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  1. January catch reports

    The only fishing I've done in over 6 month's mate.... loved it Best of luck .... take a shovel
  2. Wronguns

    It's due to the fact that the mirror gene has been watered down & with the original strong mirror gene gone, it hasn't taken that long for all young fish to be commons . This is only a study of a small farm pond with its own parameters from the start , like I said the time scale will change massively water to water . In theory ,say you were starting a new lake (blank canvas) .... you would want to introduce a few different carp from the start , so the gene pool is bigger from the off , ie not just one supply of stock fish .
  3. Wronguns

    Exactly !
  4. Wronguns

    Can you point out where anyone has said all the mirrors are dead ? Frank said the original mirrors . There are still the odd mirror in there read my original post " no young mirrors "
  5. Wronguns

    Not at all cm ...not relevant to my little lake / pond as it was not only mirrors to start with .
  6. Wronguns

    Thank you Frank backs up my findings ... not assumptions! We did lose a good few fish in the cold winter of 2009 & 10 , low water level coupled with a very frozen lake .
  7. Wronguns

    Frank will back me up .... if you leave a lake with its original stock mirrors & commons . Eventually you will be left with just commons . The time span has many variables so will vary massively no doubt.
  8. Wronguns

    Your the one making assumptions not me .... Like you say you have no idea . Pretty simple really the more mirrors you start with the longer there will be mirror off spring & the longer it will take for the offspring to become only common carp . Like I said taken 20 years or so in my little lake . No assumptions there .
  9. Wronguns

    Got nothing to do with keeping an open mind or life span of the fish . Much more to do with how many mirrors were in there originally & in my case not many so it hasn't taken long for the mirror gene to fade out . " you must have fast evolving fish with very short life spans ." wrong on both counts
  10. Wronguns

    Taken around 20 years in our little lake .
  11. Wronguns

    Eventually nature will return them back to common carp , the mirror carp will resort back to there common routes . It's happend in my farm pond all fish of a certain age are commons no young mirrors at all . So none of the fish BC posted above would actually exist left to nature .
  12. Wronguns

    What you have to remember... the looks of the fish can have more to do with where they live rather than the strain .
  13. Dropping leads and it's impacts

    Well going to give them a trial .... no reason not to use them for short to midrange . Will report back with an honest assessment of there long range capabilities.
  14. Pike fishing

    Been in Norfolk all week Nick , little break with the family saying in Salthouse on the coast.
  15. Dropping leads and it's impacts

    That's using a leader & 10lb line though Nick we are talking level line casting , make a a massive difference.