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  1. A mat won't stop the fish flapping around, but it helps to protect them a bit better when they do; there are also cradles available. There are treatments for treating wounds, I'm not sure what you would have available your way though?
  2. 1st post? Maybe he was using spam. Yeah, maffs problem, a 63 carp in a 24 hour session and a 46 carp in a 24 session; should that read 63 carp in a 24 hour session and 46 carp in a 24 hour session: in either case it means nothing, I thought that the quay was only to be used as feed, not as a hook bait as it's too soft. Oh well, what do I know, I can't even read what someone means
  3. Has the decision to keep moving been based on results or that you haven't liked the location? All things being equal, I agree with CM in sticking with fewer venues; however; if you don't feel at home, then maybe it's worth moving on until you find somewhere you do like (imo).
  4. Welcome to the forum Shehbaz, back to basic fishing, I like it - as you say there's a few things to improve on fish care wise - love the rod rest. And you definitely want them to peel drag
  5. Thanks for the info Seb, and welcome to the forum Hmmm, how long until ..........
  6. Fair play. There are a couple of lakes in Barby (on the way towards Dav off the A361) that might be worth a look if you're in the area, nicely managed mixed fishery. Might be a bit more difficult than the res, but you should get a few, and it's a much nicer venue.
  7. Butties might get cold! Only fly fished at the bowl, but I'm up for it.
  8. I had to change tactics. Still didn't get it completely right, but I caught. I do need to improve on my casting though (still), need to find margins I can fish
  9. I told you! At least we got away with a one liner
  10. Not far from me; bacon butties a real possibility.
  11. At least I didn't say I've tired everything I've used similar mixes for paste baits though, cheers.
  12. Could be fun, not sure if they've still got green algae though, Napton (dog lane) might be an option and not much further.
  13. Good to see you had a few Phil.
  14. Carp are allegedly fond of a bit of crunch
  15. I've used idiot proof measure 2 parts this, 1 part that and 2 parts water: poor into container, shake, leave to soak 12 hours, fluff up and use; first time I used it I got 30 minutes before I couldn't use it any more, second time it was too wet to begin with, but after around 4 hours (after it was spread out) I could use it for around an hour. I've made it fresh on the bank in small and large batches; I did have one successful time (consistency wise, just needed a quick spray with water every now and again) with my own special mix using plain breadcrumb along with a few other bits and pieces (ground cat biscuit, garlic powder, spices etc..), but couldn't repeat the same success. I don't have a problem with this bit, once the mix is the right consistency. I might have a problem doing this bit I've not tried that! Watching pellets / groundbait for 12 / 24 hours while it soaks up some water might be seen as being odd, even for me Thanks for the offer of lessons, I might well take you up on it