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  1. Always , this time of year they start concentrating more on still waters . Sorry to hear you have them about . I know all to well the damage they do . This winter could see all the decent fish gone depending on numbers & lake size . Not good mate !!!
  2. chillfactor

    Dogs and fishing

    So sorry to hear this mate.... horrible thing to have to do , like I said, there was no holding back the tears . As a family we took on a rescue dog while jess was still about. They got on really well the time they had together & its definitely helped still having a dog about the place . Your right though heartbreaking.
  3. Agree with that.... definitely depends on the certain pattern. If you look at the quoted picture top of this thread. The hook point & eye are in a straight line to each other.... if you stick a line aligner on that it sets the point back to far for the rig mechanics to work effectively.
  4. Had the very same conversations on here in the past blue , I'm of the same thinking. & wouldn't use a line aligner on curve shank hooks . A good chance of missing out on the better fish as a result imo .
  5. Great rods mate .... John at bankside is a good mate of mine & I purchased the same rods off him when I wanted something softer than the 220's . They really are an all rounders very nice playing action & can still put a lead a very long way 👍
  6. chillfactor

    Dogs and fishing

    Thanks mate.... such a horrible thing to have to do eh ! I'm not one to show emotions..... but there was no way of holding back the tears this time .
  7. Awesome catches gents 😎
  8. chillfactor

    Dogs and fishing

    Absolutely gutted , to have had to put my old girl to sleep recently , 14 years by my side really miss having her about . Such a cracking dog .
  9. I used to just use storm poles did for years ... but when I first changed from walking out to wraps , like BB said what a difference.
  10. Evening mate ..... your actually better off having less wraps on your spod... depth of water will dictate how many wraps short your need to be . The lead / rig will swing back towards you on a tight line as you feel it down. The deeper the water the further it will swing back towards you . 1ft back in every 3ft of water won't see you far away 😉
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