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  1. chillfactor

    June Catches

    All part of the mystery mate .... couldn't of asked for a better fish to get off the mark with ....quality fish & if that's the stamp of fish in there !!! What a find for you , well pleased for you , deserved too mate & what you've wanted in your fishing for years 😎
  2. Never bothered with them tbh .... & I catch my fair share when I do eventually get out.
  3. chillfactor

    June Catches

    Cracking fish .... well pleased for you mate , looks like you've stumbled on something special there bud 😎
  4. The water park is getting nailed too , it's become a real issue the last 5 years or so . My waters were private you won't know them as there not fisheries so to speak. Local to me though ,absolutely nothing left mate , we drained one of the lakes down , the few that were left had half a tail or other damage . When you find a home make sure it's otter fenced mate , an absolute must in our area now .
  5. Grew up in Cheltenham... live out between Winchcombe & Broadway so still in the area . I'm not fishing anywhere at the moment , all my local waters have been ottererd the last few years . Currently trying to find somewhere to call home tbh , not fished in England for over a year & a half now What lakes you fishing on the water park ?
  6. A wise old fishermen once told me something , after chatting with him on the bank of a weedy big pit I was struggling on a bit . We got chatting about trying to find spots . He stopped me in my tracks " there are no spots only fish "
  7. Welcome to the forum Dale ... where you based? I'm also in the Cotswolds 😎
  8. Dito.... just booked another lake for early October. Happy days 😎
  9. Reading through the comments about the deeper pro . Not personally something I would buy , But I have fished with mates who use them & they show up fish & the depth there at very well from what I've seen & the mapping function is of the quality you would normally have to get a team in to carry out for you . No doubt a fantastic bit of kit .... But you have to make that choice if it's something you want in your fishing. I agree with Yonny on this one 🎣
  10. I've certainly lost the urge , mainly due to otters eating all the local fish ! Just sounds like you need a change mate . I was a river man & didn't fish lakes for over a decade , but eventually I needed a change & had a urge to get back on to some lake fishing , which I've been doing since 2012 , fishing needs to be challenging, like greeskii said once you start going through the motions it's time to move on .
  11. Well done smuft 😎 & all the others out catching 😎
  12. Any Dyneema braid is prone to it .... whiplash is Dyneema , great for casting but can be a pain !
  13. Berkley Whiplash is the brand of braid .... always had trouble with it !
  14. Nothing more frustrating..... whiplash by any chance?
  15. I'll just get my binoculars out chap 😂
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