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    June catch reports

    Funnily enough, you have posted an image of the filename so that really is a clever trick when posting a link to the photo, it should have quite a bit before: 20180603_091103.jpg; it should start with https:// and then be followed by something like dropbox.com/2018/06/bluelabels_massive_carp/20180603_091103.jpg I don't have a drop box account so don't know much more, sorry.
  2. ianain

    June catch reports

    I don't think you need a camera to remember a catch like that, well in buddy
  3. Try contacting admin, I always crop and resize images before uploading (normally to a width of 600 pixels), but then I don't post many pictures of fish
  4. I've been after a job selling programmes at the word cup since I left school; any more jobs going?
  5. It's down to personal choice of course, but, I would not suggest using a pole for carp fishing simply because you have no control over it; I would suggest float fishing using a medium to heavy feeder rod as an alternative.
  6. Practising digging up worms Wouldn't be the first time But at least I am allowed to say that you both talk ...
  7. It's a never ending debate, I'm not sure if we will ever really know outside of a gut feel; what seems to be the case and works one day might not work the next or seem to be something else. Fishing would soon get boring if we did know everything, most of my enjoyment is the chase (including dabbling in the bait quest) rather than the capture.
  8. That rig only works if you use this:
  9. Say what you think Nick
  10. There a many recipes which use egg powder, basically you are replacing the water that was in the eggs. Can't comment on the quality of the mix and understand your disappointment, but did you follow the mixing instructions to the letter? Note: didn't realise emcee had already posted the same
  11. The mix looks too dry to me, a drop of water should sort it out. When you extrude boilie mix, it can expand a bit once it has left the gun, the odd shapes are from using the wrong size nozzle in your gun. For a few pop-ups, you're probably better off hand rolling them.
  12. I'm just wondering if it's a 'Live' picture on ifone or some such odd format? or maybe the server can't understand some of the exif tags? You can try an online resizing site and see what happens. Have you changed a setting on your camera, have you uploaded images to this site using the same phone?
  13. Could be the size or the type of file. What did you use to take the picture? (camera, phone, tablet etc..)
  14. If each end of a hollow pole is plugged with cork or foam, it should be quite buoyant; the drain rods I have will let water in as that is the way they are made (brass fittings, pinned in place); but I haven't tried to float them on water. Yet!, I might get a chance if I play my cards right
  15. I'm having a slow day, sorry - it's just dawned on me what the float is for :doh!:
  16. I'll take that bet, shall we say a tin of beer double its size? I stand to be borxed here but it's worth it tee hee.
  17. Sorry, haven't used one (kruda floating adjustable zig kit?) so can't comment on that; but of all the things I've struggled with - 6" - 10ft hook length has not given me any problems, I've simply used a lead with a long length of line (hook link) with a buoyant bait and occasionally caught a fish or 2. Float? Um, that's called float fishing, zig fishing is downside up, weight at the bottom with floating bait doing all the floating - still I'm often proved wrong. Sounds more like a funny type of paternoster type thing, similar to floating bait rig used a few years ago? weight on the bottom, float at the top and hook link somewhere in between? hmm sure that's called something else???
  18. Or drill a hole and pin them together using the connectors?
  19. Doh! Not Boddington, I'm on mud, but there are rocks less than 16.764mm beneath ground level; you can sometimes weave a peg through, storm poles make me speak funny words . Trouble is I rarely use a brolly, so haven't developed a knack for using one (showing how dumb I am ). When I have used one, it's normally on plain simple mud where you can get pegs and stuff in.
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