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  1. Not sure if it's still the case, but, Drennan own(ed) Kamasan (ergo ESP hooks as well); whilst they're not manufactured here, they are British owned?

    Having said that, much of the spiel surrounding the quality of hooks has been (and probably still is) the inferred Japanese craftsmanship.

    Not sure if Partridge still make hooks here, I'm sure they were forced (due to price) to get them made overseas.

  2. Not knocking their stuff, but if you don't supply to shops, you can sell at half the price; their pellets aren't much cheaper though if at all.

    But without having a fiddle with the product, you are buying blind or following like sheep. I might have a look when I run out of things they do, but I can't find carriage charges and that annoys me when I have to sign up to find out something that should be upfront; I'm sure that we've got regulations which state clear pricing policies? (if not we should have, cos it rattles my sensibilities :humpf:)

  3. Get organised on the bank:

    Decide where you are going to play the fish so that you are prepared for overhead and underfoot obstructions

    Make sure that you have your landing handy where you intend to play the fish so that it won't snag at a vital point

    Have all of your post landing fish equipment in a sensible place, free from obstructions and in arms reach to your cradle / un-hooking mat (carp care medicine, lake water, forceps / disgorger, weigh sling)

    Photos, set up in advance so that the fish is out of the water for the least amount of time; if something goes wrong whilst trying to take the picture - put the fish back rather than put the fish through any more stress just to get a trophy shot

  4. Yes, this works. I'll often drop some bait into the margin and wait until I see the tails wagging or the silt getting stirred up and drop a bait amongst it all.

    The reason it works (imo) is that insects and other items of food drop naturally into the margin off trees etc.., add the angler who drops loads of bait and flicks bait into the margin or just chucks what's left and you're onto a winner.

    Each venue will have its own variations on what works, but essentially finding this can be a few fish on a mat. I really enjoy margin fishing, it can have the same visual aspect as floater fishing.

  5. Welcome to the forum :)

    10 hours ago, Bobby0845 said:

    We all know a little bit of knowledge is dangerous hence why I'm looking on forums for some advise before getting out there.

    I know that it's difficult when you first start, I would advise that you don't spend all of your time trying to decide what you need, your pike rods and reels (and line) will probably do for starters, so really a few hooks and you should be away.

  6. 5 minutes ago, smufter said:

    The only thing I assumed what that at a fiver a kilo, it couldn't have been as good as the stuff that was going in other well known makes.

    It's to do with mark-up and middlemen, each step will try to double up, so when they get to a shop at £5.00 / Kg (for example), they will try to sell them at £10.00 per Kg.

    As pointed out on another thread, price isn't necessarily dictated by cost price, so I'm just using the above numbers for simplicity. So yes your mate can produce and sell an effective boilie for £5.00 per Kg, the ingredients and purchasing power will dictate how much he makes on them, so if he's hand making them, he's undercharging you IMO.

  7. 2 hours ago, Dannygooner said:

    Was they too tight to invest in a couple of life ring bouys to have round the lake?lol a life jacket to go fishing. Wow. Only in England 


    2 hours ago, B.C. said:

    34acres, would mean a lot of life rings mate, not sure they'd be much good if you were 100yds from the bank treading water having slipped out of a boat. I think it's a good rule, a potential life saver, might have something to do with insurance too. I have limited boat experience and will feel much safer with a "decent" life jacket on.  The dozen or so boats around the lake gives you a chance to explore the place and bait up accurately at range if needed... A life jacket is a must, buddy.


    1 hour ago, chillfactor said:

    Sounds a sensible rule to me .

    Moaned at Nige for  not wearing a life jacket .


    Could also be to ensure commitment?

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