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  1. Welcome to the forum, we're all still learning - there is a lot to learn, have a good look through the threads and ask what you don't know, can't promise one single answer on anything so keep an open mind and use what you find works
  2. The phone companies have been getting away with this for years, I used my mobile to call an 0800 number and got charged 1.50p, I always look up numbers for a standard std if calling from my mobile, but these days you're lucky if you can get any sense from most companies by phoning them up :grump:
  3. Welcome to the forum SamT, there have been a few threads lately about rods - if you use the search facility you can look through several opinions depending on your budget.
  4. Welcome to the forum Steve, glad you caught some
  5. He's got 7 toes on his left foot and 4 on his right, his left leg is shorter than his right and we sewed his trouser legs together around calf height
  6. Should have seen me Sunday reminds me, must do a write up of sorts for all to laugh at
  7. I'm probably better at casting aspersions than leads, more accurate anyway
  8. I was just trying to get a connection, not trying to cast aspersions
  9. Not sure as I want to know with your background
  10. I had written a response to that effect, but I thought 400 words was a bit over the top
  11. It shouldn't be asking for payment, there must be something there that doesn't belong.
  12. Works ok on mine (didn't watch it all though), I use firefox, but it also works on opera, vivaldi and chromium; are you using internet explorer or edge? I suspect you have some malware or some other such nonsense. Make sure you have the latest updates especially the windoze virus / malware scanner.
  13. Rig safety is all about leaving as little for the fish to tow around should your main line break, this applies to all rigs regardless of the name since any rig can be made unsafe. In the case of the chod rig, should the main line break, the hook link should be able to slide off what is left leaving only that hook link in their mouth and the lead on the bottom of the lake (rather than the fish towing it around), problems can occur with this rig if beads, loops or any other sort of stopping / restricting device is used which prevents this such as a swivel eye being too small to pass over any knots or a bead being too small a diameter to slide off the end or over any knots. Welcome to the forum and it's is a very good question to start with
  14. A big multi layered boilie sounds just the job to me, a boilie core with a few layers of paste wrapped around and allowed to dry for varying lengths of time
  15. I've had the same experience Richard, I don't like barbed or micro barbed because of this, I don't think that I've ever damaged a fishes mouth or lost a fish using barbless and most of the time the hook comes out when the fish is in the landing net and gets snagged in the netting. There are however reports from a lot of anglers who I listen to on here who think that barbless cause damage. I don't like the idea of snipping the end off a hook as I think this can cause damage trying to lever on the hook, but then I'm clumsy and as said a lot of anglers who I respect the opinion of (cm included) suggest it's safer. Me, I'll continue to use barbless, it doesn't make me right, but my experience tells me to use barbless
  16. Welcome to the forum. Floating baits might be a start as you can see them on the surface, introduce some bread or soaked dog biscuits and see what happens, if it's windy or if you have a lot of wildlife (ducks etc..) you might want to try fishing a couple of feet below the surface and flick some loose feed in, just a few every few minutes and change frequency and quantity to see how they react. Nuisance fish are by their nature a problem, harder baits like maize might be worth a go, or larger particle baits - (bolies?) larger prepared: nuts, legumes, beans - the list of things to try is endless.
  17. You need to highlight it from the first w and paste it into the address bar, the link I put is the same, but shorter to click on
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