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  1. good shout Em .... I just went off slack lines full stop really , nothing to do with the chod itself. But if I wanted a rig to sit on weed then i wouldn't hesitate to use a chod .
  2. Crickey Nick .... you sure you didnt have a bang to the head Your need to put yourself on the naughty step , with such outrageous out bursts 😉😁
  3. Not nice Nick ! .... glad no-one was seriously hurt , sounds like it could of been worse .
  4. I've not found anything better .... when testing rigs in weedy margins . As long as your bait is nicely balanced it would consistently sit just right on top of the weed . I used to also have 2-3 metres of tiger line which improved the set up again , than just on the main line mono .
  5. I only think about fishing a chod when I want a bait sat on top of thick weed , thinking about it has the chod gone out of fashion a bit .... certainly don't here people fishing it as much, as say 4-5 years ago ?
  6. Cracking fish & hopefully still in the land of the living 😎 How you caught them on short rigs & no stainless though..... two words spring to mind " Carp God " 😁
  7. Was a cracking fish .... sadly no longer with us, along with all the other fish in that lake. Otters !!!! 🤬
  8. This is the fish in question .... look at the Hoover on it ! Lol
  9. The bigger the fish, the stronger the Hoover from what I've seen , a mid twenty can suck up boillies from over 1ft away , leaving your rig in place & moving on , they soon work out the safest way to feed ! The thing to remember they all feed slightly differently, so for me not one rig or lead setup will catch every fish in the lake . Sometimes you get lucky & catch a glimpse of a target fish feeding & the penny drops for that particular fish.
  10. It's an eye opener when it all comes together mate that's for sure . One of my best ever sessions was using no bait what so ever !
  11. The only problem with short rigs , is your never catch those fish that suck up baits from a long way back or up .... quite often the bigger fish too .
  12. Depending on venue & rod & line ... I reckon that's about right . Was chatting with the owner of the lake in France where they go really big . He was saying even the guys that target them with the gear , say it's crucial you get them in when they first stop & you start making head way on them . If they get there second wind your in trouble.
  13. I renember when you first showed us your idea years ago mate, was a different video , certainly got people thinking , I wondered how you got on with it as it was in its infancy. Sounds like it's doing the job for you 😎
  14. Had a 30lb cat in France in amougst the carp ... you know instantly when you hook one eh .... those 40 lb ers I had from the syndi pulled like a steam train . If I was targeting real bigguns on a big piece of water I would defo step up as one of the Dutch guys found out in France when he hooked a big un & it stripped his reel . Small venue & carp gear can manage . There's nothing like that battle though, tight lines & go get that 70 lb er 😎
  15. Some good size then , you stepping up your gear or sticking with the carp setup ? Backs ok again now thanks stevo , just need to find time & get some fishing booked in .
  16. You be mad to spend out on a wired set these days ... I had all that fox sounder box set up years back & was glad to see the back of it . Another ATT fan
  17. Is this your Italy Adventure Kev ? Be interested in how it all goes mate . You driving? Fancy a bit of Italy myself 😎
  18. Nice one Nick The few carp the otters have left behind in our farm pond have been absolutely gorging on tadpoles for a week or so , catching them on anything but a black zig would be a real challenge I reckon .
  19. Is my guest ticket in the post ? Stunner mate
  20. Mr consistent Ginge ... great angling 😎
  21. Great stuff gents 😎
  22. Well done for all the captures guys... some real crackers 😎
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