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  1. Thought for the day.

    Did you contact admin?
  2. February Catch Reports

    Is that a lure caught fish TnC?
  3. Thought for the day.

    Is that how your settings are set, i.e. when you view them, or is that how you have just set them? If it's how you have just set them, then you need to save them.
  4. Unfenced lakes

    Back to not knowing what to think or make of it Leave it to the 'experts' and start reading more of the posts
  5. Throwing stick..

    I knew you liked a challenge
  6. Unfenced lakes

    That's good though isn't it, keeps numbers down since there are only so many Kms of watercourse
  7. Throwing stick..

    I think putting your creative talents to making a CO₂ powered mortar would be more like it sure I've seen something like that on the tube.
  8. Unfenced lakes

    A male otter can have a range of 40Km (25 miles) watercourse, and they set up a few base camps along the way, the females have smaller ranges. Now I'm thinking this may be why they don't eat much and just move along, something quick and light to keep them going. Since they control such a large range, there shouldn't be too many otters in an area. Many of the young die, some from fighting with other otters when moving through their territory.
  9. Unfenced lakes

    Keep forgetting about eagles, I did consider dogs but changed my mind after Nicks comment about the foxes being chased off. But it does make sense. Now here's an interesting read which incidently answers your question Danny. I must admit, since reading it I'm starting to form new opinions and coming up with new theories (this could get dangerous )
  10. Unfenced lakes

    I presume otters have no competition? (nothing preys on them)
  11. Unfenced lakes

    The present bridge was completed in 1937 Cropredy Bridge that is. Think I've mentioned the chub under it before? if not, I have now. Not sure the cricket club let anyone fish there any-more, used to fish it quite a lot with bread and hemp.
  12. Thought for the day.

    Send a report to admin Click on the message button: Click on Compose New Type in admin and the rest should make sense
  13. Unfenced lakes

    Here you go gov:
  14. Unfenced lakes

    They're a folk band, I used to live in Cropredy (not far from the battle field) for a while, I was never interested enough in listening to 'where on the stair', and 'all around my at' and there were far too many magic puffing dragons for my liking; Status Quo, Alice Cooper, and many others have been there, but I couldn't justify the price for an hour. Where I live now I can hear it when the wind blows in the right direction. I travel hundreds of miles to festivals, and don't go to the one on my door step. Now though, every man and his dog are trying to have a xstock, my village included; ours is more a beer festival though so I do feel obliged to support the initiative.