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  1. chillfactor

    August catch reports.....

    Epic read as usual mate ... Big congrats 🤘
  2. chillfactor

    August catch reports.....

    Congrats on the pb fella 😎
  3. chillfactor

    Popping my French cherry

    We all are stevo 😎 .... he was still blanking on Wednesday evening, I had an ealier walk for dinner on the Wednesday & stopped off in his swim for a chat . One of the best things about socials is bouncing ideas off each other, he applied what we spoke about that evening & had a 30 + & a 47 lb er a few hours later . Then followed it up with the biggest fish of the trip with that 53 lber. Awesome stuff mate 😎
  4. chillfactor

    Can I ask a favour?

    Something you definitely know about mate 😄 Different fish Gaz .... Congrats on the capture .
  5. chillfactor

    Popping my French cherry

    Already booked back on in March mate 🎣 , the lake is pre Napoleon & you can feel the History in the air amazing place to wet a line 😎
  6. chillfactor

    Popping my French cherry

    Fantastic week away guys 😎 ... with great friends. Lake was absolutely stunning as was the surrounding country side . Epic 20 hr drive on the way there in 40 degrees heat , we were in convoy & the lead car decided on a site seeing trip around Paris at rush hour 😂 . Was 8th out the draw so peg choice was limited for me , but opted for the far end of the lake where the river came in. first half of the week was tough going with temps not dropping below 38 . Didn't manage anything of any reel size lost four bigguns in the lillies. Landed a good number of 20lb + fish with this common bring my best catch of the week .
  7. Lads apologies for such a late response. Been working all hours trying to get jobs done before the French social . I will put something together at some point but please carry on the thread . Really good read 😎
  8. Just out of interest post a list of capture dates & I will go through the charts . Even dating back previous years would be cool .
  9. On the moon charts this week its getting better by the day building towards the full moon towards the end of the week. Each day will have it's peaks which relate directly to the moon rise / zenith & set .
  10. You keep a note of your bite times so it wouldn't be hard to cross reference them with the moon at that time . You never know it might shed some light on the matter for you & account for some of the bite times more so the out of sync ones .
  11. Some good reading gents 😎 But not one of you has mentioned the moon....... 🎣🌚 This could well account for bite times changing ??? I'm still studying the effects of the moon , it's a shame I haven't been able to fish much the last year or so, as I probably would of had some info / findings on the whole moon debate by now .
  12. chillfactor

    Do I go on Tuesday or not????

    Touch of deja vous here Rob 😉 .... took a couple of us to convince you to go the last time you didn't fancy the weather & you caught your first fish from the lake . Absolute peach of a fish . Cracker off the top this time 😂 🎣
  13. chillfactor

    Do I go on Tuesday or not????

    If I thought there would be a chance of seeing what specimen fish might still be in the lake, after the problems your lake had this year then I would definitely still head down there mate . Take the kit & weigh up the options.
  14. chillfactor

    How often do you switch baits?

    Exactly my thoughts.... time for a switch in tactics or a move .
  15. chillfactor


    Long time no speak mate .... hope your keeping well. Like you say very sad state of affairs. I suppose there is a possibility that it was a ligit move & all signed off . And a chance that the fish taken as a sample weren't infected . If this proves to be the case having fish from anywhere but a fish farm checks or not could be a game of Russian roulette . Seeing ozzy in a couple of weeks as he's on the French trip, he had been fishing there until that stocking you mention . Real shame proper water meldled with !