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  1. chillfactor

    So what's changed then since I've been gone ?

    Where I live fella & from personal experience of draining a lake down just a month of so back , If you have otters in your area then your fishing will be tough going unless it's fenced . Even the few fish we had left were damaged , absolutely no big fish left . Have a look at the recent thread "favourite captures" .... as we get side tracked on there on the subject.
  2. chillfactor

    Northern Angling Show

    Two chances of that .... I've had nothing out of him He's that good a sales man he'll have highy paying more for things 😂
  3. chillfactor

    Unfenced lakes

    I see Baden hall fishery has been getting hit by otters , there kidding them selves at the numbers of reported lost fish . They would have lost a lot of the big fish no doubt. Apparently they've been hiding the fact until an angler went public with a video, still taking anglers money who were fishing for ghosts. Like I've been saying if it ain't fenced you need to think seriously about whether it's worth your time & hard earned .
  4. chillfactor

    Thought of the Day pt.2

    Probably would of been better for me tbh as they just bounce off .... wing mirrors they tend to take with them at that speed not the first time I've lost one off a vehicle due to pheasants . 😝
  5. chillfactor

    Thought of the Day pt.2

    Not been out since August last year when we had a week in France... didn't think for one minute the next time I fish will be back there end of March. Can't wait 🎣 if you can get out then make the most of it, you never know when life throws those hurdles in the way or work goes mad & fishing is put on the back burner .
  6. chillfactor

    Thought of the Day pt.2

    Wasn't enough left of it mate at 70 mph
  7. chillfactor

    Thought of the Day pt.2

    Don't feel sad for me commonly the pheasant came off worse
  8. chillfactor

    Thought of the Day pt.2

    Blooming pheasant had my wing mirror off on the way home , that's a couple hunderd I could of done without spending. Definitely been one of those days 🙈
  9. chillfactor

    February catch (baby) report

    Congratulations to the family mate 😎
  10. Mb stands for metal block ... the original was moulded plastic which also helped shed the weight.
  11. The original composite Bivvy a few years back was designed for lightness & quickness ,they achieved this by ditching the aquatex for a lighter matetial. I brought one myself & it's been ok but you definitely need a wrap for the colder months, as you can't compare it to my aquatex Armo . It's basically a tempest design pole setup with a built in front , no vents , & a cheaper lighter material . I've noticed they have upgraded the matetial now which definitely needed doing . I got mine for lightness & quickness & small footprint which you can't fault it for. Would I buy another ? Probably not . But they have sorted some of the issues with the newer version it would appear.
  12. chillfactor

    Thought of the Day pt.2

    It's geared around sealing & protecting natural products , while keeping that natural look, so even though I have never used it on a rod it will be perfect for the job . I have used it on cork though & It looked spot on just brought out the natural colour. Also won't tarnish your hands with any unwanted varnish smells which could end up on your bait .
  13. chillfactor

    Thought of the Day pt.2

    I personally like my cork handled rods to take on a natural patina , they darken over time which I like. If you are looking to seal & protect them though, have a look at clear osmo oil. Not the cheapest of products mind but very good & will keep a natural look for the cork .
  14. chillfactor

    Moving back to carping...!

    Welcome to the forum 😎
  15. chillfactor

    Specialized hookbaits

    Just seen this ...Really quite mad these stats mate . And there's me thinking your a good angler On a serious note though , that percentage of captures falling to the same hook baits certainly makes you think !