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  1. chillfactor

    December catch reports.

    Fair play .... right result big congrats 😎
  2. chillfactor

    Thought of the Day pt.2

    Can't remember what the temps went down to tbh mate , but I have definitely fished in colder . Funny it's exactly a year ago today that session .
  3. chillfactor

    Thought of the Day pt.2

    Had a shout for a snow carp last year . Apart from the fact I didn't get a touch lol
  4. chillfactor

    Rod Shots

    Wish I could get out mate .... but works mental !!! Looks nice 😎
  5. chillfactor

    December catch reports.

    Well done mate... finishing off what's been a good angling year for you 😎
  6. chillfactor

    Thought of the Day pt.2

    Lots of waters with nothing left mate real sorry state of affairs eh , laws need to change before it's to late .
  7. chillfactor

    Thought of the Day pt.2

    Not far from where i live , not a fishery but a private lake already lost a lot of good fish the past few years . Otter fencing is the only way to be as sure as you can of keeping them out & protecting your fish. But not all lakes can do this. We are going to put an electric fence up thus week which might save the odd kill but it's not fool proof , I've got enough spare from my sheep to set one up , proper otter fencing with an over hang is what you need but we can't do it there due to not owning it outright , just the fish !!!
  8. chillfactor

    Thought of the Day pt.2

    Our first visit this winter .... well the first one we know about !!! , keeps your eyes peeled it's that time of year !
  9. chillfactor

    Carping without coarse fishing...?

    Do you think the rolls have reversed these days ? Should carp fishing be seen as the pinnacle . If we all stop thinking carp fishing is the pinnacle , you won't see the same issues with people starting out carping over other species. Has the pinnacle for carp become more about certain fish from certain waters ? Over just managing to land one of those elusive carp . You really have to look at it as a complete beginner to fishing in this day & age of course your your going to end up carpin it's what's readily available. when I was young it was the rivers & the odd visit to a park lake .
  10. chillfactor

    Venue for next year

    No probs 😎
  11. chillfactor

    Venue for next year

    That's right mate , I'm heading back up there early spring if you fancy it .
  12. chillfactor

    Ring swivels for hooks

    Your not trying to pass it over the eye of the hook are you ? Most micro ring swivels will pass over a micro barb .
  13. chillfactor

    Venue for next year

    As your finding mostly match lakes around in the vale . Have you fished Horseshoe ? 70 acres so plenty to get your teeth stuck into & stunning fish , probably just shy of an hours drive for you .
  14. chillfactor

    Carping without coarse fishing...?

    It's got to help fishing from a young age, but saying that I know enough carpers that haven't & good ones at that & you also see old boys who have fished all there lives with shocking fish care & zero watercraft so it's more down to individual habbits & what lessons you've learnt be it over 5 years or 50 years . I remember my uncle taking me fishing as a kid & tieing hooks on with granny knots, he was still doing it some 10 years later until as as a teenager I showed him a few different knots. Think watercraft maybe the only thing that's hard to catch up on , as you spend so much time as a kid fishing that's got to be hard to replace , but even that over time comes .
  15. chillfactor

    Otter in the fishpond! (Vancouver, BC)

    Links not working Buzz