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  1. Just looking forward to fishing a bit more again Tim .... been working flat out the last 5 years which hasn't meant much fishing time . Just been the odd booked lake with mates . Still busy for the next few months, but next year when hopefully all the hard work starts to pay off .... should see me scaling back my work load & working a lot less . There's specimen fish of all species where I'm thinking of mooring it , with only a couple of locks to negotiate . Really looking forward to it mate 👍 Its only a little 14ft boat paid 500 £ for it ... but I'll turn it into a floating bivvy basically, tucked into some trees waiting for a rod to rip off 🎣
  2. I took retro baits last time I went to France... was the best deal for 100k I could find at the time . Have a great trip mate 👍
  3. Grew up boating & sailing on the rivers , so looking forward to going back to it .
  4. Well, after a fair bit of wondering where I want to fish & try & find a place to call home again after all my waters being ottered.... And basically drawing a blank with waiting list & far to busy waters anyway for my liking tbh. I've decided to buy a boat to access the rivers on my doorstep & see what specimens i can tempt ...pick it up in the week . 👍 I reckon by the time I've paid the licence/ boat checks & insurance it will work out similar to a syndicates i was looking at .
  5. I've not had that trouble mate , the ones I use are hard enough to get on , they never move . But if they've solved a problem for you then its all good . 👍
  6. I did chuckle at the release of the " one more cast " long distance hook beads 🙈😂
  7. Did a little write up on the previous page mate 👍
  8. Didn't notice any reflection at night mate .
  9. Yes Tim .... used it last week at the woolpack social. First impressions are good, certainly a bigger footprint than my old armo 2man , which could be a problem if swims a tight . Had thunder storms / hail & coped fine . Its a different set up to my old armo in regards to pole layout, the porch on the new Hq is part of the pram hood, where as the armo you had to insert the poles for the porch . My only worry with this is in strong winds , I had to take the porch off the armo a few times in the big gails to stop it trying to take off , this won't be an option with the HQ . Overall I like it good material etc will just have to see when it comes to the really carpy weather & the big winds.
  10. Been a few times & always Enjoyed it .
  11. Busy stockie slaying.... think they've had ten carp between them , all recent stockies & few tench . We knew where some better fish were but couldn't get on them.
  12. Well, back home now from the woolpack. mates and doing another night , but I had to get home ... off to Scotland on a family holiday in the morning. Ended up with 9 takes & 8 tench 🙈 biggest was probably 8lb ish . But a blank on the carp front !
  13. That's what we thought mate when the offer was made . Managed 3 bites so far , 1 lost & 2 Tench . Leaning towards the lost fish being a Tench too . All 3 very similar bites"drop backs" Nige has had 2 stockies & mick 1 stockie all low doubles. Think we've had 7 bites between us . Just need what's on the end to change 🤞
  14. Well the exclusive lake we had booked at woolpack ,has started spawning 🙈. As we were here, we ended up on one of the syndicate lakes instead of a refund, so only just got the rods out & sorted. 🤞
  15. Thanks mate .... certainly some proper old fish to try & trip up. 😎🤞
  16. Sounds like a good social Kev .... & plenty of fish banked, quality too 😎 My social is still on for next week at the woolpack, just hoping it doesn't get cut short with spawning, first trip since late summer last year .🤞
  17. Paid £440 for the HQ 2man which was a good price I thought. Not even looked at it yet tbh been to busy ! Still in the box 🙈 , probably turn up to the lake still in the box 🙈😁
  18. Hi mate .... I purchased the avid HQ , thanks for the input though 👍
  19. As of today they haven't spawned on the exclusive lake... but from what your saying it doesn't sound good .
  20. Hello fella .... looking for a bit of local info . What the situation with spawning in your area? , got a horrible feeling this trip might get knocked on the head or cut short .
  21. Took my boy to a crazy mountain bike down hill park yesterday called wind Hill .... of course me being me gets far to carried away & can't resist going mack10 down these tracks, it was always going to end in a big crash 🙈 Bruised & cut , stitches to my face & currently in bed feeling my age 😆 good crack though .👍 Think I'll stick to fishing 😂
  22. Thanks mate ..... got one on order 👍
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