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  1. At least the list started much longer than it is now! Reality is that we fish according to the venue and the changes that occur throughout the season with the knowledge we have gained (good and bad); that to me is the key to angling, not using a method because its doing the business elsewhere but doing what we think will work - no one should be fishing the same way as they did on day one, it's constant change that keeps it interesting and keeps us thinking. Each to their own though, it's about personal pleasure to me, and no ones a bigger personal pleasurer than me
  2. As we've discussed before, some things just don't suit some anglers. I've got a long list
  3. My interest in bait alchemy started with particles, hemp & tares fishing for roach.
  4. Cheers, enjoy creating your own particle blends; just keep in mind how far down the rabbit hole you want to go you'll end up like me getting confused between cooking, boiling, simmering and typing I had boiled chip butties for lunch
  5. Cheers BC. Just realised though, I meant bring to boil then simmer or as you do just simmer
  6. Yes, one of a few mistakes I made in writing it; serves me right for trying to do it quickly and late at night after a couple on a school night. Also need to change the "do not use cooked peanuts" should have read something like: Peanuts can also be called monkey nuts, ground nuts, goober or Arachis hypogaea and probably some other names. Regarding the cooking boiling time of maples and maize, I've found they need longer and haven't ever over cooked maize, although I've let maples boil for longer and suffered the same fate as yourselves, I had written a load of guff about freshness and storage conditions of the particles but I edited it out as this was intended as a simple / quick guide; there are plenty of threads on here for enhancing and doing other things to particles, or refining the process - but a better experience based warning might be appropriate, I work on the theory that you can't re-soak after boiling - as a newbie it can be quite bewildering having ambiguous, misleading or simply too much information to go on (sorry crusian, and anyone else mislead by my ramblings and use of cook instead of boil ). Re brazils (and other seeds (legumes, rhizomes, fruits etc.. )), hands up if I'm wrong, but nuts (technically fruits) etc.. start to change on a cellular level when they start to germinate, their cell walls start to break down releasing sugars and other nice things (energy) for it to grow into a big strong strapping plant / tree / shrub etc.. this is often triggered when they become moist replicating their natural environment of being dropped in the wild, shivering through winter and feeling those so lovely warm drops of rain in the spring time allowing it to shoot and leave. By soaking we start the reaction, and by cooking boiling, we speed up the already started chemical reaction (to a degree) making them nice and soft(ish) (partially digested by enzymes), each (long list of things used as a particle, but we'll call them a nut for now) nut will have changed by the soaking and boiling process, this will vary dependant on their make up and the length of time taken to soak and boil (nearly put cook ). As usual I've waffled again so I'm sorry, although there has been some interesting input from all. Exchange "cooking" for "boiling". Might need to edit a load of this again, we'll see
  7. Feel free to cut and paste into the old thread, and edit as needed
  8. Since the old one was an image, which has fallen foul of the P.B. change in terms and conditions, please find a starter for 10: Soak 24 hours cook 30 - 40 minutes adzuki beans black eyed beans brazils butter beans hemp seed kidney beans maize maple peas peanuts* tiger nuts Soak 18 - 24 hours cook 30 minutes chick peas haricot beans pinto beans soya beans tares Soak 12 hours cook 20 - 30 barley buck wheat wheat *peanuts must be tested for and free from Aflatoxins; do not use cooked peanuts. The above are guidelines only, some will soak and cook quicker and some will require longer, if in doubt leave the finished particles in liquid after you have finished heating them for another 24 hours and you should be fine. Particles can be bagged and frozen once they've cooled down. Make sure you have a container that is large enough and that there is plenty of water on them whilst soaking as they can take up a lot of water and even double in size. When cooking make sure that the cooking vessel is large enough as they can expand whilst cooking.
  9. Soak it for 24 hours, then cook it for 20 - 30 minutes.
  10. Welcome to the forum Tom, glad you posted the pics, I've forgotten what sunshine looks like And what fish look like
  11. The only fish that I see as a nuisance are pike when I'm fishing for roach. Crayfish though (yeah I know they're not fish, but they live in the same water) something to really give you the janx.
  12. Not sure about the chips, but hydrogen sulphide sounds more like it, organic breakdown in water rather than inorganic suppose I should look it up
  13. Bit of a contrast to your last picture of the same location Tn, it's like being in Wales (weather wise.)
  14. If my little chemistry set days are to be remembered (for the right reasons (I was such an angel )), sulphur (with I think hydrogen something else) had something to do with stink bombs (rotton eggs), which is a smell you often get when silt and detritus bubbles. Apart from that, I know nothing, especially when it comes to affects on fish.
  15. I doubt the intention was to turn a quick profit, I suspect whoever bought it didn't have enough money to finish and ended up in debt trying to finish everything they wanted to do; it's a shame, but quite common in business especially where hobbies are involved and anglers are the worse ones going, I'm sure there are plenty of anglers turned boilie makers / tackle shop owners that can attest to that.
  16. I've had success using cloves of garlic in particles (or at least it didn't kill the swim), what I do is break a whole bulb into cloves, then lean on them with my palm to crush them and add them when I've finished boiling the particles so that there is still some heat (leaving skins on, but I do remove as much of the bulb paper as I can be bothered with). I haven't weighed them, but it's a bulb to a bucket (maybe 5Kg) so probably not a lot but the particles do have a slightly different sliminess to them. I've tried powdered garlic in particles, but it didn't seem to have the same effect even though on paper they have more aminos for the same weight, maybe I've been too stingy or maybe the powdered versions from some places contain fillers / carriers?
  17. Unfortunately there are rarely hard and fast rules for additives outside of established [researched] additives, personally I would look to make at least three variations based on an established bait* when looking at something I thought would be an attractor**, as you are using two things it gets a little more complicated: 1 tsp of each 2 tsp of each 3 tsp of each Then maybe 1:2, 2:1 etc.. Having the choice of three baits is easier to deal with on the bank, too many and you will find it difficult to find any difference or chose which one to use. * All that I mean is something that has been used before and caught fish which I am looking to improve / tweak. I hope this makes some sense, but words of wisdom are: don't over complicate your bait and get tied up wondering how much and what to add etc., spend all of your effort into placing the bait in front of fish. A plain, bland bait will catch when fished well - a better bait may catch more but no bait will catch in the kitchen or your head. ** As opposed to something added to benefit the fish, e.g. adding something which contains a good source of vitamins and minerals; this can often be guessed or a straight calculation (depending on how good you are at maths )
  18. I'm jealous, I like to look at photos of snow but don't enjoy it any more, causes chaos; disruption; lunacy and worst of all mindless hours of video footage from people and animals falling over / making fools of themselves or cars crashing - I must be getting old and grumpy
  19. Sounds like a plan, get to scope the lake and keep warm at the same time might even snag a decent stripey.
  20. At least the lake isn't, 3 - 4 months of sunshine and fair weather and you couldn't fish, you finally get out and it snows I do hope you get a few bends in your rods :fingers-crossed: Are those shows at the other end of the lake (maybe middle?), or icebergs?
  21. I don't agree with dropping the lead, I see it as litter in the same way I don't leave Fag ends, bottles and wrappers on the bank when I leave; but I respect others decisions. In my mind though, with a sliding lead clip, the carp cannot use the weight to shake the hook; with a fixed lead clip, the carp can get snagged more easily with or without the lead. If I were to use these types of arguments to carp mats: never needed them in the early days, soft wet grass is good enough, what proof of damage was there before carp mats - what would you all say? (I have a new tin hat so fire away with the "it's not the same at all", I say it is).
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