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  1. Just make sure when you go to your swim that you wear the minimum amount of clothing required, as the borx points out, you sweat, especially doing fourteen trips to your swim, if everything is wet to begin with - you'll find out where ice can form
  2. I carn't fine the write words to replay with
  3. We can see that, there aren't enough pelling mistooks
  4. I usually match the size of hook to the size of bait; many disagree, each to their own; but in my world it makes sense - especially with a bare hook near your bait - to have the bait being the main visual thing. I'm often bewildered by some of the rigs people use and catch fish on, but as with bait - the proof is in the pudding (catching). If they're having it I do step up to a larger hook as I think it gives a better hook hold in frantic behaviour.
  5. I make most of my own bait; but from your list, here's my take: Price - Would largely depend on circumstances Smell and Flavour - Not at all, imo completely irrelevant in any bait Reputation - Would sway me, but only reputation gained from genuine comments like all (well nearly all) the wonderful people on here Catch Reports - Wouldn't trust the information (except on here) Company Name - There's only a couple that I would trust
  6. Should be ok, these have them at £79.99. Might be an old model or just a promotion.
  7. As above, but will add - the fish eat more in warmer weather and less when it's colder. Introducing large amounts of bait in one go can lead to the fish spooking, so be prepared to put some in and wait for them to return. Finding the balance where they get their heads down is part of the fun. This time of year (September), the fish will be looking to put some weight on to survive the Winter. We have an adage here that says - you can put more in, but you can't take it out. It doesn't always help though when you're just starting out when trying to gauge how much to put in to begin
  8. There's bound to be somewhere near to you that allow night fishing, failing that go to day ticket waters and set up your bivvy in the back-garden and fake a few night blanks in comfort Might be worth spending a day at your lake helping - you'll be surprised at what you can find out.
  9. I could get the right rump with comments like that
  10. The link was in the post, and in this one, the underlined text. I thought it didn't need to be high as it's just to stop your landing net swimming off There are various clip on / bolt on pole hooks which used to be used by match anglers for holding the pole, think they use a bar these days and sit on the butt held in carefully crafted slots in the seat.
  11. Best????? They all work for some, soak and then boil first as it's easiest and less prone to error if you're not sure. Molasses: I doubt many measure, so a slug would be my best guess; start simply though is my advice so leave it out.
  12. That's good to hear If you get the chance to see them live, do so - they are still fantastic. Wouldn't mind waking up to the song Godzilla, but I actually woke up next to Godzilla, making the same noises as on the films in full surround sound, amplified by Motörhead's road crew.
  13. I woke up this morning listening to Godzilla. Which is also song by Blue Öyster Cult.
  14. Nice to see you having such a good time Muft.
  15. The problem with a lot of the feedback on some sites is unfortunately dubious - to say the least - but honest feedback like you have given on here is worth far more. We usually only take the time to moan, so big thumbs up Smuft
  16. Welcome to the forum Iain, tight lines (not the tight lines when they're stuck in bushes and trees though )
  17. Good customer service as well, nice one Smuft.
  18. I'm sure someone on here mentioned having their boat attacked ? The trouble is anglers train them, and just like crayfish - nothing stops them. Mind you, a shot gun or rifle might have a better return on investment (for the birds that is)
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