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  1. That's some trigger finger you've got there Nige
  2. I think that moving the posts changed the date, all the posts are in an odd chronological order- my head hurt trying to read it
  3. Have a nice relaxing time mate, just hope you don't get any complaints about your shoes (I suspect they showed up on the x-ray )
  4. Welcome to the forum, when you are confused - ask away
  5. It's not so complicated as it sounds (but more complicated than it appears ), it simply means the mixture used to make boilies; the mixture is added to your liquids to form a paste which is then formed into the shapes required (round, dumbells, etc..) and boiled - end result boilies. The liquids are normally eggs with chosen secret and not so secret additives. The base mix can consist of fishmeal, bird food, krill etc..
  6. Hi Tommy, I agree with smuft, you need a bigger landing net, at least 40 inches wide and nice and deep; this will help you to get the fish onto the bank safely. You can make your own unhooking mat or maybe use a baby changing mat to begin with. Nice fish
  7. With a bait list like that, you'll spend 4 hours wondering what to put in and then 4 hours deciding which hook bait to use, followed by constant nagging thoughts over your chosen hook bait (I know because that's what I always do ). Good luck, and have fun
  8. Hi Bof, I can't help but look at the last two ingredients of your recipe and wonder if they could (or should) be replaced by Lamlac and marmite as I thought that it was accepted to include RR at 10%? In any case good luck!
  9. Personally, if I am or likely to be getting bites quickly I would go down to one rod - I really don't like having more than one fish to deal with at a time. It's down to the individual and their confidence / proficiency in handling more than one fish at a time. On slow waters, I'd happily use three - it's always been a dilemma for me as my thinking is that I will catch where I cast, otherwise what's the point in casting there. Any how, that's my think on the subject.
  10. Might help if you said what make and model it is John Apart from that I can be of no assistance for which I apologise.
  11. This time of year, the canal is fairly coloured anyway, so even if you waded, filmed or walked around - you probably wouldn't see it anyway. IMO, pre-baiting like this is a case of putting small amounts in over a long time so that the fish get used to the feed and the location, it also gives you plenty of bank time to observe any movements. Big carp will reveal themselves if you have the right feed and wait patiently - how deep is the water on the far bank?
  12. Welcome to the forum dghee, It looks like you stumbled on an old post (2014), hopefully it will get you a response from someone, but fishbits hasn't been on here for a while.
  13. You'll be off to the catfish forums at this rate Phil
  14. But you caught, it all came together - keep at it and you will be rewarded. Could be worth sacrificing a days fishing to walk around and see what others are doing.
  15. Welcome to the forum, sorry I can't help with the Essex area.
  16. No you're not wasting your time buddy, a quick reminder of patience paying off, you've put so much effort into your fishing, it will pay off - somehow May I suggest that you consider your own advice and look to another venue to build some confidence, the (dare I say it) commercial fisheries can offer you the chance to catch a few and it might be worth travelling a bit further and fishing for a slightly shorter period. As I don't know the Ripley area (if you're still there), but I'm sure there will be something right up your street (metaphorically speaking ).
  17. Every time I empty my stuff out to make all my kit lighter I end up putting it all back (cos I will surly need it at some point in my lifetime) and making enough room to put more stuff in
  18. Welcome to the forum John. As said, ignore the hype and concentrate on what you knew from 20 years ago and adapt where it makes sense, just don't feel that you have to change everything all at once.
  19. Switched all mine off
  20. Your best bet would be to speak to the people who run it, they're there to help you make the most of the venue and its part of the philosophy of the place. Keep in mind that; in general; catching bigger fish is more of a waiting game with fewer catches - the choice is yours.
  21. Toys to play with, should keep us happy for a little while
  22. Does the sad count against the poster? And why are we "reacting"? Social Media S&M ??? or M & S ??????
  23. That's much more better
  24. Welcome to the forum, good to have you aboard - enjoy
  25. Check this thread out buddy it is a recent topic on that very subject
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