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  1. Australian Carp Fishing Australian Bait, Tackle and Equipment Good place to start.
  2. Your're free to use whatever additives, soaks, dips or glugs you want to. Deciding what to use, regardless of whose or what you use, is totally up to you. Just try to put a bit of thought into it to save yourself some cash
  3. Hi CB, If the stretch isn't fished that much (or at all) any fish would probably go for other types of bait like bread, sweetcorn or chickpeas if that's of any help to you.
  4. This is such good pre-marital advice and bait making advice. How sweet are Maggots, worms and casters? Bread? Marmite? Chick peas? Salt? etc. etc..
  5. ianain

    canal carp

    Since it's near to where people work, they are likely to chuck loads of bread in at lunch time either for the bird life or to see the fish chomp away.
  6. Your post, has no single simple solution or answer. You can use your own flavours with anyones base mix. I don't wish to offend , but you really need to do a bit more searching on this forum and or other sites / search engines. If you do this, you will not need to make a post like this Once you have done some research and testing, I'm sure many will be pleased to help with a more specific type question if necessary
  7. The level is up, but no where near full. There are quite a few people fishing it, so you should have some sport if you go.
  8. Make sure the hemp is well wrapped as freezers tend to dry things out, this may be what "others" have had happen to them. Also when fishing, make sure the hemp is just covered in water, any that is sticking out may dry out during the session, even this time of year.
  9. You might find it as raw pop corn, i.e. before it's puffed up, although carp have been caught on puffed up popcorn. Try this wikipedia link it may help.
  10. If you have high attraction boilies, you may not need to pre-bait, however, you will need to locate the fish. Fishing is about locating where you think your target will be, this is generally known as watercraft which is a far bigger part of fishing than bait. To exagerate, whatever bait you are using, it is no good hanging 1 metre from a tree, and so it is no good in the water where your target fish do not go or buried beneath silt or weed on its own. Whatever boilies you have, you will probably need to intorduce some to the venue, but this will open out to: how big is the venue, how many carp are there, what size are they, where have they been caught, how have they been caught and which out of them do you want to catch. Since you think boilies have not been used on the venue, what bait has been used? The topic of hair rigs has been discussed here so use the search facility or look under the rig section (I'm not trying to be snotty )
  11. I drove past it today and there is not alot of water in there. The water level has been dropping rapidly over the last few weeks and it looks more like a beach than a reservoir.
  12. Did you ask? [an employee] I found it on the end of an aisle with other stuff. They have a whole food section where you might find it (if you can find the section cos it is not where you would expect to find it in my local). The whole food section is where you can get chick peas and a vast array of other stuff you might want to try so wear blinkers cos it may end up costing a fortune; so asking may be the best bet Or buy the beans and grind them yourself?
  13. I realise I'm a bit late coming in on this, but: I think your main problem is that the mono or braid [hair] will cut through the meat like a cheese wire. The ideas others have given are good, but why don't you just put the meat on the hook and as shade said, use a piece of grass on the bend of the hook to stop it pulling through. All you need to do is 1) find the best make that suits you (they are all have their own "qualities" ) 2) do whatever - to toughen and flavour it (if required, the right tin and you won't need to, but might like to (as mentioned chili, curry etc. etc.)) 3) take your hook bait and push the hook through the bait (you can use a baiting needle for this) twist the hook round 180 degrees and pull the hook back through using you hook length until gap between the bend and bait closes, you can (if needed) put a piece of grass just before the last little bit of the bend is drawn onto your bait (again depending on the make or the need to feel secure) Ideally, you want to match the size of hook to the bait so that the hook is buried inside the meat, so long as the meat isn't too tough (in some makes you will get the odd bit of hard stuff but this is much more rare these days as the grinders they use are so much better at pulverising) or you can cut the meat into tiny pieces and thread a few onto your hook. You can also just get a lump of meat and hook it on, add a piece of corn or a maggot etc. as a stop.
  14. I like to put fennel seeds in or on just about everything; haven't tried to prove that they have any affect but they help to clean up maggots and add an aniseed type smell to hemp and pother particles. I like to crush them and add into paste mixes or cheese. I buy them in bulk, not those silly small spice jars, they cost a fortune. @yessongs I also like to listen to Yes, top band.
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