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  1. New moon

    Many a word said in jest smuft .... what is the stock thought to be ?
  2. New moon

    Best of luck yonny .... wish I could of been out mate , still looking good for you for tonight. Either side of a new moon is still a good time in my book
  3. New moon

    Anyone out hauling then ?
  4. September Catch Reports

    Itching to get back mate ... cracking fish
  5. Leadcore short lengths

    Hi Richard.... the setup your describing is geared around speed , so lends itself to the match side of carp fishing . If speed isn't an important factor just go for inline & short rig straight through . Also I personally think loop to loop for any leader will definitely be the weakest point & 99 times out 100 the loop on the mono will give. Leaders when used especially longer lengths should be joined with the appropriate knot . Your always get different views on leaders so don't let that bother you ,but unless you really need one then it's safer not to use one . Big fan of tubing personally.
  6. This could explain a lot of your blanks mate.... for me the the bigger the gale the better the fishing . When the waves start rolling in on a big water my confidence goes up massively.
  7. Thought for the day.

    Unlucky mate... Probably would have had a chance without the weather coming in . Had a couple off that area now haven't you? Since first feeding it when I was on .
  8. Thought for the day.

    Definitely worth a go then.... coloured water will always get the big barbel on a heavy feed . Don't be shy on bait size with meat , you won't believe the size I used in the past to tempt the specimens
  9. Thought for the day.

    I had a stretch on the Wye that I didn't see many if any other anglers on & the ones I did I knew. Probably over a decade fishing there like that . My spot one the Wye champs one year & it changed over night . Still great fishing apparently as I have put a few onto the stretch since . But it's just not the same for me now so stay away .
  10. Thought for the day.

    Morning fella .... if there's specimen fish present step the gear up a bit, big lump of meat & try your luck in the margin if the waters up .
  11. Thought for the day.

    Much showing mate ?
  12. Thought for the day.

    Yeah noticed you were struggling for motivation on your week off . Perhaps it's something to do with your venue not being as quiet as it was .
  13. Thought for the day.

  14. Autumn come early?