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  1. I'm sure you can do nights on Drayton.
  2. Benson from bluebell. Awesome common. Or any of the stock from strawberry fields. Stunning fish.
  3. Jesus the way some of you go in about him. He's not a pedo or a rapist. He's a very capable carp angler who's pulled a few strokes and got bad manners. I'm sure most of you are jealous of his success.
  4. No non at all. That's why I lock the knot I place to stop it opening and closing during the fight. If your still worried just add some silicon tubing so it forms a kicker.
  5. 12lb mono hook link is my fall back rig. Fished straight though with double bottom baits. Just whip back up the knotless knot a couple of times to lock it in place.
  6. Wouldn't bother me if it was full of simmos
  7. Any half decent boilie will catch carp. A lake I fish most people use cell or nut mixes. I use club and cream on there and still catch. Most of the time its location not bait.
  8. I just dont get him. Brilliant catcher of carp but socially awkward. Would it hurt him to be nice.
  9. Treble hooks for carp. No wander he catches so my carp. Typical yanks.
  10. He's still on there. Sounds like he blocked you.
  11. Get you self a set of Daiwa gold emblems. Bullet proof reels. Last you a life time. My set are 10 years old and still going strong.
  12. The bait has a proven track record,it doesn't need messing with. Quality over quantity everytime for me. Just buy as much as you can to bring the price down or go halfs with someone. Absolutely fantastic bait. Get on it, you won't be disappointed.
  13. Maybe the centre rod is cast farther out than the others? Ian Or maybe he ran out of line.
  14. No just not a fan of stows dude. I'm not anti korda I like some of there stuff.
  15. They look cheap and tacky. Not for me im afraid.
  16. Need some line on your middle reel. Snag ears look terrible. Stows?? No thank you. The pro-kites ok, Nothing special. I do like the reels and alarms also.
  17. Just never grew up Pete lol. I'll tell you another one. A lad I use to fish with always put a blue tarporline under his bivvy when setting up. One lake we fished together had steep banks to the waters edge but was flat ar the top. This lad use to put his tarporlin all the way down the steep bank about 6 foot from the waters edge. So one night when he was flat out, me and my other mate emptied 2 bottles of washing up liquid all I've the tarporlin and wetted it up a bit.we then go and set his alarm off, he come flying out his bivvy and skids all the way down an his bottom and goes flying into the water about 8ft out into 7ft of water lol. He got out and called us all the names under the sun got all his gear together and went home lol. We didn't hear off him for a mounth. to this day he still doesn't find it funny and no longer fishes. Lol Ps he took up golf because its less messy lol.
  18. Food under the ground sheets a good one. Or turn the bivvy around and set the alarm off lol. Shrink wrap your mates bivvy and sound his alarm off lol that was my favourite
  19. I went fishing Friday, I was using 20mm boilies as freebies and fishing 12mm pop Ups on stiff hinged rigs. I had 6 fish. All on different coloured pop Ups. Work that one out lol. I also had 2 on zigs using brown foam.
  20. Can't wait to try their fat balls and rabbit feed lmfao.
  21. Told you so, told you so told you so lol. They must of ran out of breadcrumbs lmao. If its not rolled direct dont use it simples. Rogue traders.
  22. Do a bit of digging on the internet bud. Nige is spot on by the way.
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