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  1. Thanks mate .... hope all is well your end 😎
  2. 😁 Just meant the offer to help lol .
  3. Great goal muft the build up & the finish .... had a brilliant view of the goal as most of the action was down our wing in the first half. Was the best game I've ever seen live mate that's for sure . Agree mate .... was a special trip . First time we've all been abroad together as a family too .
  4. Hope you get something sorted Elmo ... very kind offer from yonny defo take him up on it 😎👍
  5. Just back from 4 Days out in Barcelona, with the family celebrating my 40 th . Had a great time took in a lot of the sights. But most importantly went to the game Saturday. Eddie was blown away as was myself & Kate at the stadium. Messi hat trick & a great game ending 5-2 just topped it off . Defo can recommend it to anyone who likes there footy 😎
  6. Nicely done muft 😎 Big commons love a tiger nut 😁 Elmo stick at it fella .... look forward to you posting about your pb 🎣😎
  7. Never felt the urge to give one a kiss myself either 😘🙈
  8. Looking back I reckon my best results came from baiting a matching pellet to my boilie. Was using baitworks at the time & they do a pellet from the same mix. Was mixing a few chops of boilie in with the pellet. The pellet would break down even in the coldest of water leaving lots of food signals but not to much to actually get there fill . On the day it was a judgment to bait straight away or not depending on activity. Not a fan of baiting over there heads in winter , as they might spook for the day . I had 3 spots baited one for each rod , & offering slightly different options ie depth / Sun/ shelter etc .
  9. Great advice by all & not much to add tbh . If you can bait a little a day or two before fishing... don't get carried away just enough to let them know there's a little fresh food on offer . Then on arrival just bait a little again before getting the rods out . Once you find bite time on your lake in winter you only really need to go a couple of hours either side of that window , as above either side on lunch time.
  10. Always surprises me how quick tigers dry back out too & dehydrate , back to an unprepared state .
  11. May as well stevo .... Mick had some of his best fishing , while off for the same reason . There's no substitute for time on the bank & no better way to recover.
  12. Fair play stevo certainly getting in amougst the toothy critters 🎣
  13. Result mate.... great read too 😎
  14. Been a good read this . Reminds me of a funny story from a c.com social years ago . A fair bit of drink was involved , which ended up with Lewis forgetting to put his leads on when he cast out for the night ..... needless to say he wasn't on his spots when he reeled in late morning 😅
  15. Spot on ..... I've had nothing but poo going on since coming back from France, hence not posting much . Thoughts & respect to all you guys . Keep on keeping on .
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