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  1. chillfactor

    Dogs and fishing

    Thanks mate.... such a horrible thing to have to do eh ! I'm not one to show emotions..... but there was no way of holding back the tears this time .
  2. Awesome catches gents 😎
  3. chillfactor

    Dogs and fishing

    Absolutely gutted , to have had to put my old girl to sleep recently , 14 years by my side really miss having her about . Such a cracking dog .
  4. I used to just use storm poles did for years ... but when I first changed from walking out to wraps , like BB said what a difference.
  5. You still walk your lines out don't you Nick ?
  6. Evening mate ..... your actually better off having less wraps on your spod... depth of water will dictate how many wraps short your need to be . The lead / rig will swing back towards you on a tight line as you feel it down. The deeper the water the further it will swing back towards you . 1ft back in every 3ft of water won't see you far away πŸ˜‰
  7. That new line thin line wouldn't of helped with the cut offs mate... bit of abrasion under pressure & ping . Used similar lines for casting long & like I said before it cost me fish for sure . Something to think about maybe ?
  8. Cheers lads 😎 Great stuff gents .... been a good start to September πŸ€˜πŸ‘Š
  9. Great to be back out fishing again😁 . Certainly a challenging session but I stuck at it & managed to bank a few in the end & always a great social too . lost a few fish but with the weed & the crays messing with my rigs constantly, think that was inevitable. The first 3 days had all the fish stacking up at the other end of the lake , with my mates picking up fish on the zigs , but dropping a high % of the takes in the weed ! . Last night the hot weather broke & with that my chance of a bite or two increased, just felt for sure that it would see a few fish venture my way. Just needed to be able to sneak a bite or two & finish the session off with a fish , so I upped my baiting dramatically thinking there going to get the heads down , was happy with all my spots , so was just the baiting approach I changed . First bite came at 11ish last night which I dropped in the weed !! had fun a games getting the rig back out .... having not fished for ages my casting was a little off πŸ™„ πŸ˜…clipped up & sent it into the darkness ( no moon ) listened for the splash but heard a thud !! πŸ™ˆ as it turned out it had landed in the perfect spot to spoon out ....couldn't of planned it better 😁 That then ripped off at first light only to drop another fish ... proper gutted at this point . Then I get done on a drop back on my spot on the far margin . Was looking like the fish I had Wednesday morning would be the only one to grace the net . Beeeeeeep a take off a margin spot down my right hand side & after a battle in the weed managed to win this time . Was just sorting out photos in the rain & my far rod ripped off , so just like busses ended up with two on the bank at once . Rain drop on lens ^ turned out to be the common hiding in there ^
  10. There's a fish in there somewhere!! πŸ‘
  11. Tom reckon the weeds never been so bad in 20 odd years mate , its preventing me from fishing the right had corner the way I need to . But its more to do with lack of fish this end . Nige & I are constantly around the lake looking for signs that fish are moving back this end but it just isn't happening for us . Hoping for another bite first thing in the morning.
  12. Well been struggling lads.... theses high temps has seen all the fish down the other end of the lake on the wind ,3rd out the draw meant I wouldn't be getting near them . But finally managed two bites this morning.... First one I lost!!! Second managed to land 😁
  13. Just watched that video you posted mate .... it could be me getting old , but there very young lads to be taking line advice from πŸ˜†. But even they opted for the 18lb which is still low diameter for 18lb ( same as the 15lb I use ) . It will be fine where no snags or weed are an issue . Just looking at the range it looks to be aimed at fishing long where leader bans are in place & weed & abrasion aren't an issue. I've used similar lines in the past so talk from experience & lost fish !! The 18lb could be interesting for level line casting & giving it the beans, could be worth a test in the future.
  14. At 0.31 in 15 lb shouldn't think its great on abrasion, more of a pre stretched casting line is it ?
  15. absolute stunners lads πŸ‘πŸ˜Ž
  16. Give a wipe & then greese it up . A wire brush will probably clean it up, if a wipe doesn't. The drill attached ones would be nice for that .
  17. Has some good sessions on churn in the past. This one's from years back .... dread to think how many tbh , but I look ten years younger!
  18. Yep ... Sat stripping my old line as well speak mate πŸ‘
  19. Spot of carping for me next week .... 😎heading down the road to the cotswold water park (churn pool ) with a 3 other mates. Monday to Thursday. Hopefully have something for the catch reports this time , some big fish in there these days 🀞 Happy days 😁 Best of luck to anyone else getting out .
  20. Well didn't manage to catch .... but it wasn't for the want of trying. Absolutely loved getting out again. Was trying to tempt some big fish from a snag , one was defo a 40 + mirror, finally managed to get two takes on the 3rd morning only to drop them both to hook pulls . Hopefully getting out again in September 😎
  21. Cheers mate πŸ‘ I'll definitely enjoy it ...a fish or 2 will be the icing on the cake mate .But not a given at this venue . Got a few days to try & winkle one out.
  22. My thought of the day is ..... Vans packed ready for the morning. First time out in 4 years in this country!!! Like a kid at Xmas 😁 Rods probably won't be in till the afternoon got the draw to do etc , not somewhere I've fished before either so nothing to go on . Anyway happy days 😎
  23. Pretty much what I heard mate .... Ali wanted to be made a director & when it was not forth coming decided to leave. Like you say though making Tom one after , must be a kick in the teeth.
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