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  1. Hand operated was it did she have a perm
  2. Is it worth getting clear/grey and then blobbing it with those coloured marker pens to camouflage?
  3. Have you camouflaged them for use in snowy weather? I'm struggling to see them Only kidding, welcome to the forum - and what a first boast.
  4. Leo seems to know what he's doing Nick, he's done a lot of reading up on these things and has put together a good quality bait along with an approach to match, I'm sure he'll let us know how he gets on - and I look forward to reading them.
  5. Don't make the baits based on your own sense of smell, the particles which permeate through air do not permeate through water so it will give you no indication on effectiveness. Also, think on this - if you were offered a cup of tea / coffee / coco with 16 spoons of sugar stirred in, how would you react (not the point but you would not get 16 spoons of sugar to dissolve in a cup of water)? or if you were offered a chip beneath a bottle of tomato sauce, would you still feel the same about eating it? And just in case you do not drink hot drinks or eat chips or tomato sauce, you get my gist Back to your question, have confidence in the bait you are making, you have every reason to be confident in them - good luck
  6. ianain

    Stripping Braid?

    That's certainly an interesting way of thinking of the rig, definite food for thought - thank you. I was really referring to the crudeness of it, the thick hook link, I've always had the mindset to go thinner and less obvious, but as I said in the post, it catches and it makes me wonder if you need any finesse we only remember when we make a change and catch shortly after.
  7. ianain

    Catch Reports June '17

    Bit of a scorcher today, well done sir
  8. Just a thought as you said every one had a hole in it and the bag was sealed That's weird.
  9. ianain

    Catch Reports June '17

    Fair play muft, I've never heard of doing that before, I suppose the wind will help it bob up and down as well helping to get the fish to investigate.
  10. Think we might be having our own Bastille Day what with talk like this
  11. Bream are for life, not just sweetcorn
  12. ianain

    Catch Reports June '17

    Nice one muft, but you have me confused (which doesn't take much I know) with over-depth zigs I can only think that for example the water is 1.5 metres deep and you set the length at 1.7m ?
  13. Here you are: Now you can right click the image and use that to set your avatar
  14. Rub away smuft, it's something worth looking forward to
  15. Peanut butter has been used, you don't hear of it very often which probably tells you something. I would think with a 50% fat content, it is unlikely to offer you anything in terms of attraction, and since you like it so much, you are unlikely to cast a bait As Leo said, marmite is probably a better option.
  16. You asked But you'll have to make your own
  17. Have you bought all the ingredients or just looking? You should be able to knock up a good cheap home made boilie for around £3.50 / Kg since you have no costs (labour, rent, electricity / gas etc...) So far as attractors are concerned, a good mix will provide attraction, just be careful what you buy extra; all that glitters is not gold and suppliers of said products know how to polish well.
  18. Are they not responding any-more? I noticed that their web site is "being done up" and there was a period where the site was suspended. I hope not from Vik's reports.
  19. There are several good cheap boilie mixes in this section of the forum. As BL said, you will have to ultimately suck it and see since there are no guarantees. Also, if you follow most of the threads about home made verses shop bought boilies - the absolute key to catching on any bait is to put your bait where the fish are. You can make a good quality effective boilie using not much more than ground dried cat food and maybe incorporate some particles which can reduce your initial costs. Have fun and enjoy making your own baits, it really is quite rewarding - providing you have a permission slip to use some of the ingredients.
  20. Welcome to the forum charger I'm sure that someone will be along with some places you can go. Does this mean that you ideally want a pool that responds to this method?
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