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  1. You have to turn up and pay.there are 3 pools up there,if I can rember its £7.50 per rod hope this helps
  2. my mrs loves it and goes whenever I do and on her own when i'm at work.
  3. bazlaa1

    rookery meadow

    fish caught at rookery meadow Evesham
  4. It's a good place to fish it's well looked after now there has been at least 4 twenties out the last couple of weeks too. Most of the fish hold up on the far bank and it's a good chuck if you want to know any more give me a pm ok
  5. I made one from an old gas bottle and boy it kicks out the heat and I second you will need a choke on it or a baffle plate inside It looks the dogs though mate nicely done
  6. I couldn't find anything on it at all cheers
  7. Cheers for that I didn't know it was designed for sea fishing it seems too small but hey who am I to argue thanks for info Cheers baz
  8. Hi I was hoping for any information on the titanos shimano biomaster gt2000 reel. I have the reel in almost perfect condition used once still in the box. looks like its a Japanese one by the box and all the instructions too are Japanese Any info would be great I have looked all over the Internet and found nothing thanks
  9. Have ever tried rookery meadow carp fishery or even Evesham vale as they are run by the same chap now there are some good fish in these pools now they have been sorted
  10. Had a 3 day session on rookery meadow carp fishery and had 2x21lb commons a 20lb mirror a 18lb ghostie altogether 15 fish from low doubles one of the best sessions on there for a long time happy days
  11. I use wychwood gear solace rods very nice for the money and the acs 10 reels which are very good not the dearest tackle around but it does for me
  12. Mine are super and I would never be without them (only bad owners not bad dogs )
  13. I have 2 staffies 2 cats and 8 ferrets so it can be fun in my home
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