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  1. I myself am thinking of fishing it, did you get there in the end? any info on bait rigs swims etc would be really appreciated thanks
  2. Hi all, got a trip planned next year and decided to book Etang, any information will be helpful, things like bait, pegs, tactics ect. Anything you can tell me will be appreciated cheers
  3. any tips/ pegs if you've fished here mate? any info appreciated:) thanks
  4. Well debating a trip next year and had a look around but it's all well and good on the websites but need to know what its actually like! doesn't need to be too cheap but things like good facilities and polite owners, not too big of a lake might be abit daunting! as for the carp im not looking for record brakers just the sort of 40-50 mark, also not too far from callais as dont want to drive miles! any idea's mate thanks:) henry
  5. hahah thats exactly what ive been trying to do and nothing so i need a new approach i think thanks
  6. cheers mate you see the thing is though the hooklink will often go down with the lead and get burried though and advice?
  7. I was fishing a water the other week and in parts it is 4ft deep but it has 4 ft of silt so i need a rig which will be able to sit on the silt but i need a heavy lead as it is about 50 yrds out what to do?
  8. HI all going to look into buying a marker and or spod rod, anyone know any good start up Rods dont have to cast miles just be good for the job and not toooo expensive thanks
  9. going to use it for some quick overnighters aswell
  10. I have £150 and want to get a day shelter. Needs to be easy to put up and be able to fit a resbite bed chair in. Any advice will be appreciated thanks
  11. Thanks mate and yeah i did 3 nights on it and prefered it to my bed haha! Its light weight easy to put up and down top class!
  12. I have £120 for a barrow and was wondering if anyone has any advice needs to be compact but sturdy ect. Was debating on the H Gun barrow anyone know anything about this? Thank You
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