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  1. I think it may be partly because the oil is lighter than water and part trapping air? I've had it myself, my hand are always dry (can't (o.k. find it difficult) open bags in shops or turn pages in a book, and these new notes are a nightmare), but if I touch the lens of my glasses, I can barely see out of them they're covered in oil. And there is a transfer of whatever coats your hook baits.
  2. Welcome to the forum. I don't want to put you off, but, why do you think you want 13ft 3.5lb tc rods? With so much information written, it can be confusing and puzzling for people new to fishing to decide what tackle they need; I get the feeling that you have looked at your chosen venue and decided you will need to cast vast distances and looked at the tools to do that - 20 / 20 for doing your research. There's more to casting distance than getting long rods.
  3. I suspect that the link has been coated with oil, probably from your hands when tying the loop knot; what you can do is rub a little tungsten putty or plasticine into the braids and knot to help it sink.
  4. Yes I use them on occasions, I have better days than others at hand tying loops - it's not always the fault of the material; by that I don't mean it's all the fault of the material and not mine. Like you though smuft, nice neat small loops - I also like the Gardner loop tier when I want to put a pellet band or bait stop on the loop.
  5. Drayton do as well: s Not sure as the serious tackle tarts would agree.
  6. I was watching a gull padding its feet up and down trying to do the same thing. I think that his secret is the dungarees though
  7. Fish on the bank = happy days
  8. I'm hoping that's for snow and weeds
  9. The dips that a lot of venues use is often old and probably useless (because its old) or worse (since it no longer does its job) [my opinion based on some fisheries I've been to], I will point out though that there are plenty of clued up fisheries out there that know what they are doing, make your own judgement. Many of the solutions used require items to be soaked for a length of time rather than dipped [fact]. If rules dictate to use their dips, then that's what you should do, but rely more on drying, I've gone home after seeing some 'dips'. As routine anglers should dry their nets, this helps prevent the spread of diseases and also includes crayfish and other invasive species and as greekskii points out drying in the sun is the best. This is government advice. If using a sterilizer yourself, read the instructions very carefully as some require the items to be rinsed in water before re-use since the chemicals used aren't always fish friendly.
  10. It's a look of surprise, disbelief, amazement and sheer childish joy. Absolutely priceless - it's what fishing can mean to most of us, long may it continue
  11. No, but they've got the popular on telly tax added (cake off) .
  12. I think you can, not sure, I'm embarrassed to say I had someone on my ignore list, thought I hadn't heard from them when I saw the name, but they haven't been on since 2016 And add away: Think carefully though before ignoring, I'm sure you would argue quite passionately about the use of of carp mats if someone said that they weren't needed.
  13. ianain

    Dogs and fishing

    Cross post , when I had my GSD he was with me all the time, I took him to work and fishing so we were together all the time.
  14. ianain

    Dogs and fishing

    It's mainly down to the owner, if you've had training in how to look after your dog and are confident in doing so then you should be alright. I had an Alsatian I used to take fishing and he was fine, unfortunately the dogs I've had since have been family dogs and my family is not trainable. I currently have a re-homed lab / lurcher cross and she is skittish and there is no way without tying her down that I could keep her in one place.
  15. Welcome to the forum, I take it that's a new addition to your family and future angler in your avatar?
  16. Even carp would struggle to get a snorkel it its mouth
  17. Welcome back Phil, Happy New Year for 2017 & 2018
  18. If he's a good mate, will he let you have a play with them? It's the best way to find out if they suit you.
  19. ianain

    calling BC

    The system re-scales the images (most of the time) If you want that image as your avatar, try this one (right click the image, 'save image as' to your pc, then upload it as your avatar):
  20. Those must be two of the least discussed subjects? Hook sizes are certainly one of the most difficult for me, but it's where I bow to the experiences of better anglers; still think of them big hooks as gaffs But I suppose it's more species specific.
  21. A few people are trying to give me lurgies, they can keep them to themselves!
  22. That along with a good dose of banter, conspiracy theories, debunking / smirking at marketing claims and thread deviation
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