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  1. There are too many localised corruptions for names that finding facts is difficult; historians can't agree who the fine lady is (QEI, Lady Godiva or Lady Feinnes (sp?)) certainly a load of bells, so if Tannica wants to go from Maidford to Weedon, then it can please itself. Could Tannica be the name of a Roman God, Weedon survived because of its temple?
  2. I still don't see the Roman connection, unless they had anything to do with Salt Lane (which leads onto the Foss)?
  3. Can't say as I've heard of that before, but then I'm not a local by birth so there's still much I don't know and probably never will I think Banbury was founded by the Saxons (Anglo Saxon King Ban (not sure of his full name), and his Burgh [town]), so I'm not sure if the Romans had anything to do with the area? The area has more to do with the Civil War, nursery rhymes and cakes? A lot of work was needed to drain the area before industrialisation could take place as it was very swampy thanks to the Cherwell.
  4. Was it just me, or am I making it up? I’m sure when listening to one of Maggie Mays speeches, hidden amongst the fishing rights and other appeasements that friends and relatives have access to money making schemes; that there will be changes to how the mobile telephone operators will work within the EU. Basically there will be an EU specific sim card which will be used within the EU regions and exclude all other cards, anyone travelling within the EU will have to have this specific card for it to work so that control can be kept in EU HQ and taxed accordingly, thereby trying to make up some of the losses suffered when we leave. Personally I don’t see how this is workable
  5. I suppose a lot depends on the type of cork then? Them wooden ones though will be getting some when they arrive, so I'll keep notes and see how they go over time. The marine 17 and tunamino look nice and gloopy, but I think Marmite and glycerine will be the first up and a few other ideas with belachan. That's always the trouble finding something runny enough to penetrate but thick enough to stay in!
  6. I've just ordered some from various sellers for different sizes, some are beech and some described as hard wood. Going to be doing some experiments Pine is quite sappy, so I'm not sure that it would make good balls? stand to be proved wrong but whenever I've used the stuff it leaks like a good'n. I know a few people soak their cork balls, but I thought it was waterproof, therefore not able to soak up anything hence its use as a bottle stopper? Also ordered some plasticine, see how it goes as a plug / weight.
  7. I think that Nicks idea of soaked wooden balls would give you more scope: they can be wrapped in paste, drilled and weighted, drilled and plugged with paste, coloured and soaked in attractants and, if you like the smell, soaked in flavours or essential oils. I must get some and give them a try, I've got some pots, just haven't got the balls.
  8. I'm not far enough West to know what that is
  9. We don't make the sheep suffer, or we'd get bard or defrocked!
  10. We only had access to educational books and images, reputation to maintain
  11. When I was younger, I always had a bath once a month whether I needed one or not, so I wouldn't know about such things.
  12. Hmm, someone's on the wrong forum
  13. Oh well, at least there wasn't a re-enactment of the battle of the Somme! Next time mate.
  14. Welcome to the forum Will, I'm afraid I can't help much with a syndicate, but if it's a 6 year waiting list I would get my name down pronto and spend some time getting to know the venue. Good luck with your search
  15. Bargain here if you want some 10lb £12.99 Easter Weekend 2018
  16. Sounds like a winner for you then matey
  17. Enjoy Jonno, was the site 15 miles closer?
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