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  1. My fishing is generally limited to overnighters, and there are a few swims on my lake I know really well so I generally pick one of those depending on conditions etc. Distances to spots are marked in my phone, so I can be fully set up and fishing in around 30mins. I use a brolly which is up or down in less than 5 mins, take minimal gear (one rucksack), bed chair, and some bait. Cradle and sling stay in the car unless I catch something! (its drive to the peg)
  2. if fishing in weed, not only does it help keep the line up off the weed, but if fished with a tight clutch it will also help bring the fish to the surface when hooked, especially if the lead is set up to drop off (as it should be if weed fishing) The angle of the rod means it is effectively playing the fish for you until you get to the rod.
  3. if the bobbin returns to its original position it was almost definitely a liner. it basically indicates that the lead hasn't moved, therefore the movement on the bobbin was most likely caused by something this side of the lead.
  4. Hi, The ESP ones grip really tight and are available in a couple of sizes, depending on your handle construction. Phil
  5. buy them all in 10ft and you can cut them down. That way you will never run out of a certain size.
  6. is it not more likely that a fish would move at a perpendicilar or diagonal angle to the line? Its not likely to move perfectly in the direction of the leader?
  7. why is the bloke holding the fish a different bloke to the one on your thumbnail?
  8. I've just bought a 1960's carp rod. Hand built, glass fibre made by Keith Stamford of Sheffield. Can't wait to give it a try stalking next summer. Looking for a nice mitchell 300 to pair with it!
  9. Hi All, I'm planning to go fishing with a colleague but he lives in Suffolk and I'm in Northants so we're planning to meet midway (Cambridge/Huntingdon way) Does anyone know anywhere in this area that's on a day ticked and holds tench and carp, and is good for a bend in the rod? (He's a tencher!!!) Thanks! Phil
  10. Hi All, I'm heading off to France for the first time in September, and was hoping to save some money by taking my own prepared particles. I'm hoping to take 2 20L buckets, one filled with Hemp, and the other particles (pigeon conditioner). I've heard that adding salt to the prepared particles will preserve them - does anyone know if this works (for a week?), and how much I need to add? Thanks Phil
  11. thanks chaps - seems a mono leader is the way to go....
  12. HI All, Does anyone have any tips/techniques for stopping the marker float/lead/boom twisting so the float won't pop up? I seem to twist on at least 50% of my casts!! Thanks Phil
  13. when using either inline or pendant style in solid bag I would recommend using a ring swivel instead of a standard swivel. That way no matter how the lead is sitting after the bag has broken down, the flexibility means that your hookling (must be supple) is lying well.
  14. has anyone read the interview with him in this months ACF? It appears like he's trying to clear his name a bit, and answer some of his critics, however all it seems to do is confirm many of the rumours about him. I'm all for giving everyone a fair chance, but in JS's case I'm sad to say I think he's nothing more than a bully. In fact it makes me ashamed to be associated with with the same sport. What I don't understand is why ACF keep publishing articles about him. There's plenty of other anglers who's knowledge I'd far rather read.
  15. Hi All, Hopefully not a stupid question..... What is the benefit of using the line clip on the rod above the reel? I've never used them, and just wondered who does and what the reasons are Phil
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