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  1. Situated between Jerusalem and the Dead Sea and is a bogging long way to keep sending samples to be tested.
  2. Look on the bright-side, the circus clowns will be making a b-line for the place, on the down side, the circus clowns will be making a b-line for the place.
  3. You'll get the hang of how to play them away from the trees. Well done; keep the bait going in over winter if you can.
  4. It helps the line to sink by breaking the surface tension. I've got a diffuser bottle with a weak solution to spray on my spools before starting to fish.
  5. Says it all, once the fish are feeding, I don't think it matters what is on the hook.
  6. Welcome to the forum: Most of the items you want have been discussed in other threads on this forum so it's well worth a good search and browse through since there are many opinions and you will get a better balanced answer. Leaders:- Some places ban them, there's no need to use one for the majority of fishing situations. Line:- 10lb to 12lb will probably do you fine for most lakes where there are few or no snags. Things to buy: Carp mat, large landing net and handle Things to buy off ebay: Kitchen sink ... once you've got your reel and line sorted, a couple of hook si
  7. I realise that Jon, hence my phrasing: There's definately some good stuff written by the Guru, but when I read "A lot of studies have also shown", and similar, my "bogus sign" alarm screams out foul. Fine advice, it'll just take a couple of years until I take it onboard
  8. So it's speculation, not something that has been studied; just like many claims made on items of tackle and bait.
  9. Any idea where the details of these studies are? I've never heard of them before and am somewhat cynical to such "study" claims of any sort.
  10. I suppose that makes some sense, ta.
  11. Welcome to the forum Rob, I don't know your area but I'm sure there are lots of places you can wet a line - like you though not so sure you'll find that special unfinished place, but you never know
  12. Care to explain cm , I don't understand the increased chance of foul hooking using barbless or weed.
  13. Nicely done malc, I've heard resting a swim can do it good, but a whole lake - Wow!
  14. ianain

    New Rigs

    I get the feeling, it's only just begun
  15. For me it would depend largely on how many swims there are and how many fish the match - that and how many fish are in there. As it's still relatively warm you might have a good day. I would tend to agree with CM if 90% of the swims were fished though.
  16. Is there any reason for this?
  17. Oh, Paul - what part are you playing in all this? Full disclosure and all that.
  18. They're archive articles Vik, old and new. I haven't read it cover to cover, but do like the format, just glad that I could download it as I couldn't read the online version - advancing years and retarding eyesight have seen to that, there's no way I could read it on my phone.
  19. Where were you to calm things down? Glad to see you're keeping an eye on the place, we do miss your wisdom though Tim
  20. The kiddie forum more likely, they like a good my cakes bigger than yours.
  21. How's the pre-baiting going? Have you managed to spy any activity? How many spots are you baiting up?
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