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  1. I can do about 60yds with a baitcaster filled with 80lb braid, a 6ft 6" jerkbait rod and a 4oz leadhead? Is that any good...?
  2. Just as far down the butt as possible for max leverage, whilst maintaining grip and control I'd say Turnip?
  3. The hand gripping the reel seat needs to remain high above the head and simply acts as a fulcrum point for the blank to rotate through Above is one of the most pertinent points in the thread so far which I don't think has been picked up on, most (Average) carp anglers "Going for the big one" tend to drop this hand and try to "Punch" their arm through the cast to speed the rod up, which basically just shortens the path that the tip goes through, reducing the compression! Nige that's a nicely compressed rod in your pic, fair play you can bend it a bit!
  4. To be fair newmarket, that rig and bait is well away from where the fish actually comes to the lakebed. The water displacement from the tail as the fish moves off doesn't even move the bait so anyone who has watched fish near popups will tell you it must be a good couple of feet away.
  5. Sam, it sounds to me like you are going around in circles here and not really taking much notice of what we are all trying to get across to you. Go buy your couple of kgs of Cell and live on pot noodles for the weekend. Next time one of these type threads appears, I'll abstain!
  6. My suggestion Sam would be the following; 1kg of Live System frozen - £10? 1 bottle of Live System liquid - £5? 1 sack 20kgs of turkey pellets - £7 1 bottle of Hemp/Good oil - £5 This will be more than enough to last you for several weekends fishing and will be very effective. Live System in my opinion is far superior to Cell and works well on that type of water. Add 1kg of the pellets to a large strong plastic bag, pour in 30ml of the oil, 50ml of lake water and 2-5ml of the Live System liquid, blow up the bag, twist the neck and shake until the bag goes clear. Do this in batches on the bank as they will not keep, maybe do a couple of Kgs the night before so you have some ready. Magic, Live System pellets! Apply the pellets as loosefeed, little and often so you build the swim over a weekend, not in one big dump each day, with the odd broken bait mixed in, and perhaps a couple of whole ones, fish a bottom bait over it, with the sides shaved off and something like half a popup of a bit of foam on top so its on the bottom but will shoot up into the carps mouth the same time as the pellets when they come along hoovering. You can confidently put a few kgs a day over a spot as they will be gone by the next morning, just a cloudy soup on the bottom but nothing solid. Unless there are Silvers/Bream/Tench in which case there will be a lovely carp attracting cloud! If you don't catch, it won't be the bait that is at fault.
  7. I fish with Daiwa Interlines regularly, 12 ft two and three quarter test. Took them to France for my last trip actually, where I was fishing at 135yds (Far bank is 155yds measured so walking around to bait up to a 20 yard marker) with 15lb straight through and 3.25 oz leads. The tip speed of these rods has to be experienced to understand. The lack of rings makes the blank recover far better. I also use a 9ft Interline for Piking, sink and draw mainly, it will flick a 4-5oz deadbait 50yds effortlessly with braid. Stoogi is correct otherwise.
  8. That sounds about right mate, the fish in the pic has the look of the very old strains that have been left to their own devices. Beautiful at any size.
  9. Stop it you bloody trouble maker!
  10. Dan I meant to ask earlier, have you ever fly fished? If you have or fancy having a go and have access to fly gear, this is by far the most exciting way to catch carp off the top. No controller required, no hookbait hassles and no bird trouble, just a bag of mixers, a bit of foam on the hook and a sore arm! Nice fish by the way, lovely belly scales like the old strains... Have they been left alone in that lake for a long time?
  11. Post your results anyway mate, will be an interesting read and it's nice to see some inquisitive minds out there who are not just taking the comics word for word. The best way to learn!
  12. A myriad of uses Newmarket, groundbaits/basemixes/stick mixes/dusting wet particle/spod soup/boilie layering you name it...
  13. Ha ha not quite mate, it's frozen baits in 25kgs sacks only, but I do get a discount attractive enough for me to hang up the mixing bowl!
  14. You'll get some differing results doing that experiment for sure Martyn so it's well worth doing for your own benefit, I did the same thing myself as a youngster and my girlfriend at the time thought I was off my head! Haha BUT, you won't get a representative result of what happens underwater, everything behaves completely differently underwater to how it does in air and the effect of water pressure and resistance on a few hundred feet of line along the bottom of a lake would shock you.
  15. No prep needed Newmarket, you just grind the dry particle as they are.
  16. I've got a brand new one of those (Full boxed set with batt/charger/cylinder etc) and I can attest to that as the old one I had got used every time bait was made. The guy I gave it to still uses it as far as I know. Anyway, I bought a second set as a backup and promptly discovered an unknown family tie to someone at the top of the bait industry that means I don't make bait any more...! Anyone interested in the gun feel free to PM.
  17. J92 what you need mate is a brewers grain mill/grinder. Hand powered like an old meat grinder but adjustable so you can have any coarseness you like. Works like a charm!
  18. If you surface fish regularly in varied conditions where different tactics are needed to stay one step ahead, get yourself a second hand bread maker, trust me you will not look back...
  19. Static fishing does have its benefits or plus points or whatever you would call them, but for me this is mostly of benefit to the soul. I'm like many others in that I do all kinds of fishing, so to get a chilled out weekend in the bivvy is a luxury rather than standard. SWMBO ensures that this doesn't happen too often much like Steve I suspect, so my next "Carp session" after packing up the bivvy might be with a fly rod, a net and a mat with a bag of mixers folded in. When I do have a 2 night stay, I make the most of it and get the camera out, enjoy life rolling around me and just absorb. Pictured below is one of the real "Benefits" of fishing static for me, Homemade Blackberry wine...
  20. Most recent thing I've bought is a Nash ball maker. I got the 40mm sized one and this produces very hard, uniform balls of groundbait that go a Loooooong way! Very easy to use and to get used to, and makes dozens of exactly identical balls of bait in minutes once you get the knack. I've found so far that it needs a fairly dry mix, as otherwise any sticky bits will gum up the sides of the tube. You can put quite a lot of pressure on the 2 halves easily so hardly any moisture needed to get a solid ball that will not break up easily in the hand or as it hits the water. Thumbs up from me highly recommended.
  21. Second suggestion is much, much better! Not a fan of lead clips myself. I see them as just another bit of plastic to sell carp anglers, unless they are in the rig for a purpose of course like needing to drop the lead.
  22. You're doing fine with those tactics bud, so don't change too much. You are right to leave the coating on. I'd suggest trying fake red maggots with the worms, so on the hair you have maggot/worm/maggot/worm/maggot this will keep them on much better and will even get you bites if smaller fish have ripped the worms off the hair. Widgets are a good suggestion, as is the good old maggot clip, the Fox ones are better for worm being thicker wire.
  23. Did this on a really deep water with adjustable "zigs" where I just rigged up a few slivers of red foam with worms either side, injected with air. Worked a treat!
  24. This is an issue I have had since the fad for ultra slack lines came in, what if you get a dropback! Ok, if you are fishing a heavy enough, running lead you shouldn't be able to actually get one, basic physics, but what if your not??? I have stood in the swims of the trend followers and asked them to explain to me how their indication setup works with totally slack lines and bolt rigs... To be met with a befuddled, blank face... Am I missing something?
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