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  1. All done & ready for France now .... needed a fresh layer of fibreglass & repaint . Having a boat this trip will make a big difference.
  2. Change of plan for the October trip mate & will save a dead arm lol 😁
  3. 50k of gold & 50k of the squid & octopus mate .
  4. Fairplay to Retro Baits... did the 4.50 k price , also going to open up especially for me as that's a pick up price only . So going to pick 20 k up on the way to fish with the boys, then 80 k up on the way home for France. Both times opening up for me out of hours . Can't ask for better service than that, so hat's off to them . 😎
  5. Agreed defo no need for long shanks .
  6. Love a snowman ... caught plenty of fish on them & what I use on the deck .
  7. With that sort of kicker a straight hook would be better I reckon mate.
  8. I've done away with any kickers over the last couple of years for bottom baits . If you look at your first rig Elmo imo you've clossed the gape of the hook a lot , if you draw a straight line from your kicker to hook point your see what I mean . I personally think to big a kicker will mean more fish getting away with it ? .
  9. Can't believe the owners happy about it mate , unless he's thinking of trying to promote the otters . Obviously doesn't care much for the fishery! I've ended up just fishing in France it seems , after the otters have cleaned out all my local waters haven't fished at all in England. Although I am taking my boy & nephew week after next up to blakemere in Shropshire for a couple of nights , we are up that way on holiday so promised them some fishing . Gutted for you mate
  10. Yes though it was Dave ... good to hear stevo I'll get an order in next week as I need bait for the boys trip to blakemere too , if they match micks price I'll probably order 50k of each.
  11. Could do mate ... the fashion victims could get away with using one of the stock ponds 😁
  12. Thinking of using Gold for my French trip early October stevo . Mick got it down to 4.50 k on 100k order . Going to phone them & see what they can do looking at the squid & octopus as a bit of a mixture too as it seems to have ingredients I have full confidence in .
  13. what ever rod your casting with , your be aiming to land the lead in the same place... most people aim to cast at around 45° having a shorter rod will not make that cast easier because of a lower lead arc . So if you clip your shorter rod up at 60 yards do you expect it to drop short compared to a longer rod clipped up at 60 yards?
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