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  1. nevs82

    Marker/spod same rod

    other then one less rod to cart about i dont see the benefit of using one rod for both
  2. nevs82

    Cracking Day!

    good angling,atleast it wasnt muddy
  3. nevs82

    What do you like to use in PVA????

    chopped boilies,crushed hemp,crushed pellet and rock salt
  4. nevs82

    Delkim and bobbins

    i saw some black bobbings the other day,quite liked them. do you guys that mix the colour of your bobbings/hangers mix the colours of your isotopes?
  5. hi al welcome to the forum,have you tried ebay
  6. yea ive been on a lake the last few years that had a lot of bream in,the best way to avoid them was not to spod or use pellet,just stuck to a boilie only approach still had a few though
  7. tigers are a great bait but the bream will stick pick em up
  8. nevs82

    Great result! (youtube blog added)

    nice one long old carp
  9. nevs82

    something fishy...

    lovely shots
  10. nevs82

    New PB!

    well done mate the big 20 next then
  11. nevs82

    Henlow Bridge fisheries

    no worries whats the stock of the big lake,
  12. nevs82

    leighton Buzzard AC - Rackley Hills

    there is a locked gate to get down the left hand side which has been cut off a few times so they can break in to the builders merchants behind,but i havent been down there for over a year so they may have added some more security to combat this,there is also a field gate about 4ft high which is locked on the side you can drive in,i havent fished tiddenfoot but know plenty that have theres some nice fish to be had but as its open to the public you do get your usual herberts down there and plenty off dog mess. im a member of dunstable ac,they have a nice lake on houghton road carp to 30lb cats to just over 40lb and most species,great bunch down there and fairly cheap membership but there may be a waiting list,or you have jones pit (cemex) or vauxhalls woburn,not fished any of mk's waters but have heard of alot of tackle thefts in the area
  13. nevs82

    leighton Buzzard AC - Rackley Hills

    hi mate it gets very clicky in the warmer months with the catfish anglers,and its near impossible to get on the night syndicate,i think the fish go to upper 20's,theres alot of travellers in the area but dont know if they get down there
  14. nevs82

    How to make a line clip

    i snapped the clip off my spod reel after forgetting it was clipped up from the session before all i do now is make a loop in the line near the spool,twist it then put it back over the spool does the job fine
  15. nevs82

    Henlow Bridge fisheries

    not fished it personally mate but my old man has and said he couldnt believe how small the carp were,i think they were coming out on corn