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  1. You might have a slightly different version than B.C.; updating to the latest version of all the software might create problems rather than cure them, but do make sure that you are using the latest version of all your software. Think of it like this: The developers of the forum software are working on released software rather than soon to be released software which means that they are always playing catch-up. Ne'er-do-wells are working on old software.
  2. It's a problem with all browsers to a greater or lesser extent - when web sites are developed, they are tested to varying degrees to make one size fit all, unfortunately, it can be a bit like putting your finger over a leak just to see it popping out somewhere else.
  3. We were yesterday, first time I've not been able to get to work due to bad weather conditions. Been close to not getting home from work a few times. As usual, it hasn't been the conditions so much as the clever drivers who think that they know better, got 4x4 car - can't work out that they haven't got the clearance to get through the drifts or to get up the verge I was trying to help someone dig out their van, but they kept throwing the snow in front of where they intended to go, and then one chap borrowed my shovel, so I went a sat back in my nice warm van until a tractor turned up and towed them out (I couldn't turn round because there was a queue behind and beside me) - once free, they intended turning round to go back the way they'd just come from
  4. I've got loads of books in charity shops, I got " A History of Carp Fishing " from one for £2.50, it's all down to luck and patience. There are loads of them about [charity shops] and it can take hours to find one or several books that you want or you might end up blanking (sounds familiar )
  5. I wouldn't imagine that there's a direct correlation between air temp and water temp, it takes time for water to change its temperature; some of the variables are volume, surface area, flow, wind speed and temperature, rate and temperature of any incoming water - without getting technical.
  6. Is that a lure caught fish TnC?
  7. Back to not knowing what to think or make of it Leave it to the 'experts' and start reading more of the posts
  8. That's good though isn't it, keeps numbers down since there are only so many Kms of watercourse
  9. A male otter can have a range of 40Km (25 miles) watercourse, and they set up a few base camps along the way, the females have smaller ranges. Now I'm thinking this may be why they don't eat much and just move along, something quick and light to keep them going. Since they control such a large range, there shouldn't be too many otters in an area. Many of the young die, some from fighting with other otters when moving through their territory.
  10. Keep forgetting about eagles, I did consider dogs but changed my mind after Nicks comment about the foxes being chased off. But it does make sense. Now here's an interesting read which incidently answers your question Danny. I must admit, since reading it I'm starting to form new opinions and coming up with new theories (this could get dangerous )
  11. I presume otters have no competition? (nothing preys on them)
  12. The present bridge was completed in 1937 Cropredy Bridge that is. Think I've mentioned the chub under it before? if not, I have now. Not sure the cricket club let anyone fish there any-more, used to fish it quite a lot with bread and hemp.
  13. They're a folk band, I used to live in Cropredy (not far from the battle field) for a while, I was never interested enough in listening to 'where on the stair', and 'all around my at' and there were far too many magic puffing dragons for my liking; Status Quo, Alice Cooper, and many others have been there, but I couldn't justify the price for an hour. Where I live now I can hear it when the wind blows in the right direction. I travel hundreds of miles to festivals, and don't go to the one on my door step. Now though, every man and his dog are trying to have a xstock, my village included; ours is more a beer festival though so I do feel obliged to support the initiative.
  14. Have a look at this CM, third page, titled The battlefield today
  15. Nige beat me to it. The field (top right) is where I think the main battle took place, there is a plaque by the bridge giving details. And many happy campers have stayed there for Fairport.
  16. No, Cropredy. I've walked a lot of the canal last 5 / 6 months (drop shotting, just looking) from Napton southwards and that's the only sign I've seen. There are loads of people walking / cycling etc. them these days; hard to find somewhere to fish sometimes, found a couple of potential places. Still haven't caught anything drop shotting , but it really is a nice way to fish in the cold you get to see so much.
  17. Plenty of them around, it was cold though so most stayed indoors and they're on the opposite bank; long walk round or risk the locks
  18. It's how cleanly eaten it is that's odd, rats is a good call; thought birds of prey would peck randomly and fox would carry away or rip to pieces?
  19. As you say, no one knows what had it or a share in it. Just blaming the poor old otters, might not have been one. I doubt fox involvement as they would drag something so small off with them, it's a busy stretch of canal and there are far too many 'scent trails' going on for foxes to stay around too long - so I supposed it may have been inquisitive hounds? but again they would just rip it apart?
  20. Found this whilst walking along a local canal: Quite surprised to find so much of it eaten, normally find them with just their bellies missing. IMO ist's not so bad when they eat most of it, it's when they have a bite and leave the rest.
  21. ianain


    wanted to look further into this, nuff said private company issuing tickets.
  22. ianain


    What about all those people feeding ducks etc. with bread
  23. I think that they're a solution to a problem that doesn't exist: to qualify this a bit (my logic) - if your hands can tie your hook bait to the ring, you should be able to form a d-rig either by whipping or blobbing. Doesn't mean that they won't be useful to someone though. Just my take on it.
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