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  1. Whats the differances between a wideboy mk3 and mk4? Cheers
  2. Im out at local lake.managed to set up last night before the wind and rain started.was expecting to wake up with my bivvy gone but all was ok. Also lost a fish at 6 this morning!
  3. We are getting overnight ferry to caen. Purely because its the shortest drive to the lake,which suits us being french fishing first timers!also thought we can sleep on ferry overnight and be fresh for saturday morning and have plenty of time to get their. Been told we cant get their before 1pm. Will also be taking a sat nat to help us along and some euros for tolls etc.
  4. Fishing wise i wasnt planning on changing to much.like you say bigger hooks and baits. To be honest its more the getting their im more worried about!!
  5. Yes friends on fb and making a list is a good idea!!
  6. Well only about 4 months until me and my mate will be going rushes for our first trip to france!! Both already getting a bit excited and both worrying we will forget things,not catch or get lost in france!!! Any tips welcome!!!!
  7. I would love a boxer,but with me and missus working all day it wouldnt be fair to have one. Would have to have it from a pup aswell. My mum and dad got one 2 weeks before i was born so i grew up with him and he was the nicest softy ever.i used to sleep in his basket with him! Yet he was also the best guard dog aswell.always used to check me and my sister were in our beds before he went to bed! I will have one one day but just not practicle at the minute!
  8. Is a great place. Cant believe no one here has got any tips on the place.
  9. Hi all,looked around the ressy yesterday and have got to fish their soon. Any info on the place would be great as no one was fishing to speak to! Iv searched on here but after recent info really! Thanks in advance!!
  10. Been looking at power packs for winter etc. Will be needing to charge phone,tablet etc on longer sessions etc. Looked at a few and keep going back to this one, has anyone used it or got any other suggestions? This one has usb points,inverter a fag lighter socket. http://mobile.maplin.co.uk/module.aspx?moduleno=225153&c=maplin&c=affilwin78888&utm_source=gcs&utm_medium=gcs_search&utm_campaign=a10hz&utm_content=inverters&u=skim3138x600365xb3063912ce1adc902125d3ea935a55ab
  11. The place i fish is barbed hooks only. Funny thing is though the rigs that are found in trees,in carps mouths that have been lost and caught again or teathered are the ones with barbless hooks yet its a barbed water! I think barbed cause less damage and prefur using barbed hooks.also think people who use them but dont know how to unhook barbed hooks cause just as much damage as using barbless in first place. What im trying to say is the barbless rigs found etc are probably from beginners who want to catch big fish right away yet have never used barbed hooks and think barbed will be a pa
  12. Hi all.booked onto beaties for a 48 in a couple weeks. Just after some tips ! Cheers in advance
  13. Cheers all,lighter worked a treat with gentle head and new tip eye is on the way!!
  14. Hi all,the ceramic ring has broken on the tip ring of my spod rod. Whats easyist way to fix it and is it a diy job???
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