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  1. If you get a 12v charger you can plug this straight into your 12 v socket on your power pack & turn the power pack on, it will then be charging, What I would probably do is make the sonar panel easy to disconnect & disconnect before hand . I take it there lead acid batteries?
  2. Can't keep a good man down 😎.... off your baited area em ?
  3. Someone, just could of got it all wrong on the cast Nick ? Was this a c.com social by any chance 😂
  4. Reminds me of an incident many years ago mate . I was fishing a local pit had the place to my self most of the day, but three blokes turned up to fish the afternoon into evening. They were floater fishing & when the ducks & Coots started showing interest in there offerings, decided between them that the best course of action would be to start hurling bolders at them from the track . Couldn't believe what I was seeing, they then followed them down the bank while still throwing rocks etc right through my margin spot ! then went backup to there corner & carried on fishing. I sat under the brolly & tried to let it go & rise above it , but me being me I couldn't & marched over there told them what I thought of them for throwing rocks at wildlife & told them to do one lol
  5. 3 nights would be better mate I reckon , what do other people think ? Give us chance to socialise & still time to get ya rods out .You can Loose a day walking around the lake 😁 🍻
  6. A mate would of called first to let you know the fish are on your bait , it then would of been your call to make , but as you were obviously heading up there. You would of told him to find his own fish lol ! Prebaiting is always a difficult one , we've all fished someone else's prebaited spots without knowing that's for sure , probably accounts for more red letter days than we would like to admit 😜
  7. I think your right guys .... I was a syndi member the last time so obviously didn't have to pay . The Big one I arranged on there years ago we booked winter bay so it was all included in the price , which I paid upfront. The last time we did one there we decided it would be better not to book pegs so we could move about & choose where you wanted to fish. With only limited numbers I should think we will need a permit before we can fish . Bare in mind only David & I caught last time both after moving !
  8. My mates Staff years ago swallowed a rig . 400 £ op to get it out . The vet did say that if it's made it to the stomach without getting caught up, the hook would be dissolved quite quickly. But Bill didn't want to take the chance & after xrays decided to pay for the op .
  9. That would be the good thing about Horseshoe .... no need to book , just all get a carp society membership which I think is around 25 £ then just pay to fish . Who ever turns up turns up . Then maybe like smufter said get something booked for next year .
  10. Very nice mate..... congrats 😎
  11. With everything going on with the house leading up to my French trip last week , it was all left rather last minute on a lot of things . And a quick dash to my mates tackle shop was all I managed. Needed some size 2's & all he had in stock were the ridgemonkey selection! They know what I'm like when it comes to tackle especially hooks , but after pooley assured me that these were the Ace hooks just rebranded & he uses them him self I went for them . Well safe to say I was well impressed with them , the one hook did me the 50 lber 45 / 46 & it still was good to go , fishing locked up & giving it stick in the lillies so gave them a proper test , banging hook holds, didn't blunt on the lillie stems couldn't find fault with them tbh . Had a battle with a cat which will always test your end tackle too . I used the straight point pattern & would happily recommend them
  12. Yes mate I know a lot of the guys at Horseshoe.... Andy one of the mods on here is now a bailif up there too these days .
  13. I reckon he would Stevo , similar to why he wanted to fish Horseshoe 😉 If not you could drive to mine chuck ya stuff in my van & I'll do half the journey for you . No problem.
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