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  1. Yeah mate! couple of good lakes around here. My one's would be roughly the same weight I reckon but could be less http://imageshack.us/f/851/77887002.jpg
  2. Thanks Mate, Are you catching good specimens? Maybe someday I will come for a session there .
  3. I love the pics, really makes me want to go carp fishing . Keep them coming mate, Danish
  4. Hi there, Thanks for the info, the lake is pretty big and shallow. Mostly corn is used and worms. I used to catch big ones last year but this year I am struggling to get small ones. I have caught them on a hair rig with a fake sweet corn in the past but that was winter. Anyway I am going there on Monday, lets see what happens Cheers mate D
  5. Hey Guys, I never caught any carp on a boilie and now I am really obsessed with it. I have boilies that were given to me by a very generous forum member Pete, not sure where he is at the moment. So the question is, do I have to prebait pretty hard on the boilies for a carp to recognise it as a food source? Because I do not think anyone would have tried boilies at my local lake. I have hair rigs that I bought from Gardner tackle UK. Any advice would be highly appreciated .
  6. Could I have a piece of this information as well please?
  7. Thanks Guys, I am glad I joined this forum and happy to see so many carp lovers/anglers here in Australia. So anyone here from Melbourne? Cheers D
  8. Hello Everyone!, My name is Danish, this is my first post. I live in Melbourne and I love fishing - especially carp fishing. Would love to go on a carp session with you guys. I am going to Breakwater-Geelong next Monday- will keep you guys updated. Cheers D
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