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  1. So long Malcolm Young

    Of to join Bon in the great gig in the sky.
  2. What is your newest purchase

    Nicely done that man, always worth a cheeky punt.
  3. The Cheating Thread

    Now you're talking sensible, each of us have our own description for a red letter day; for a good many of us, it's leaving the house with our kit.
  4. The Cheating Thread

    Ian (frog) caught 124lb on our social in one day, I'll bet Vik has done better and a few others will have done so as well; may be over a longer period. Most matches now have rules to prevent the larger carp being kept in keepnets. There are plenty of carp anglers still using carp sacks overnight. In France (etc..), I suspect larger captures than 300lb are made in a day.
  5. The Cheating Thread

    I think what Gaz means is that he still wants quality over quantity, it's probably more of a challenge in my opinion.
  6. The Cheating Thread

    That's where a few of the old boys that taught me used to go for a few crucians and tench before it got stuffed with stockies. Must admit though with the matches on it, it certainly fishes better in the winter now. I just get fed up with the crays, hate to say it but a couple of cats might do it the world of good.
  7. The Cheating Thread

    Getting crotchety old bean? Or is it the smell of wax affecting you again? I wouldn't [fish Drayton], but not because it's stuffed full of easy to catch fish, but because it's too busy for my liking and surrounded by houses. A lot of anglers I've known have always had a place to go where they can get a bite after a bad day or having a bad time of it; albeit they weren't carp anglers, but I'm sure a few on here have wanted to go to an easier venue just to make sure they haven't lost touch with what a fish on the end of your rod feels like. Easy venues are a good testing and learning ground. Catching a fish is catching a fish, over feeding them and stocking them into a venue which is too small is wrong in my book - however there is demand for it, against all independent professional opinion.
  8. The Distance Keeper

    Being the usual pedantic self that I am: to get that accurate, you would need to load it from exactly the same position which would require additional marking equipment to hold the rod and your hands in the same place, then the hook length would need to be exactly the same as it is enclosed inside the spool thingy. I think that by using such a low diameter spool, you are asking for tight spirals. Personally, although the wheel has already been invented, that would be a better design with a circumference of at least 1 meter, it could be supplied in maybe four parts and slotted together on the bank. Previous discussions on here would lead me to suspect that an accuracy within a meter on long distances is difficult without putting it on the spot using a boat, swimming or wading and even then undercurrents etc may affect where it plonks. I can see it now:
  9. A Bit Of Interactive Bank Chat

    The problem with traps is that they're likely to catch waterfowl as well, you'd probably find that you would need to finish them off yourself or take them to a vets if they were caught in the traps. If you reported them as a problem, would the estate do anything about it? Rats with sheep about doesn't sound very good, Weils disease?
  10. It's one way of keeping your swim free from unwanted visitors
  11. Thought for the day.

    Years ago I got some homeopathic stuff from a local pet store which was recommended, I can't remember what it was, but I do remember that it had an ingredient in it that wasn't homeopathic. Anyway, you could put drops in their water and on their tongue, it worked. After a few years, didn't need to use it. Expensive, but worth a punt.
  12. Instant Action

    Do they embellish on what "Instant Action" actually means? It's quite ambiguous; does it mean: that as soon as you see an advertorial, you instantly exchange monies for said items? as soon as you leave the shop, the tellers roll around the floor laughing? as soon as you open the packaging, you can use them as bait and feed? as soon as all the ingredients are in the mixer, the mixer can be started? I guess you get where I am coming from... Having decried said products in such a childish way, I have had one or two carp off of the manufacturers boilies in the past. At that price, worth a punt in my opinion; having said that, the amount of equipment you take with, I'm surprised that you don't take a full boilie production set up with you
  13. Rod Shots

    It was still cameras he had, and they didn't look as though they had been used.
  14. Rod Shots

    Don't know, they didn't look like they wanted to talk, so I carried on plodding round. From what I saw, they were at the wrong end, wind over their shoulders (low wind) - as I walked round I could see loads of fish up in the water at the other end where the wind was blowing to. Funnily enough, most of the people I did speak to had caught two [carp]. Language barrier prevented me from convincing a few to move 50 metres from a confined swim to an area where I thought that they could catch well from, suppose I can't blame them, not sure that I would want to listen to me either It was about 2ft deep fairly clear (apart from a 200 - 300 metre (maybe even further) run of koo in the margins, that stuff really flows away from where it's put) and the only place I spotted fish was at the far end. Normally when walking around without my dog*, under the same conditions, I can spot quite a few around or at least some shows. * I know I'm mean but she just has to jump in, that and the blue green algae really puts me off taking her.