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  1. Anyone else noticed that any ornamentals or ghosties tend to be leaders of a decent size shoal? Where they go others follow .
  2. All this info your gathering will all fall into place over time , just make mental notes on what's going on . Personally I would of moved as you could of always moved back. Over the years I reckon the moves that of paid of the most are the worst weather conditions to do so 😅 & we all sit there thinking do I really want to up sticks in this 😁
  3. Lovely fish all 😎... did manage a couple of twenties on the last night so ended up a great session in the end & another great French trip landing 3 40 + fish . Back late last night & up early for work so feeling it now a bit lol . Already planning my next trip . Thanks for all the comments 😎
  4. Thanks Highy ...And me Mate.Worked hard for these captures . Last night tonight mate . Although the owner said we could stop another week free of charge lol . But got to get back to reality at some point tomorrow. Thanks for all the comments & encouragement lads over the week much appreciated 😎👍😎
  5. Just landed another big common looks over 40lb again 😎 finally coming good for me that spot 😁 Kate's amazing mate ... she knows I haven't been able to fish much the last couple of years been working to hard & nursing her through cancer , so a couple extra days while I'm all the way out near Germany was cool with her . It's paid off too now big time 😎
  6. 41lb .... same spot & tactic. Bait had been out there for 30+ hours & eventually ripped off . 😁
  7. Thanks mate .... smiles crossed with a bit of shock I reckon . I managed to find the deepest part of the lake , was very silty but thought it has to have visits from the residents at some point & so it proved to be. Was using a little stick with a couple of pva nuggets inside to stop the lead plugging & hold my hook bait in the upper layers. Worked a treat .
  8. Just had another common but only a baby ...mid teens I should think . Was supposed to be on our way today but going to stay another day or so ... it was a brave phone call to the misses 😂
  9. Yeah Been feeding retro baits ... but double tiger nut was on the hair.
  10. 46 1/2 lb absolutely mint common what a fish 😁
  11. Upper 40 common in the sling looks over 45 ..... pb common . Absolutely buzzing what a scrap ! 😁 Will get it weighed in a bit 😎
  12. Well today it became apparent why we've struggled all week , biggest hatch of damsel fly's I've seen . So should think the carp have been pre occupied with the emerging/ changing nymphs. Just bad timing ... been scratching my head all week & I think I found the answer today.
  13. Cheers guys .... some units crashing out tonight so fingers crossed for another chance .
  14. 33lb Moved back on to my original bait & spots from Saturday as they were showing early this morning .
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