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  1. Your not wrong.... let's hope a few of us can get to meet up this year. I'll have a chat with Mick when I see him next .
  2. I'll get the sticks out if there's anything really interesting... or leave a marker out before we fill it up . Will be pretty uniformed tbh though. Makes netting a lot easier in the future.
  3. Will be a pretty uniformed bottom, But There will be the odd thing to to take note of I'm sure , 😉 the spot within the spot 😁 Cheers guys .... started clearing the ground the last couple of days .
  4. Hopefully start a project with a mate that will see fishing local to me again , after everything local to me was wiped out by otters . Probably end up as a little syndi. Got to be dug first though! Good luck all for the season ahead & look forward to seeing the catches start rolling in 😎
  5. Nick, put some photos up years back of a pile of pellet that was dumped in the margin . Killed the lake bed as it rotted down , left in bare . Point being lots of items lobbed in lakes in high quantities have the ability to cause the effects you mention , if they weren't eaten or disturbed . Not a salt user myself so not trying to defend anything. Really good read so far 😎
  6. I was always of the thinking if you are to use salt then early spring is the time ?, as Yonny mentions they seem to need it after losing condition a bit through winter . Was chatting to someone years ago who watched carp dig out a huge hole after he primed it a few time with sticks of rock salt . So they defiantly search it out if on offer at the right time of year .
  7. Quality mate 😎🎣
  8. Happy New year all 🍻
  9. Great result to end the year with mate 😎
  10. Seasons greetings .... hope you all have a good one 😎
  11. I use 4 mags & for me defiantly the best choice of wheel for these alarms.
  12. Thanks mate .... hope all is well your end 😎
  13. 😁 Just meant the offer to help lol .
  14. Great goal muft the build up & the finish .... had a brilliant view of the goal as most of the action was down our wing in the first half. Was the best game I've ever seen live mate that's for sure . Agree mate .... was a special trip . First time we've all been abroad together as a family too .
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