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  1. No definitely needs an operator 😄
  2. Still hard at it on this lake job .... the main contractor hired me in a 50 tonne machine to speed things up a bit . I'm loading 30 tonnes in 4 Buckets now.. right beast !
  3. Great stuff guys 😎
  4. Foams good for taking on additives.... give it a squeeze with forceps while submerged. Awesome for zigs .
  5. If the owner gets his part right... really could be a good venue this . Potential for a social I reckon in the future.
  6. Hard at it in the 360 today 👍
  7. Keeping well thanks Ian ... Trust you & family are too . Near Alvechurch mate 👍
  8. Hope your all keeping well .... I still haven't been fishing!!! Started another lake project this week ... could be of interest to anyone in and around Birmingham in the future 😉
  9. I've used ridgemonky hooks & they didn't let me down .
  10. Get well soon Buzz .... sounds like a very bad injury mate . All the best & hoping recovery goes well .
  11. Get on them mate 👊🎣 Zigs?
  12. Enjoyed reading through this... so much of it rings true .
  13. Cracking catch ...especially this time of year 👏
  14. Just been chatting to someone in the industry about taking bait abroad. As long as your bait supplier has all the correct paperwork in place & you do on the day you can take bait across. If you don't your bait is confiscated & a fine of 500£ . So its just a question of picking the right company it would seem 👍
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