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  1. I know I'm often slow on the uptake, but surely; if the lead is fixed, the lead clip is fixed, if the lead clip is fixed and the main line breaks, the lead clip is still fixed to the line, which is attached to the fish - wouldn't this create the potential for it [the lead clip] to grab hold of any snag available where as when its not fixed, it can slide off the line.
  2. I've not heard of them before, but with lines you should really have a fiddle with them to see how they knot at the very least; some lines break like cotton with certain knots (and some with any knot) - I'm not saying they would be rubbish but if they were really cheap I would suspect something is wrong (old stock, unable to move stock or just plain cheap because it's rubbish) and if it was a sensible price or expensive, I wouldn't risk buying it blind; I know I'm not giving it any chance. Line diameters and breaking strains can be misleading or massaged or in some cases can be plain wron
  3. ianain


    Gimp is a good photo editor, I've been using it for years; there are lots of videos on youtube to learn how to install and use it, and considering its cost I found it much easier to get on with than photoshop and a few of the other image manipulation software offerings, but that's probably just me. Darktable is a free alternative to lightroom, I've not used it but heard good things about it. Lightroom has always had good reviews, but it costs money as does photoshop.
  4. IMO: I would take out the icing sugar and replace it with shrimp meal or fishmeal. If you have already bought the plum and hemp oil then use them, otherwise don't bother and use another source of oil (rapeseed, vegetable, peanut). The reason I give for removing the above items is that I don't think they add anything to a bait; I accept that others views may differ from mine. If I was to suggest improvements to the bait (attraction wise) I would look to be including the fishmeal at 30%, by reducing the soya and semolina accordingly. If I was to suggest a nutritional improvem
  5. Got to agree with those sentiments Gaz, and it's nice to hear when people get excited over catching a fish smaller than their PB like Greekskii's recent posts and captures.
  6. Is it the suppleness that's better than using a long shank hook?
  7. Nicely done that man, always worth a cheeky punt.
  8. Being the usual pedantic self that I am: to get that accurate, you would need to load it from exactly the same position which would require additional marking equipment to hold the rod and your hands in the same place, then the hook length would need to be exactly the same as it is enclosed inside the spool thingy. I think that by using such a low diameter spool, you are asking for tight spirals. Personally, although the wheel has already been invented, that would be a better design with a circumference of at least 1 meter, it could be supplied in maybe four parts and slotted together on
  9. The problem with traps is that they're likely to catch waterfowl as well, you'd probably find that you would need to finish them off yourself or take them to a vets if they were caught in the traps. If you reported them as a problem, would the estate do anything about it? Rats with sheep about doesn't sound very good, Weils disease?
  10. It's one way of keeping your swim free from unwanted visitors
  11. Do they embellish on what "Instant Action" actually means? It's quite ambiguous; does it mean: that as soon as you see an advertorial, you instantly exchange monies for said items? as soon as you leave the shop, the tellers roll around the floor laughing? as soon as you open the packaging, you can use them as bait and feed? as soon as all the ingredients are in the mixer, the mixer can be started? I guess you get where I am coming from... Having decried said products in such a childish way, I have had one or two carp off of the manufacturers boilies in
  12. It was still cameras he had, and they didn't look as though they had been used.
  13. Don't know, they didn't look like they wanted to talk, so I carried on plodding round. From what I saw, they were at the wrong end, wind over their shoulders (low wind) - as I walked round I could see loads of fish up in the water at the other end where the wind was blowing to. Funnily enough, most of the people I did speak to had caught two [carp]. Language barrier prevented me from convincing a few to move 50 metres from a confined swim to an area where I thought that they could catch well from, suppose I can't blame them, not sure that I would want to listen to me either It w
  14. I went for a walk around a reservoir the other day and there were two chaps fishing, they had more camera equipment than fishing tackle, and I suspect it was worth a few more times the cost to boot.
  15. So his name really is Carp Fishing Hub Sorry, I couldn't resist
  16. Cheers for that Steve, I got 100% I knew you could write a good article
  17. 11/13, got 2 50/50 questions wrong. Good to see the sun shine out from this one, I'm just so glad you can rely on the sun.
  18. I have a biased against click bait, it's sloppy lazy marketing at best - but I'm in danger of sounding like I'm on one again I can't comment on their pods etc. and don't doubt their quality, however, if it had been labelled as a Vulpes fun quiz ... and comparing strains of carp to lumps of metal ??? Sloppy, plain, grasping and unimaginative anagram of carp. Know wunder kidz carnt spel this dayz. Must be on one
  19. Went to see these last night, they're a female tribute act and if you are into that sort of music, they are playing in Sheffield at The Plug tonight (28th Oct 17) and and the O2 Academy Islington Tomorrow (29th Oct 17). Can't recommend them highly enough.
  20. Even the educational fun quiz is a blatant advert. I'm fairly sure that I would get zero unless I did it 5 or 6 times and was given the answers
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