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  1. In my books Terry Hearn is the best angler around. I know I know this is probably going to spark a debate. but he's just no nonsense angler. never hear him bang on about the brands. hes all about the fish. great water craft too.
  2. not sure buddy! might know his face. the 2 guys that i know go there often are kieran and john. kieran works in cefn mably.
  3. the forum only works if you are a member bud! it is a very hard lake to fish ive only ever blanked there! ive got a few friends that fish there quite a bit. but apparently cell is the best or white pop ups. dont know how true this is. as i said ive never caught there. another thing is fish about 30 ft out from the swim. just off the middle of the lake.
  4. Hi Guys havent been on here for months now as ive been busy with the new house and work etc. but ive been putting together a charity carp competition. nothing serious a few small prizes and a cash prize, trophy etc. its in south wales but any one is welcome. there are 9 spaces left all the details are on the link below. feel free to have a gander or give me a message. its for marie curie. let me know what you guys think. Cheers Dave http://www.facebook.com/events/167322096725696/
  5. Hi everyone. haven't been on here for a long time. but i need a little bit of advice. i have just purchased 2 delkim standard plus alarms and a attx receiver with dongles however i am getting a little worried as all i can see is people using g that set up with the even plus. can some one tell me if you can use this set up with the standards? also can you use illuminated hangers at the same time?
  6. 10 mile round trip to my chosen venue but i am looking to get on a syndicate this week or next week with a bit of luck and its even closer than that. 3 miles is the closest. but as part of this syndicate i will have a choice of 14 lakes in glamorgan. not bad i think. and its only £74 a year.
  7. I've not floater fished ever. but if you watch the video i posted further up terry uses a 2.5 tc rod. he said its just a light carp rod. But fairbrass uses a 3.1/4 lb tc rod so i suppose its a case of using what youve got. when i go next week im going to use one of my normal rods. as its a 2 rod rule ill put one rod out on boilie and then the other out on the top. (different places)
  8. theres a good video with terry hearn and danny fairbrass about surface fishing. its a thinking tackle video but its just a classic terry hearn no nonsense way of fishing. dont know if it helps. but this is how im going to fish next time i get on the bank http://youtu.be/fsmU33IkbC0 seems to be a real cheap way of fishing.
  9. Some very nice looking fish guys. hopefully catch me some fish just like this this year.
  10. In my opinion canon camera's feel far more substantial in your hands. and if you know how to take a photo they are far better. My girlfriend is a photographer and has used a canon her whole career. she swears by them.
  11. manuel86

    Cracking Day!

    Haha i wish! saying that i am digging a pond this year for my own koi's. but no its a very local lake that i fish. its called dyffryn springs. nice lakes. gonna fish some of the others they have as the weather warms up i think.
  12. manuel86

    Cracking Day!

    Yesterday I had a cracking day with some lovely fish. 12 in total 3 doubles. i fished from around 7 am. just fishing with 14mm tutti fruity boilies nothing else. one or twice I went up to the spot i was fishing and threw in a couple of free ones just to keep them there. I did a bit of filming on there aswell but sadly that led to my battery running low on my camera which meant i couldnt get the last 2 fish in a photo. there was also another fish that just wouldnt let me hold him so no photo there either. 13lbs Mirror 14 1/2lbs common I do have a video of the common aswell which i will upload later maybe? Dave
  13. i had a good day with just pellet and sweet corn with a single grain of corn on the hook. caught 4.
  14. I Have made a load of tandoori boilies and I rolled them in the tandoori powder after i boiled them. at the moment im only putting them in the water as free offerings i havent actually fished with them so i couldnt tell you if they work or not sorry. Dave
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