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  1. I'm in the same boat mate.... family & work taking all my time up . Let's hope we can both make time .... who knows some others might like to meet up too 😎 In regards to your other post .... think that will become a regular feature now hearing lakes closing due to predation. Once there in your area , you might get 4-5 years before it really hits hard from my experience.
  2. Frank ,has touched on it before & It rang true with what I think is happening around me , these otters are not territorial they've been reared with other otters , lots of them at that in big open fenced pens . Wild otters would fight each other to the death to keep there territory , survival of the fittest & all that . This new population seem happy to feed along side each other as that's what they know & it's obvious it's been passed on to the next generations , hence how quickly a lake can be emptied, well that's my take on it around me . We are in an area where the legal reintroduction is taking place . Like you say nothing natural about it .
  3. No doubt mate... they've basically paid 20 grand to give other local waters a few less visits a month !
  4. The penny just isn't dropping with people yonny . I think we lost roughly 30 fish this winter from that private lake we drained a couple of months back (a real eye opener ) we moved the few that were left to small farm ponds, one of which is ours & the other was 4-5 miles from the lake the fish in the other farm pond didn't last a week , & the ones here are getting done the better ones are defo gone already, we must be over run with them around me as the fish have just disappeared in alarming numbers from all the little streams & rivers not to mention the lakes dotted about . Those 20 grand of fish will be gone in no time , with what your saying about the area . Some can see what's going to happen if they aren't pro active .... look at korda !
  5. Just a real shame mate... no more just nipping out for a fish me , will have to be planned visits to fenced lakes. Feel more gutted for my boy really it was ideal having the farm pond & the little stretch of river just to take him for a few hours with minimal tackle . His fishing as he grows up will be planned & a journey , he's going to miss out on that spontaneous dangle of a rod that so many memories stem from . Mate would love to meet up at some point we've been trying for years now lol 😎
  6. Another visit to the farm pond last night , shouldn't think there be anything left in there in a few weeks . It would appear that there's no fishing local for me anymore . Make the most of what you've got lads before it's gone . Just a matter of time . How can this be Natural England !!! Perhaps we need to do what farmers have done in the past , & take trailers full of dead fish & dump them at the gates at Downing street . These E petitions are a waste of time .
  7. Great stuff Blue 😎
  8. Thanks for the reply Nick , But hopefully sorted now . 👍
  9. Like a few have mentioned see if you can get hold if micronised flaked Maize
  10. Like mufty said .... you've had a great winter mate 😎
  11. Funny but I never had it go at the knots when testing , always snapped in the middle of the length. Esp ghost / IQ / can't remember the others I tried, but I never cast any of them out just wasn't happy how little it took to snap them .
  12. Plenty of hatches today .... if I was fishing would definitely have the zigs out. Anyone on the bank?
  13. I still don't like using short lengths of fluoro , personally think they snap to easy . Give it a good test between some pullers at your required length smuft before using it, especially for France.
  14. Just shows the sign of the times . When tackle companies are having to protect there industry by setting up there own protected waters . Yonny I see you've managed to get off nappy duty 😁..... hope all is well & congratulations again mate
  15. Definitely keep an eye of those batteries then
  16. I would rather fish an empty lake than take up golf
  17. Afternoon guys..... a place has become available on my trip to France late March, obviously short notice but was wondering if anyone fancies taking up the spot , I've already booked the tunnel we board at 11:30 pm on the 29th . It's for the week https://www.facebook.com/chateaumoulinfishing/?ti=as There will be 10 of us on the booking Ian who is a mate & top bloke & some of his friends who I only met briefly on the change over last year, & a couple of Dutch anglers . So plenty of room to move onto fish with over 40 acres to go at
  18. Yes mate I did a couple of years back on one alarm.... it had been in there getting on 4 years mind lol , so more my fault than anything. Stopped the alarm transmitting . Just something to be wary of as they will last for years . Especially if you fish tricky waters .
  19. Personally think the 4 mags is the way to go with them , double the indication & still no false bites . On a c.com social years back I was on a double peg for the second part of the week with a fellow att user who was on two mags , we swapped a wheel over for him to try as he was worried about false indication with the 4 mags , he had already ordered a set before he got home . I definitely think I've hit more fish after changing them , what was a single bleep became a double .... obviously doesn't matter with a screamer, but those suttle pick ups definitely helps .
  20. That's the only thing to look out for with them .... The battery life is so good that batteries can start breaking down & cause damage . That's the only problem I've had in 9 years of ownership, great alarms with the 4 mag wheels.
  21. If there's fish there give it a go while there still present, I think the otter numbers makes the real difference & while there still visiting various waters. What I think is happening around me now , is fish are getting thin in numbers so the kills per visit escalated massively this winter because of it . Tight lines
  22. Where I live fella & from personal experience of draining a lake down just a month of so back , If you have otters in your area then your fishing will be tough going unless it's fenced . Even the few fish we had left were damaged , absolutely no big fish left . Have a look at the recent thread "favourite captures" .... as we get side tracked on there on the subject.
  23. Two chances of that .... I've had nothing out of him He's that good a sales man he'll have highy paying more for things 😂
  24. I see Baden hall fishery has been getting hit by otters , there kidding them selves at the numbers of reported lost fish . They would have lost a lot of the big fish no doubt. Apparently they've been hiding the fact until an angler went public with a video, still taking anglers money who were fishing for ghosts. Like I've been saying if it ain't fenced you need to think seriously about whether it's worth your time & hard earned .
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