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  1. You got sun stroke Steve? all these pictures, you'll be making sense next
  2. Sounds like bleak bashing on the Thames.
  3. Nor do you post any pictures
  4. That's fair enough.
  5. Mars might be useful, Mercury or Venus gets my vote. But I do like your thought process
  6. They're supposed to debate things in the houses of parliament, all they do is hiss and boo each other while avoiding any questions - the debates avoid answering any questions - it's about time that they used their education to eloquently put together a full and coherent answer to the simple questions us out of the loop, under privileged, stupid peasants ask.
  7. As an alternative; on the concrete swims, can you put a bank stick in the margin? Then if the water level is lower than the concrete rest the butt on the concrete, or use a bait box, bucket etc to rest your butt on? But yeah, otherwise as the others have said use the pod, it does the job; you could always take it into your local tackle shop who may be able to fix it for you.
  8. That's 110 employees according to the national average wage [£27195 in 2014], or one banker. How many sandwich shops employ 110 people? Do franchises add to the number of employees? I don't think so. A lot of companies that I have been to, speak the speak; but don't deliver; the only one that looked like they would, sacked me (with good reason (no I wasn't naughty, just useless at the job) is it a paradox to say that I could work for companies like that, or irony? )
  9. I wonder how many (MPs) will step down or change ships in the next week or two?
  10. Colleges don't offer the courses they once did, you have to travel to one that does; Maggie got rid of apprenticeships, (I'm sure we've had this conversation before ). The supposed apprenticeships that they are promoting now are things like Sandwich designer (£2.5/hr) 2 year curse, Administrator (£2.5/hr) 3 year curse, retail consultant (£2.5/hr) 2 year curse etc.. fill in your own job desc., but leave the money alone; this is for 19 year olds - this is your modern cheap labour; put in made up job titles which take 2 weeks training in most other places, employed by BS companies with no intention of offering training above and beyond what's absolutely needed; no pension scheme to pay into, no sick leave, no point. This isn't true of all companies, my eldest daughter has worked for the co-op since 16 and been paid the same as everyone else so fair play them.
  11. There's going be a shake up in one way or the other - of that I'm certain; we cannot sustain what is happening in the country at the moment; we're heading for a deeper recession than ever, we'll end up with lots of people who are qualified for an over subscribed job market. Invest in training companies and you'll be OK, just look at the board of directors and see what constituency they belong to.
  12. She's right in what she is saying, as for her motives, I think that's for the cynics to explain better than I can; whatever her motives, I think it's the correct thing to do, she wasn't leader when the general election took place, I'm certain the votes in Scotland will tell a tale of their own, but with running out of people to vote for what do we do. I hope for lib-dems and many other independents get a better showing in seats, no overall party in charge and maybe a three way leadership where the con labs and libs get around 200 seats each, the L/ds won't trust either party and the others won't trust each other. It's time for UK politics to change, the whole system
  13. Do you remember the Lord of Aynho? Boswell.
  14. I think you're right
  15. Ahh, she tried for the big job. Funny how Mrs May thought she'd be good in the role of Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs after she stepped down !