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  1. Ramps coming on now lads .... thank God I been keeping left over timber off jobs for years . Using all sorts now lol
  2. I'll have you dropping in Yonny .... Tony hawk still does it in his 40's 😂
  3. Your have to bring him down Mate... I'm dreading the first drop in for 20 odd years 😂 I did most my ramp skating in Australia.... amazing parks out there . Although there does seem to be some decent places over hear these days . But always rammed & scooters every where . The only way to really learn is plenty of uninterrupted time in the pipe.
  4. Been working into dark after work ... starting with the 3ft section , this will raise up to 4ft to the left as you look at the pic . Just hope I've got enough stud work tbh .
  5. I've decided to make a massive half pipe for my boy... cleared one of the bays in my barn & started getting it ready to start building . 16ft x 30 ft but will hopefully end up 20ft X 30ft ( timber dependent) lol . Did manage to get all the ply I needed Monday before the merchants shut there doors so that was lucky.
  6. Certainly mad times guys ... hope your all ok & managing the stress levels ! Still waiting for a package for the self employed from Boris until then still need to earn! Keeping well away from people & my commute is short with no interaction .
  7. chillfactor

    March catches

    Great catches all 😎
  8. Disgusting mate .... you see cases like this all to often . Guarantee if anyone dished out some local justice they would have been locked up for it !
  9. Working in the hills over looking the race coarse .... fair bit of rain in the night so the ground will be on the soft side . Not a betting man myself but good luck 😉
  10. Another thing to remember is a lot of these otters are micro chipped.... I'm sure someone was done a few years back after dealing with an otter . Put it in the boot of his car to deal with the next day , but was caught after the otter was clocked doing 60mph down an A road , & then parked up for the night 😂
  11. I feel for your women gents ..... learn the art of control 😁 trust me far more important than any rig 😂
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