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  1. I wouldn't be at all surprised if it was the same pike mate . I've seen big female pike return to the exact same spot after being caught . You might find you have stumbled on where it likes to hunker down & silt up for a week or two .
  2. You only really stretch mono on the initial loading of the rod in the cast if you feather you cast down nicely , a few turns of braid deals with that when it comes to spodding . If you hit the clip to hard it will stretch, your know if you have because it springs back towards you to release the energy created. Personally I use braid straight through for spod work .
  3. It's interesting that low pressure systems have the ability to suck dissolved oxygen out of a body of water . & yet we all know how good it can fish , so are they hitting the feed hard before any change in DO levels caused by the low pressure .... basically filling there boots while they can before any drop in DO .
  4. Flood plain ... & you can't be seen to raise a flood plain .
  5. Not about distance on the cast... but a true running rig you need the lead not to move on the pick up so 3 - 4 ounce lead is what you need .
  6. I used to fish running leads a fair bit ... personally I wouldn't use a lead smaller than 3 ounce , as you want it to stay put , also the least friction as possible so ditch the tubing no need for it mate .
  7. No mate had to put the lake on the back burner, once they said all spoil had to leave site . The cost implications made it unviable. I'm sure there try & stop this Glamping idea too . But there get two fingers at them this time & told to go fourth & multiply.
  8. Any of you work in this sector? Could do with picking your brain. Drove over to Spalding yesterday to look at an old railway carriage, going to dip our toes in this clamping craze that's very popular . Going to be off grid so thinking solar would be the way to go . Any info would be great on the subject. Thanks in advance
  9. One of my trips to France... the one spot I was fishing was a pig to hit . 120 + yards two 20 millers on the hair & a length of tubing ( compulsory) & having to place it right on the edge of lillie beds that hadn't broke the surface yet . It would take a good few tries every time to get it spot on .... the " it will do attitude " wouldn't get you a take . Some lakes, there or there abouts is fine , others you have to be bang on or the blanks start adding up .
  10. Never used one tbf .... I back wind when playing fish & don't use the drag so miss out on all that twist you get . Mates say they work though.
  11. No need to bed it in then mate 😉
  12. Is it behaving on the spool as it sits ?
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