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  1. Hope the dictionary definition helps
  2. I was only joshing, there are a few places around here that seem to catch the wind quite well, nearly joined the fish a few times trying to set up a brolly
  3. As you have the Warrington book, I would concentrate on that because if you were to get the other book - you really wouldn't know which water to fish. You'll soon get a feel for the water you fish, so long as you fish it rather than wonder if you should be elsewhere. it's called buyer's remorse
  4. I've seen near riots at the mention of such things at AGMs (yep more than one [club] and more than once). Not everyone can afford the time, that's a fact of life and there's nothing wrong with that - it's usually the biggest moaners about the state of things that are the ones who can't possibly do anything about it - doing their hair, toenails or maybe hair on their toenails? etc.. I see them as an opportunity, but I am not a member of any clubs (see everyone has an excuse ) but I have done several in the past :halo: .
  5. Welcome Scotty, Cyborx will probably be along and give you some good information.
  6. That is typical BC, it was always the same when I went on Birmingham Anglers working parties during the close season - they're the ones that are missing out though as you get to see the venue from a different perspective.
  7. Some recent post on the subject What carp rods? i need some 3 piece carp rods , could you help me ? Help with rods Carp rod sizes?? Decent set up that won't bankrupt me What's not too pricey? And what's not massive weights?
  8. Agreed, before the internet, there was mail order - not sure how many shops there were then compared to now, but I think that in order to exist, tackle shops need to diversify - I'm lucky that I live near a tackle shop which is also a garden centre (and they have lakes as well, although I don't fish them) they have long opening hours and are also open Sunday - the only problem is that they don't have a massive range or stock a lot of what I use - but if I'm stuck I can get anything that I need.
  9. They're bigger than the old forum avatars were on the threads. I noticed as most (if not all) are now quite blurry like they're over-enlarged - where-as looking at a filter view, they are smaller and less or not blurred; some look as though they have been squished (resized without keeping original proportions), I presume these were uploaded without the same height and width dimensions?
  10. Welcome to the forum stonebreaker; and thanks for trying to help - I'm afraid this post is quite old and it looks as though the original poster has not been back since; but please stick around as other may benefit from your knowledge.
  11. As if to prove a point, on another thread; not so far away
  12. Silkweed catches. Having caught on a bare hook (checking the depth), I know you can, but would feel safer with a bait on - the plastic weed on the hook though I think has got legs since it gives the fish more to suck on. Sunshine did or do a range of camouflage rigs which is kind of similar.
  13. Welcome beasty, That's supposed to be our line , but feel free to share your experiences, problems and success you might not always get sensible answers or replies, but that's just part of the fun of being on these fine forums, patience will get you a proper answer. Searching for "Best bargain rod" at least you didn't click ............ rod, it's rubbish
  14. I can see both sides of the argument, the biggest problem that I see with buying exclusively online is that you cannot have a look and fiddle with something on the internet - you just have to chance it and hope it's right. Also, we can buy something (or want to do something) and not quite get the hang of it, this forum is full of people who can and do help, but often someone explaining it face to face with hand gestures and pointing at items on the shelf is irreplaceable - this is my biggest fear at the demise of the tackle shops; yes youtube helps massively, but someone that has been there and done it and can explain on a one to one basis whilst going step by step answering questions as you go - how can you beat that? With regards to the gorillas (by that I mean those who are keeping out of the cold) propping up the counter; yea it can be off putting and annoying, but, it can be the same in the supermarket, butchers, pub, jumble sale, petrol station etc. - we're British and know how to queue and how to huff. The problem these days with taking our trade elsewhere should we receive bad service is that we would soon run out of places to go (I know as I tried it, and travelling 50 miles to get fuel is really daft (can you by fuel on t'internet?))