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  1. chillfactor

    Kamakura hooks

    No mate , 12 ft zig in 18ft of water. Just using my eyes, watching the swallows hitting a hatch & getting the zigs out amougst it .
  2. chillfactor

    Kamakura hooks

    Various avid zig lights cut up , black & white has to be my favourite, although I was playing about that day trying to work out what was going to get a take & that little slice of orange did the trick .
  3. chillfactor

    Kamakura hooks

    Same, absolutely banging hook holds & no need for any terminal extras that are on offer .
  4. chillfactor

    Beginning of a decline do you think?

    No doubt there won't be 1 single reason Gaz , safety on the banks like you mention is probably adding to it . Maybe just like I have found the last year & more " finding the time " , then add in all the different factors mentioned on this thread & you can easily see big fluctuations year to year. But like mentioned it's been in decline since we were kids .
  5. chillfactor

    Beginning of a decline do you think?

    Otters, could well be a reason for a drop in sales . When we have discussed the subject on here quite a few of you could see a future with far less anglers on the banks due to the impact there having.
  6. chillfactor

    spomb question

    I got one of the fox jobbies when they were released to see what the fuss was about , best use I found for it was filling up my large spomb 😄
  7. chillfactor

    Thought of the Day pt.2

    Absolutely knackered been pulling weed out of a lake all day . Can barely grip the phone lol. Amazing how quick the fish were moving in behind me picking off the naturals. Certainly food for thought. Do we give to much credence to spooking fish ? Get wading & kicking up the bottom & dragging weed about & your see what I mean . Dinner 🔔
  8. chillfactor

    Record broke...... again

    Didn't, the powers that be impliment some criteria for future record claims after all the big rig back lash? Not saying this isn't a legit claim mind .
  9. chillfactor

    Thought of the Day pt.2

    Trying to mate but customers don't seem to be getting the message lol . over 20 years on the trowel working by myself has started to take it's toll so it was time for a change . Had this summer away from the trowel working with a mate . Did do a job at the back end of August that was already booked in , but I've been turning work away all year now ..... very alien feeling as you can imagine!!! But really enjoying the change & using plant ,still self employed so nothing has really changed just bringing in the money with a different set of tools .
  10. chillfactor

    September catch results..........................

    Seconded 😎
  11. chillfactor

    Thought of the Day pt.2

    Hello mate .... last night tonight, jobs done just got to load all the plant on the loader tomorrow, then it's head home . Certainly shifted plenty of stinky black silt , was a bit of a drive through the estate to where we had to dump it .
  12. chillfactor

    Giving it a bash

    Cracking fish guys .... bet they fight well good long fit looking fish them . You had any out then Buzz ?
  13. chillfactor

    Thought of the Day pt.2

    Yes mate.... think i might of even passed your work & fishing area . We headed up to Warrington to eat at a place called the "partridge " hotel & restaurant, very nice too I might add . I passed an area just as you described to me at the socials on the left hand side heading towards Warrington ?
  14. Hi mate.... I really only ever use a large spomb with it & it loads the rod spot on . It's a pretty beefy rod tbh. My old spod rod was a fox 5.5 lb rod & I can cast loads further & with less effort with the spomb rod . Your be able to put a large spomb 120 + .
  15. chillfactor

    Thought of the Day pt.2

    As we are on a tv theme.... You could star in " all creatures great & small " spr 🐄