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  1. I only ever knew nihil and prohibere
  2. You and Borxy can speak all the Latin you want - It probably makes more sense
  3. Is the new borx-mobile from him then? or yours
  4. Welcome to the forum Draco, I haven't heard of that place so I can't really help; I'm sure someone will be along that knows something
  5. Looks like your Latin is getting as rusty as you old bean
  6. It's just a shame about this year.
  7. Think of yourself as being sensible and buying only what you need, rather than what you neeeeeed
  8. At least that turned out to be utter fabrication. This time next year smuft, you'll be singing 10 weeks to go followed by x monster carp, coming to my swim
  9. They sneeze so much that they can't get near the bait, why do you think they're called snotties? Lots of people put things in or on their bait because .... bream will eat anything if they get their heads down.
  10. Welcome to the forum Where to start? You'll need to get line for the reel and a landing net, 3 or 4 waggler floats should do for a start and as you say a mixed split shot dispenser with some micro shot (size 8 ). Hooks will depend on a variety of things, the main one being what stock the lake has and which fish you intend to target. Suggestions: Do you know anyone that goes fishing? if you do can be go with them a few times to see what you'll need and what to do with it. It would be worth your while looking around the lakes and speaking to the anglers who are fishing there and see if they mind you chewing their ears or just sitting watching, obviously you will get differing responses, but it's worth a try. Is there a local group of match anglers that would let you join in? there are a lot of groups of people your age (and started the same as you) that go on social matches for pleasure one or two times a week. If you were to say (roughly) where you are, several members here have met up with newbies to show them the ropes, you may get lucky and find someone nearby willing to spend sometime with you on the bank (we are a nice bunch here). Which lake(s) did you go to?
  11. Have you found it more when you have three rods near each other compared to when you have them several metres apart?
  12. Yep, fed at the golden arches.
  13. So does that mean that offspring will be larger from a force fed fish The real worse part about this is that there are still people willing to pay to fish for them that big, that are willing to move fish around and really do not give a stuff about the welfare of the fish. And while people are willing to pay ... I do believe in live and let live, each to their own - its just when you get to a certain age, there aren't any grown ups any-more to keep the children inline.
  14. Is it worth going to have a look?
  15. Please do, it would be good to find out what's in there.
  16. He (bowey11) hasn't been on the forum for a few years dayvid, that's the problem when these old threads are brought back Sorry Justin, I can't help which is why I didn't reply on your other thread with the same question. And welcome to the forum
  17. That looks like trouble, it's already got its eyes on the remote
  18. Welcome to the forum Aidan. I'd stick to the same line - a new water will bring with it so many unknowns I wouldn't want to be second guessing something I already know. If I thought it was having an effect after a while, then I would consider changing.
  19. I think neither of you want to get your hands dirty Definitely a good tip though
  20. Sweetcorn or maize in the margins, introduce it in patches around the lake, you'll know when they're on it as you will see them kicking up the bottom. Those trees look like trouble (and fish), make sure you are tackled up for them. Welcome to the forum Manos, you lucky person
  21. Welcome to the forum Mocarp. Sharing of information used to be the same over here, it's not so bad now although some still think that they have more secrets than they do. Often the information is plain wrong anyway so don;t believe all that you hear. Carp don't always stay in the same area and can travel quite a distance on rivers - observation and watercraft are the keys
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