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  1. You'll have to change your name to Baron Sugar sacking all those people
  2. Some words are automatically edited, I cannot list them, but they will change to stinky winky or [censored], maybe even new things since the changes to the forum
  3. Another alternative is to cast out some stringers (boiles on pva string).
  4. There are plenty of carp in canals, and some good sized ones to boot, so go for it.
  5. Have you been successful using any other pop-up?
  6. Size is not the issue (as such), it's all down to the buoyancy of the top bait compared to the density of the bottom bait. As they can vary there is not a set formula based on size alone. Just experiment and try them out in the margins to get some idea of how they might sit when cast out.
  7. Is there any update on this? Are they going ahead? Have they found another way?
  8. You might have clicked on something (to agree to it) when the changes took over - your browser - can be set to update you of any changes and will probably automatically log you in - there might be a symbol in the address bar of your browser, have a look and see if you can disable it:
  9. Just for clarity Admin: First image shows 2 unread posts, I viewed both posts, then pressed F5 (update) and as you can see from the second image, the top NEW image has gone, however, the bottom one is still there. After pressing F5: Note also that the time of 4 hours ago (as shown below) is now 5 hours ago
  10. It often goes quiet Steve, I don't think that it's all down to the changes - they had to be made to keep everyone safer (with regards surfing the web), most of the forums have slightly different ways of doing things. I doubt anyone used a fraction of what was available to use on the old forum, terminology is king these days and the way this is setup is for the current way so many users abuse what the internet can do. Highlights, snippets, sliders, shiny, sparkles, etc.. I don't like that way of doing things, but at least you can customise (a term we can all understand, but the implementation is another story). Stick with it, and we can all talk (or ignore half a post) and all will be well with the forum until the next change!
  11. Normally, the forum would be marked (or unmarked as the case should be since the NEW image should disappear) as unread once I had read the post in question; the second image is when clicking on the forum title "UK Carp Fishing" where it shows the stickies then the threads in date order. The image below is after clicking on "UK Carp Fishing There were a few unread posts which I viewed and their NEW image has disappeared; I also note that the thread "Delkim sensetivity [sic]" from my previous image has been moved.
  12. There is one specific annoyance, the front page ( often still shows some threads as NEW or unread (as show in image below); the forum doesn't matter and it seems to be a random thing: I have read the thread and if I click on the filter or the link on the front page, then it does not show up as unread (as show in second image). Logging out and back in makes no difference.
  13. Follow this thread by Admin and you can have it pretty much as it was, I also set the "Time Period" to "Since Last Visit" Create another filter and you can see all the posts from the last however many days you want by setting: "Read Status" to everything "Time Period" to number of days
  14. Under content type, don't you need to click on save changes ? It was setting as default I couldn't see, so thank you for this
  15. Lamlac is far cheaper than that (£4.25/Kg when buying 10Kg from the bay, delivered) although if you are only adding 5% it will last some time, even so you can get it in 1Kg lots for less Probably not, marketing (or brown stuff from bulls) applies to everything these days, often things are advertised stating things which make our ears twitch rather than have any genuine use or benefit; "omega 3 & 6" is a current buzz word which is supposed make us and our progeny super smart. I've been taking it all my life so I think I should sue them, I'm just too stupid to do so - fish can't take IQ tests as the ink runs when they fill the papers out, and flippers not a fish before anyone says