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  1. On 08/06/2018 at 11:05, bluelabel said:
    Had this on a freelined prawn last sunday... 17lb 4oz... 
    Spent the day bundled up in a back brace as I'd pulled my Sacro ligament... blooming murder it is... this made the pain worthwhile though... tackle was a Sharpe's 8' Split cane  Stalking/Spinning rod and the reel is a Mordex Merlin loaded with 10lb... hook size 8, with a small prawn flicked out close to a lily pad on our Club Water 


    22 hours ago, crusian said:

    Ouch ! .

    I hope  you heal quickly , Blue .

    The 'photo hasn't come out on my iPad , which is a damn shame as I enjoy looking at your vintage gear .



    19 hours ago, bluelabel said:

    @crusian_1994 Funnily enough I tried to view it on my Mobile (android) and the pic wouldn't load.... it's a dropbox file and I can view it in my dropbox account but not posted within the Carp forum

    Funnily enough, you have posted an image of the filename :confused: so that really is a clever trick :lol:

    when posting a link to the photo, it should have quite a bit before: 20180603_091103.jpg; it should start with https:// and then be followed by something like dropbox.com/2018/06/bluelabels_massive_carp/20180603_091103.jpg

    I don't have a drop box account so don't know much more, sorry.


  2. You can load Ubuntu into memory and use it to save your files to an external drive (USB stick etc.. providing Windoesn't hasn't mangled the hard drive), and maybe, you could even load it permanently on to your laptop, you can start to use it again, especially since you've got nothing to lose. I can soon get a disk in the post to you.

  3. 1 hour ago, salokcinnodrog said:

    Not being funny, but if an operating system is designed properly, it shouldn't need almost daily security updates and patches.  I can understand anti-virus updates, but not operating systems on the whole.

    You're right in principle, the reality though is that viruses and malware etc.. are released daily.

    Where Linux is concerned, the other updates are primarily because they operate on such a vast range of hardware that there will be some compatibility problems somewhere along the line.

    The devices that you use are based on Linux.

    The upgrading is to deal with new technologies which are released frequently.

  4. 13 hours ago, cloud9 said:

    Personally I think that Iain must have something wrong digging that post up from 2007 ????? Maybe it's something to do with his mind storing information away ......

    9 hours ago, cyborx said:

    nah buddy!! hes just plain wrong 😂😂😂

    Practising digging up worms :oops:

    9 hours ago, cyborx said:

    nah buddy!! hes just plain wrong 😂😂😂

    Wouldn't be the first time :lol:


    But at least I am allowed to say that you both talk ...

  5. 1 hour ago, cloud9 said:

    I've often wondered how much do the fish feed by sight rather than smelling out the baits,  I do wonder if it's more of a curious pick up rather than attracting as something tasty to eat .

    It's a never ending debate, I'm not sure if we will ever really know outside of a gut feel; what seems to be the case and works one day might not work the next or seem to be something else.

    Fishing would soon get boring if we did know everything, most of my enjoyment is the chase (including dabbling in the bait quest) rather than the capture.

  6. 39 minutes ago, cloud9 said:

    I came across a rig a few months back, called the bol llox  rig , I didn't really look into how it's tied but it uses two bottom baits that sit next to each other and apparently is very difficult for the fish to deal with ...

    On 16/03/2007 at 18:25, salokcinnodrog said:

    If its the 3 boilies on 3 hair set up its weird, and looks like a pair of Testicles with an Organ poking down.



    A boilie either side of the Hook shank and the 3rd on a Normal Hair.


    To be Honest, its a pain to tie, and is just complicating the Issue


    Say what you think Nick :lol:

  7. 8 minutes ago, joegpp said:

    So it isn't anything to do with the cheaper ebay mix that doesn't need eggs? 

    There a many recipes which use egg powder, basically you are replacing the water that was in the eggs.

    Can't comment on the quality of the mix and understand your disappointment, but did you follow the mixing instructions to the letter?

    Note: didn't realise emcee had already posted the same :oops:

  8. 4 hours ago, bluelabel said:

    Linux/Ubuntu disc... (although here I really am totally in the dark)

    There's no need to be, Ubuntu does it all for you; you can run it along side windusn't until you realise there is another way other than windoze.

    4 hours ago, bluelabel said:

    I have had issues with this ... along with millions of others

    nuff said.


    Good luck anyway blue, fingers crossed :)

  9. I'm just wondering if it's a 'Live' picture on ifone or some such odd format? or maybe the server can't understand some of the exif tags?

    You can try an online resizing site and see what happens.

    40 minutes ago, jh92 said:

    it's strange because it's never been a problem before lol

    Have you changed a setting on your camera, have you uploaded images to this site using the same phone?

  10. 13 minutes ago, jh92 said:



    Sorry, haven't used one (kruda floating adjustable zig kit?) so can't comment on that; but of all the things I've struggled with - 6" - 10ft hook length has not given me any problems, I've simply used a lead with a long length of line (hook link) with a buoyant bait and occasionally caught a fish or 2.

    Float? Um, that's called float fishing, zig fishing is downside up, weight at the bottom with floating bait doing all the floating - still I'm often proved wrong. Sounds more like a funny type of paternoster type thing, similar to floating bait rig used a few years ago? weight on the bottom, float at the top and hook link somewhere in between? hmm sure that's called something else???

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