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  1. I'm sure I've seen that you can sign back up. Might have been an exercise to reduce the number of dormant accounts (like mine ).
  2. Welcome Carl, pick away and dispense your wisdom
  3. Unfortunately, these debates just keep going around in circles; in theory it should be easy to prove that herring oil helps with the growth, health and quality (of the meat) by testing different feeds in separate tanks and dissecting a few fish at the end of the test period using repeatable measurements - comparing the reaction of fish to different feeds however, especially in a fish farm tank, is very subjective and open to interpretation, the fish will react to someone waving their hand (I've done this myself after only a short period of time while fishing) and associate this with food coming into the water, any further excited behaviour can be put down to weather, air pressure, humidity etc.. Your friend has a commercial interest in these things, and I don't have a problem with that; as to making more money out of herring oil than maybe salmon oil I also don't know but vegetable oil and other cheaper oils have all the nutritional benefits required by carp - more is not always better, but is mostly more expensive. Palatability, do the fish spit out the feeds with salmon oil and wait patiently for the herring oil feeds? I suspect that they still eat it and don't really care - what could be happening is that one oil changes the make up of the feed so that it releases solubles more quickly I'm not sure how you would go about side by side testing to prove it either way.
  4. Another thought, are you sure that you are not pasting the dropbox link that you gave earlier in this post Should be this:
  5. Yes you're right about the limit, the drop box image as far as I can tell it is about 344 K which shouldn't be a problem, and there might be restrictions in-between when sending large files, I think drop box will reduce image size and quality automatically as I think does as well. You should scale the image rather than crop it, there are tools online that can do this, or you can install some software - online is probably easiest but I do it on my own machine. One last thing to try (out of curiosity), go to your drop box image and right click - save image as, then try uploading that from your pc (or save it from this thread!).
  6. What browser are you using? Can you take a screenshot when you get the red border? On a laptop you press FN + the END key (underneath it has PRTSC) on a standard keyboard there should be a print screen button - with a bit of luck, your system will let you save it, if not ... (not sure what operating system you are using) but there should be a basic paint program where you can paste the image, then save it to your PC and upload on here using the other way.
  7. Start on the drop box web site to select the image, then flick back to
  8. That's it now, you'll have to buy some skis, cos you are definitely on a slippery slope, there's no helping you now
  9. The potential wasn't lost on me, you just beat me to it
  10. Right click the image on the dropbox page and click "copy image location" On the bottom right of the reply box (the one you fill in to post a reply), there is an "insert other media" button, click on that, then click on insert from URL - then paste the url into the box click on "insert into post"
  11. Yes they are tubers, many things with the name nuts included, are not nuts at all - peanuts are legumes. Prepared and stored correctly, they [tiger nuts] should last a good while in the fridge, are you sure that it's mold and not just the scum (solids) collecting and clumping on the surface, it can often look like mold? If they are moldy, I don't think that the fish would care - it's up to you if you want to touch them or not!
  12. Nice fish Smuft. Nice of CM to lend you his t-shirt
  13. Did he explain how carp can detect the fish oil, I'm not doubting the nutrition side of it, but oil is not soluble in water and therefore cannot be detected by a carp and act as an attractor; the fish may be able to tell once it's in its mouth (by touching receptors) but this still doesn't mean that it's an attractor - I would be very interested if your friend could explain this as it would answer a lot of question surrounding oils (including essential oils) and settle a lot of debates (and several threads on here advocating both arguments "Oh no it isn't" / "Oh yes it is" ). Impure oils on the other hand may have attractors in them, but these are the impurities. I'm on the side of oils cannot act as an attractor for carp and my toys are lined up ready to be thrown
  14. The point is not sharp (bit like me) it's more of a hook, but you can still hurt yourself on them :ooooch:
  15. I like these ones: