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  1. Morning after a big storm
  2. It definitely varies fish to fish / shoal to shoal/ lake to lake. But 9 times out of ten it's the ones you really want that spook
  3. Those two last fish I managed to sneak out ..... weedy'st part of my swim I could find 😉 Definitely with you on A & B
  4. Bird life normally dictates which size I use .... found that fish used to diving birds etc spook a lot less so the large ones out . Bait application & fish movement
  5. This backs up what I'm thinking mate . It's working out these little puzzles on your waters than can make the difference. Ever tried switching your line of attack on the same patch of bait mid session?
  6. Working out where the fish want to be when it's busy has to be a huge edge Vic . When 7 of us went to Nige's syndi for a 5 day session earlier in the year , not even Nige knew how the fish would respond to a massive increase in angling pressure as they just never see it that busy ...I had been bending his ear enough running up to it lol . Myself & Androoo were the last out the draw ..... the two pegs that were left to pick from ended up being where the fish wanted to be off the back of. A few fish were picked up early from where they were showing before the draw but once everyone had settled in they made there mind up where they wanted to be . Like I said when you fish a lot of socials you really start to see the impact other anglers can have on your chances & makes peg choice after the draw crucial.
  7. There's a margin spot up my lake you can fish it from the left or right .... but if you want to catch from it you have to have the lines approaching from the left , it can make the difference of a blank or not . How many blanks are down to line placement & nothing else ?
  8. Similar on churn Nick , we know where the fish will get caught from once everyone is set up , so if the draw is unkind you know your really going to have to work for a bite . I said to the lads early on where I thought I might just sneak a take & so it proved to be , not a spot anyone had had fish off before , but a quiet margin spot away from my other lines & Nige's.
  9. It's more about everyone's lines , I'm always first to one of our social venues ( because I'm just down the road compared to everyone else ) doing a few laps of the lake normally before anyone else turns up & I feel I could pick a few up pretty quickly sometimes. It just stands out as soon as someone gets sorted & lines go out it will change the fish pretty quickly & each angler will have a different effect. The same happens in reverse if people bring there lines in or pop down the shop or leave etc . When your first there & normally last to leave you really see the impact of anglers lines ,obviously more on smaller venues . I think we could all have more fish from that particular venue if where we set up was given more thought.
  10. With my long sessions mostly being socials of some sort or another for the past few years . Really been noticing the impact your line & others have of fish movement throughout the session. Yonny mentioned the other day about not fishing the peg where the fish were showing & heading to where he hoped they were feeding. Placement of lines could come under a similar bracket, if you found them no point fishing where your lines will alter there behaviour finding the right angle of attack is crucial and is easily over looked & something I will be giving a lot more thought in future . Got me thinking about back leading again & is does the drop in indication out way the fish moving more naturally.
  11. Bound to be undercut cm & tree's are the worst culprit for bank erosion over time , coupled with the lack of rain this year . I have an endless job on my river sorting out bankside trees .
  12. Sounds like a crane for a day , to lift both out is the only option chaps & some tree surgeon's to sort out the lumber . Certainly looking at a good few grand minimum. Sounds like you need to be looking at any other trees & get them pollarded asap too .
  13. Some people can apparently talk to the dead Ian .... but I'm with you could prove difficult.
  14. Don't listen to a word of it yonny blanks his arrrrse off most of the time
  15. Still not sure what to believe when it comes down to oils mate . A guy I know absolutely swears by corn oil , drowns his boilies & particle in it . This is after test done in his big koi pond where the fish would take the corn oil soaked boilie before non soaked . He also has rather good catch rates