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  1. Just now, NC Angler said:

    That's interesting you mention fish, liver, squid. Since carp are vegetarians, I'm always surprised to hear anglers using fish or squid based baits and attractants. It would be my assumption that this would attract predator fish, not carp. 

    Carp are most certainly NOT vegetarian!

    They will make the most of the easiest available food source at any point in time.

    I'd suggest if you want to deepen your understanding of bait, do lots of reading about carp and their diet.


  2. 16 hours ago, NC Angler said:

    True. There's one thing about fishing here in the US, there's no shortage of predator fish; sometimes called pan fish...fish that fit in a pan. Bass, crappie, bluegill, etc. I was catfishing and caught a carp; it pulled my rod and reel into the lake. I snagged with another rod, then landed the carp, I was hooked on carp ever since. 

    I bought a 50lb bag of maize. When you say soak it in flavor, I get that, but I'm wondering if that means jello or some kind of extract? What I normally do is, when ready, put the corn in water and mix with strawberry jello. I'd like to boil it in a flavor, I just don't know what flavor product to use. I boiled up a few lbs of corn for a couple of hours, and it was still too tough to put on a hair. I need to be more patient with this process. 

    What I'm seeing now is flavoring glycerin to be used as a goo type attractant. I think the glycerin is PVA friendly.  

    After preparing the maize as people have mentioned, hand pick the best grains, drill them all out and put in a small pot.

    There are endless liquids that you could use to soak the baits in, but to give you a few ideas;

    Soy sauce, Oyster sauce, fish sauce, fish oil, syrup, molasses, Vegemite/Marmite. Try to use "Natural" liquids rather than flavours. Play with combinations until you find one you like.

    Tinned chick peas are also a very good bait if you have those in your supermarkets.


  3. Most UK syndicate lakes have a population of carp that are under pretty intense angling pressure, and this changes their feeding behaviour, so definitely not comparable to the much less fished lakes in the US.

    As for hook baits, get yourself some maize and leave it soaking in a pot in the liquid of your choice,  this is far tougher to put on the hair and then you can feed sweet corn.

    I'd love to come fish in the US, those big, wild lakes are stunning.

    Trouble is I'd probably end up Predator fishing instead...


  4. Yeah, I was nearly getting as far as him... NOT!

    So long as we don't interfere with (Only one bank can be night fished) the syndicate lads wanting to fish Phil, Me or Martyn (Or both of us!) can do a night with you pretty much any time at this time of year while the lake is quieter. Come summer it would be a midweeker only. Feel free to suggest some dates and we'll see what we can do.

    You won't be catching any 40's as you know, but you will struggle to get a better background for a photo of what you do catch! (And you will catch, it's fishing really really well since we got the winter feed program under way) And the real bonus is, we can get an Indian/Chinese/Kebab/Pizza delivered to the lake! :) 


  5. Yeah don't use the forums as much now mate.

    Haha I think Tel must have thought I was a bit nuts, cos I walked all the way back with my mouth open just shaking my head!

    That field is getting on for for 200 yes? And he sailed one over the fence... Madness.

    You really should come and do a guest night mate with one of the lads, no real lumps but a hell of a back drop!

    It's a special place alright!

  6. 250 with Carp gear and an overhead... Haha that's crazy...

    But as Phil can attest, when you've stood next to Tel and seen what he's capable of with a rod, you can sort of understand it, even though its just an obscene distance!

    Yonny that is quite likely double the distance that 90% of carp anglers can ACTUALLY put a lead. (Despite all the rubbish claims bandied around! Lol)


  7. Well, cooking I remember offering, not a problem at all we can whip up a banquet on the bank, but you can make your own pigging Tea, unless you want it stirred with my "Special stirrer" hahahaha!


    Got to be looking at a social for late summer/autumn then lads, get your heads together! I'm out of the picture now every weekend until end of Aug, but after that should be good?

  8. Yes Phil, a much better set of conditions than we had on the day!

    I'd have loved to have got a true distance max without the wind affecting us, that Treb Light of Terry's felt like I could have got a fair bit more out of it with some time and improvement in my timing.


    Great shots too, the second one shows some serious compression of that rod mate, I really wish I had both the gear and the field, to practice more and find out what I'm capable of on the right day.

  9. Yes definitely, throw some dates at us as soon as you have them mate. We're happy to give anywhere a try.

    (Although, if it's a big chuck water I'll have to borrow some gear off you since Terry took the Micky out of my "Individual" rod and reel choices, Lol)


    And you are all very welcome! We like our grub and are always happy to share mate! :wink:

    The provision of the field was very much appreciated and it was nice to meet your lovely little family too.

  10. Well, i can speak for myself and Martin, to say that we had a great day with you lads and with Terry.

    I think we got pretty lucky with the weather actually, and as I said to Nige at one point the cross wind at least represents a real fishing situation even if it was stripping 10/15 yards or more off everyone's casts.


    I personally came away very happy with my technical improvement and the consistent distances even with 3 vastly differing rods proves me that it is now only my own gear limiting my distance.

    Amazing to see what can be achieved with the tools and techniques Terry had! Blimey that guy can chuck, I've never seen someone compress a rod like that and soooooo fast!!!


    Hope you all had as good a day, and I really hope we can get together for a social at some point, that would be great.

    Thanks Phil.

  11. Are you going to boil it now, if you have already boiled it, i would stop the fermentation by reheating to hot not boiling, or it may go too far, if it smells to sour, drain off the liquid to soak your next batch, add some fresh molasess water and salt to this one , its a black art, only time will teach you when its perfect, IMO nine days, i would cut to five, may go sour in the summer, should smell sickly rather than acidic.


    If it helps gents, the "Fermentation" you are talking about is exactly the same as that in beer/bread and so on, where the yeast is eating the sugars, but you are relying on wild yeast to get it going so some of the less desirable yeasts may get involved.

    If you get an acidic/vinegar smell then it has been infected with acetobacter. (Usual culprit is those tiny black fruit flies you might have seen when you bring flowers home for the Mrs...) Not good of you are making cider, but from a Carp's point of view this may not actually be a bad thing I don't know?!

  12. Very interesting thread lads, I'm committing myself to 1 rod at least on Zigs for the whole of this year, and more when appropriate.


    Slight difference, I'm tying bugs of all different shapes, colours and sizes, to see if I can produce some kind of reaction as the lake is clear weedy and fairly low stock with a huge variety of natural food. It's critter city down there!


    For interest, so far in the first 2 night session with the zig rod I've had 2 takes on the bugs, at above middle 3rd, one on a large bold Green one, middle of the day and one on a Day-Glo Yellow about an hour before dark. Bright warm weather, last weekend.

  13. Gents, I hope you don't mind me sticking my nose in, but you have taken out the Fenugreek!?


    I would strongly suggest that it is put back into the bait.

    I was adding this to a yellow birdfood mix in the 90's and my results improved straight away and kept going. I have also used it in Barbel baits and it demonstrably improved the response.


    Ricky your mention of Alfalfa pricked my ears too, I did some bait trials with Kelp/Alfalfa after using it in a muscle building diet, but never really concluded anything. Do you use it?

  14. Make your baits as normal, then leave to air dry for a couple of days or speed it up by putting them in a bucket of pellets and shaking around a few times a day.


    You can take them like this but you'll have to be careful and make sure they air can still get at them.

    Or, once the baits are dried out, put them in a good strong bag, add 2 handfulls of salt and a cup of warm water per kg and rub the gritty salt solution into the baits with your hands. Do this a few times over a couple of hours then put the baits into sealed bags and forget them until you want to fish.

    They won't go off.

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