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  1. Great stuff lads 😎 Yonny... You know when its a cat eh 💪😁
  2. I'm amazed... there off the shelf mate , he normally has input in the rods at a development stage. To make sure they won't explode on him ! . But I'll take you on your word mate . How's the little one doing ?
  3. I should think these shimano rods that Terry is using , Have been designed for Terry . If they were going into a deal with him , they would of had to design a rod he wouldn't explode on the cast . You need to ask yourself if you are going to compress these rods like Terry can ? Not many people will be able to , so will be pointless for most . Chuck in the price tag & I should think the butt section is very stiff .
  4. Wouldn't know mate..... would have to look on the net for the spec ..... there's not a big difference in price though, so is one 12ft & one 13ft ?
  5. Terry's switched to shimmy these days so is bound to push their rods ..... was all about Trebuchet Lights when we met with him lol 😆 They must be strong rods though , as Terry would destroy them otherwise first cast. Man's a beast .!
  6. Evening all 😎 I've ,organised a couple of meetings with Terry over the years normally 6 in a group. While I no doubt improved on the day as did everyone . It still took a fair bit of practice after to really dial it in & put into practice what he teaches you on the day . The penny only really dropped when I filmed my casting In slow motion & watching it back frame by frame . You can see when you get it right & wrong . Trust me ...what you think your doing through the cast is completely different when you watch it back in slow mo . So I would definitely recommend watchin
  7. Its a nightmare fishing in amongst nasty snags .... inevitably you end up leaving stronger & stronger tackle behind , which in turns causes other issues! .You not found anywhere better to concentrate your feed a bit less hazardous? Gutting about the loss mate nothing worse .
  8. I was fishing a really silty lake last in France. Had to make a few changes before I started getting takes. This seemed to do the trick though , just a couple of pva nuggets in a stick , rigs were around 12 inches long .
  9. fair play.... there's certain things set in stone , The sun rising & setting, the moon rise & set & Highy buying tackle 😁
  10. They were always margin captures in amongst the reeds & pads on the river , But we would regularly catch at night.... but only females.
  11. don't be sad Highy caught some decent fish on those trips 😁 my time will come again mate . Just got to much on at the moment.
  12. popped up dead bait for me .... running lead & around a 2ft tail . Just make sure you tighten down to the lead & don't go to light , 2/34 oz minimum. Also deadly for zander 😉
  13. My, best river pike have always been night captures Nick . Interesting you say not many come out & night . Jack's in the day .... big females at night for me .
  14. I feel your pain mate.... but I've been twice in two years Lol !!!!
  15. Fair play gents awesome captures... to many to list 😎. Still not been out 🙄
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