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  1. Fish are good at two things ... eating & breeding . If they've stopped eating including the silver's there will be a reason for it. I wasn't suggesting a (Do) crash is definitely on the cards , But low levels certainly will stop them feeding . Can't hurt to get it checked that's for sure & avoid fish deaths as you say mate .
  2. My money's on him setting up in your peg once you had left !
  3. The carp won't be " full up " as they don't have a stomach to fill . If there's lots of uneaten bait it could point to other problems not just anglers piling in to much bait . Personally I would be checking the lakes ( DO ) levels this has the biggest effect on all the fish in the lake & there ability to feed . Also predation is something to keep an eye on ( what's left in the lake ) .
  4. Best of luck mate .... why you so far from the rods? Shelter?
  5. I've actually got some fishing booked😊 still not been since France last October! A mate of mine has booked 4 nights in October, we've got the bigger of the two lakes . Hadn't even heard of the venue tbf .... anyone fished it on here ?
  6. From my experience the more snags present in a lake has a big impact on fish routes & routines . As they move from one cover to the next & so on . I've sat and watched fish go from snag to snag , normally moving on when another group of fish move in to the snag .... it was almost like watching a conveyor belt . I think some fish have a day to day routine which doesn't really change much at all .... repeat captures years apart has proven that to me . really interesting subject & if you crack it on a lake .... fill your boots time .😁
  7. Something special waking up by a big water , love fishing big sheets very jealous mate . 😎 Get all three on zigs mate different depths 😉
  8. Best of luck mate .... tight lines & all that 😁
  9. Nice smuft ... great session mate 😎 Well done all cracking fish 😎
  10. I'm surprised that this would come from you Elmo. As you seem to of benefited a fair bit with members being open with there knowledge on here , since you joined . There's always been more watching than posting even back when the forum was far busier & there always will be mate . Agree though it would be great to get a % of them joining in .
  11. Definitely a brown trout ... used to enjoy catching them from our little river . Until the predation has seen them off .!
  12. Quite a few of my mates use these vans & most are happy with them . The only thing I would say is that the clutch is normally in need of renewal around this sort of mileage, so something to ask if it's been done or not .
  13. Sounds spot on mate .... going out in a boat is a real eye opener, sounds like you might need a long prodding stick though 😁 I take it water clarity is good though ?
  14. Why the weight limit? Anglers must get moved by the undertow on a regular basis, right when it's best conditions! Long zigs sound ideal too . (Get some 13ft rods) 😁
  15. Yes mate been finished a while now . Just need to get some Yorkshire boarding for the Barn.
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