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  1. Well didn't manage to catch .... but it wasn't for the want of trying. Absolutely loved getting out again. Was trying to tempt some big fish from a snag , one was defo a 40 + mirror, finally managed to get two takes on the 3rd morning only to drop them both to hook pulls . Hopefully getting out again in September 😎
  2. Cheers mate 👍 I'll definitely enjoy it ...a fish or 2 will be the icing on the cake mate .But not a given at this venue . Got a few days to try & winkle one out.
  3. My thought of the day is ..... Vans packed ready for the morning. First time out in 4 years in this country!!! Like a kid at Xmas 😁 Rods probably won't be in till the afternoon got the draw to do etc , not somewhere I've fished before either so nothing to go on . Anyway happy days 😎
  4. Pretty much what I heard mate .... Ali wanted to be made a director & when it was not forth coming decided to leave. Like you say though making Tom one after , must be a kick in the teeth.
  5. Couldn't agree more 😎
  6. Sorting through my kit ready for next week .... was surprised how tidy I packed it away tbh😲 Really looking forward to getting out & being a social even better 👍
  7. I just know I'm going to have complete mind blanks , on things that were second nature & didn't need to think about 😆. Not fished in England getting on 4 years now !
  8. 3 rod licence ... as I've actually got some fishing booked early next month 😎. Need to sort my kit out , not looked at it since a French trip 2 years ago! . Might have something to talk about again soon 👍
  9. I think some areas will be mate .... well pebbles anyway , came across what was probably an old river bed . Good 1- 2 ft thick , I don't reckon it will take carp long to seek that out once the lake bed softens 😉
  10. Nearly there now guys 👍
  11. No definitely needs an operator 😄
  12. Still hard at it on this lake job .... the main contractor hired me in a 50 tonne machine to speed things up a bit . I'm loading 30 tonnes in 4 Buckets now.. right beast !
  13. Great stuff guys 😎
  14. Foams good for taking on additives.... give it a squeeze with forceps while submerged. Awesome for zigs .
  15. If the owner gets his part right... really could be a good venue this . Potential for a social I reckon in the future.
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