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  1. You picked up on the too mate
  2. I think only an angler who's hasn't witnessed carp feeding on boilie would have such a sweeping view of them . More than happy with all my bait choices including boilie. As I'm sure are most members on here.
  3. Who has ever said that boilies are the be all & end all cm . It's just about getting it right while your on the session.... be it /boilie / corn / nuts / bottom baits /pop ups/ Zigs / floaters/ meat / prawns/ etc etc . I did well on the Zigs because that's where the fish were & the peg I ended up with after the draw just screamed Zigs. If i would of drawn the right hand side of the lake I would of been on a baiting approach for sure & as Lewis proved with the biggest fish of the trip it would of worked .... it's simply adapting to what you have in front of you .
  4. Know the stretch well lads .... good to see its being patrolled .
  5. Was Ian boilie fishing cm ?
  6. Welcome to the forum.... only you can answer this question really , keep fishing & making notes if anything stands out . Sounds like the corn is doing the business for you though, Might be worth playing with size of baits too if your trying to pick out the bigger fish .
  7. Well done all Working in Cheltenham & it's roasting Anyone on the floaters ?
  8. Shocking events !!! I tend to agree with you blue . It does seem that as soon as these attacks happen the perpetrators are known to the police . It's been the same with the other attacks around Europe. Surely picking these guys up even if you have to release them could change the outcome .... who knows! Are we in a vicious circle with no end in site & will retaliation just make things worse . Bush & blair Stirred up a right hornets nest didn't they ?
  9. Lol ....not going to get many extra yards with a mm difference
  10. Nick , there's no difference between 6 & 10000 spools , the external diameters are the same . I can mix & match my spools on the different bodies . If your going to step up then it would have to be big pits .
  11. Result mate .... lovely fish The effort of the work overnighters paid off big time
  12. I didn't realise the Nene Valley social had already started Have a good one lads
  13. Rather than right a long winded post describing what I do ; this link pretty much covers how I've done it when needed .
  14. What type of worms are you buying?
  15. What a load of rubbish.... there seems to be a lot of talk of sheep on here copying the crowd, the same can apply to people listening to utter nonsense & not talking from there own experience. I have rods ranging from 1.75 to 3.5 none of them cause mouth damage. I also go sea fishing with ( sea rods ) oh guess what no mouth damage! Don't blame the kit blame the angler .