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  1. Smufter ( Rob)

    Sorry to here about your lake fella & hope all is not lost for you & your members . Was actually on the phone to the bookies trying to get odds on how long until the reap what you sow comments appeared ..... was odds on so didn't bother ! I know the answer to this question ... but how many of you think that you can have a DO crash in a lake where no fish are present? Anyway smuft a real shame for you as you had put the hard work in & was looking like getting your rewards this season but with a fair wind hopefully all is not lost & the remaining stock pick up quickly for you all .
  2. April catch reports.............

    Mate ... over the years I've been on here you certainly have the knack for the bigguns. Big congrats
  3. Lb line to use.

    100 % mate you need to know the water . I was doing it on a lake where you were fishing over the back of a big weed bed , pointless pulling them straight into the weed , if they were already heading away from it . So would just wait a little while before lifting into it .
  4. Lb line to use.

    I remember pointing out to a member on here , who couldn't see any reason for ever letting a fish run before lifting into it. This was my exact point mate . Unlucky kev ... I just did a two night blank on the syndi , my only excitement were a few line bites from spawning pike
  5. Lb line to use.

    Me too mate ... just goes to show under certain conditions it's still not enough. Tubing can really help too , I've had deep cuts into tubing before would of been a cutt off for sure without it.
  6. Lb line to use.

    Even fine grit / sand & gravel in the weed can be more than enough to cause cut offs & water snails . Must admit to being more than happy with the line yonny put me on to , it coped with those two unexpected catfish charging through lillie beds & that was a proper test for it . I always take two lines with me fishing... a casting line & a snag line , as you never know where you might find the fish .
  7. March catch reports.......................

    Absolute belter Nige And one I hope graces my net one day
  8. March catch reports.......................

    He knows his stuff mate.... which is why I was happy to give you his number , if your club keeps on implementing his advice the lakes will go from strength to strength, with less fish hopefully the oxygen crashes won't be so harsh on the stock . A good few bails of barley straw can help with algue blooms on a lake that size , could be worth a mention . Fish definitely look better though mate that's for sure
  9. Sunsets

    Sunrise & sunset on the same lake different times of year
  10. March catch reports.......................

    Muft, I almost said the other day when you had that cracker how they looked in better condition , that's down to you more than anyone mate pushing your club to get some advice . Cracking common
  11. Thought for the day.

    Interesting as always mate , wasn't aware it was one you couldn't get shot of . So are things like blood test treated differently bit like hepatitis ?
  12. Thought for the day.

    Your not wrong Ian .... think it took over two years for him to feel fully recovered from it
  13. March catch reports.......................

    Nothing close enough now mate ... it will mean a drive so may as well head up country to the syndi .
  14. Thought for the day.

    A guy I used to bump into on the Severn & always stopped for a chinwag with told me of a mate of his who nearly died after coming in contact with leptospira bacteria on the banks of the severn . Surprising we don't here of more cases like this .
  15. March catch reports.......................

    Spot on mate.... certainly going to help + keep a little bit of bait going in . In a bit of a quandary myself now with my local coming to an end because of otters & my syndi being 2 - 3 hours away . Going to have to fish nige's spots