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  1. ianain

    June catch reports

    Funnily enough, you have posted an image of the filename so that really is a clever trick when posting a link to the photo, it should have quite a bit before: 20180603_091103.jpg; it should start with https:// and then be followed by something like dropbox.com/2018/06/bluelabels_massive_carp/20180603_091103.jpg I don't have a drop box account so don't know much more, sorry.
  2. ianain

    June catch reports

    I don't think you need a camera to remember a catch like that, well in buddy
  3. ianain

    Problem uploading photos

    Try contacting admin, I always crop and resize images before uploading (normally to a width of 600 pixels), but then I don't post many pictures of fish
  4. ianain

    Liquid Aminos

    Another thought, if fish could be fed by just swimming around; I don't think fish farms would bother with anything else I know the liquid aminos are expensive, but, the cost would come down once it became the adopted method of feeding rather than pellets etc..
  5. ianain

    A Bit Of Interactive Bank Chat

    I've been after a job selling programmes at the word cup since I left school; any more jobs going?
  6. ianain

    Liquid Aminos

    That said above, I'm not sure about consumption through the mouth? The other things to consider in all this is the dilution factor as well which will also depend on how easily the substance disperses etc.. and how diluted the amino is in the first place? Certainly gets the brain grating
  7. ianain

    Liquid Aminos

    My understanding of this is that it's electrolytes that pass through the flanks (from memory sodium, chloride, carbonate and potassium (maybe some more?)): in other words salts and some minerals. So I would say that a fish would not be able to satiate itself through its flanks. The exchange of electrolytes relies on the balance of electrolytes on the inside and outside of any aquatic life form including aquatic plants; this process is automatic and involuntary and is not a biological process / function, it is a chemical process where the electrolytes (in water) try to balance each other out to obtain an equilibrium by passing through the cell walls to achieve the same isotonic level. If I remember correctly, normal levels are in micro and milligrams.
  8. It's down to personal choice of course, but, I would not suggest using a pole for carp fishing simply because you have no control over it; I would suggest float fishing using a medium to heavy feeder rod as an alternative.
  9. ianain

    May catch reports................

    Well in there Esmin
  10. ianain

    Pc woes... Creators Fall update

    You can load Ubuntu into memory and use it to save your files to an external drive (USB stick etc.. providing Windoesn't hasn't mangled the hard drive), and maybe, you could even load it permanently on to your laptop, you can start to use it again, especially since you've got nothing to lose. I can soon get a disk in the post to you.
  11. ianain

    Pc woes... Creators Fall update

    You're right in principle, the reality though is that viruses and malware etc.. are released daily. Where Linux is concerned, the other updates are primarily because they operate on such a vast range of hardware that there will be some compatibility problems somewhere along the line. The devices that you use are based on Linux. The upgrading is to deal with new technologies which are released frequently.
  12. ianain

    What is your newest purchase

    Shouldn't laugh really, but
  13. ianain

    Who still ?

    Practising digging up worms Wouldn't be the first time But at least I am allowed to say that you both talk ...
  14. ianain

    Pop-up advice....

    It's a never ending debate, I'm not sure if we will ever really know outside of a gut feel; what seems to be the case and works one day might not work the next or seem to be something else. Fishing would soon get boring if we did know everything, most of my enjoyment is the chase (including dabbling in the bait quest) rather than the capture.