bait the fish never actually ends up swallowing the pop up. Again, not sure how true that is, but would be good to get a definitive answer? If its the fact that it floats that it's an issue...I'd throw chum mixers into the mix... Carp eat kilos every year and seem to,flourish...maybe that's why carp float around in summer....they're just full of chum mixers. . As far as pop up mixture goes there's nothing in it that's toxic. Is there not a chance of the dye used in fluro popups dyeing the insides of the carp as I assume its insoluble? I imagine the quantity needed to do so would be vast and nigh on possible to achieve, just interested mostly!
  19. lessthanphil


    Congrats on the new pb!
  20. Harrison Cerbera's are REALLY nice. I'd be looking at those if I was getting some new rods with that kind of budget. £199 most places at the moment.
  21. Little tip for rig tubing. Once you've had it on for the first time and break the rig down, leave the existing line through it and cut it off each end (with a bit to spare). Next time you want to use it, you can just tie a loop in the old line, tie your mainline to it and pull it through - bit like how the diamond eye threader would work.
  22. Nice fish mate, was it nice to do something a bit different in terms of your angling? As much as I love the carping, I do enjoy getting our after Barbel, Chub Pike and even Roach
  23. Not likely to happen if the rumour mill is to be believed. FAS did submit offers on Frimley and a couple of others but were nowhere near the asking price. Mind you if they were successful - it would ease the congestion on their other waters - at least for a while! There is more detail on the FAS website. Well then let's hope the rumour mill is true. Don't want Farnham anywhere near the Cemex waters. They've already ruined Frensham and Mill lane. If FDAS did get Yately they'd have 10,000 members by this time next year and every swim would be one in one out. I REALLY hope this doesn't happen. Better than landfill, but only just!
  24. This seems to have happened a little quietly....So pointing it out. I did have a quick search but nothing came up, so I apologise if this is a duplicate post. The west side of the Yateley complex (Car Park, North, Split & Pads) was bought by a Martin Gardener. I don't personally know who he is, but general consensus is that this is a very good thing. There were half season tickets available for the winter on Car Park, North and Split but the North ones have sold out. CP & Split still available so if you fancy a bit of a tough winter campaign (probably the hardest you'll ever do!), get involved Also looks like he's taking on some work to seriously reduce the amount of weed in the split, which if it's anything like when I was last down there will be no mean feat. http://yateleywestfishery.co.uk/ Haven't heard anything of what may be going on with the East side yet though. P.
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