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  1. Thank the Government for that one they opened the flood gates and let them in
  2. Get yourself on pegs 1-7 or pay the extra and go on island
  3. Put some of this on the stage wont be slippery then and is cheap http://item.mobileweb.ebay.co.uk/viewitem?itemId=390566984469
  4. No problems there is a solution to most things just takes some working out let us know how you get on with it mate
  5. Yeh I cannot see why it would not be its not like the rods going to be unattended and bait runners will be set correctly if thats set correctly a fish will do very well to drag a couple of pounds of concrete if you worried put a bungie cord round rear one that rod locks into and bivvie peg it to the soil behind its not going anywhere then
  6. Go buy a couple of cheap bank sticks to put in and cut them down so stubby will get away with a small pot then which will not weigh a lot
  7. Universal stage stands can be bought very cheap on ebay. A tek screw is a fixing that is used to hold tin sheets on roofs to hold them to Z rails so will fix them nicely. If you really want to do it on the cheap and you not to worried about weigh and how it looks get 2 plantpots and some old bank sticks and put them in pot and pour concrete allow to set and you can place them anyhwere you like on there that's a VERY easy cheap solution
  8. I was terrible for it myself and have recently scaled right down and can now push the barrow with ease
  9. Tek screw them to it they will hold in metal just a case of putting a couple of small pilot holes in
  10. Get some stage stands They screw to stage then you put bankstick in as pictured
  11. Cheers was not sure where to put it and gathered one of the mods/admin would move if needed
  12. Did not see any fish as was a cold one here some pics from this morning woke up and the lake had a lid on it Cant beat a bit of winter fishing
  13. Summer time when my eldest comes for a week session on the lake I take my 2 Man Nashdouble top extreme and pulling the front down and opening the rear vent definatly cools things down a lot. Same as my Armo open all the vents and its cooler anyone who says vents dont make any difference I cant understand why not have always done so withe me
  14. Hi Tim went to shallowbrook my local lake and had one fish and my arm was aching and the rod was bending more than ever before so thought 'great its a biggie' then it came off! As you can imagine the air was blue!!! Brave man fishing there always hearing of setups and tackle going walkies there.
  15. Im a syndicate member on Taswood I cant say they have a rat problem as there is very few. There is some good fish to be had fishing this time of year is harder. The complex shuts end of November. On I had out this season the long common @39lb
  16. I have a set and you can get different inserts depending on what thickness the rod blank is i would recommend them
  17. Surely holding the end at the end eye on a tip section and rasing it will show the softer TC as it will curve further down then the higer TC one.
  18. Three Daiwa Basiairs should hopefully be here tomorrow
  19. marty_h


    Yes my mate buried it
  20. I did hear the basiairs need servicing I presently have Shimano XTA LC Big bait runners and they a nice reel but fancied a change
  21. 6lb Maxima Chameleon line is what I have always used for bream and have had hauls of over 150lb
  22. marty_h


    Its sad news my mate is a bailiff on the complex I had my name down for next year to get on there after it but that chance has gone now R.I.P
  23. I have looked at these rods in the shop and im tempted by them and also a set of Basiair reels to go with them to replace my greys torsions I got offered a good deal on them but finding it hard to get any reviews on the rods. They definitely look the part and are well made. Anyone had any experience with them and any feedback would be good Cheers Marty
  24. Been looking here http://en.cartedepeche.fr/ChoixAssociation/3/52-liste-des-cartes.htm Ive not got a Clue what license we going to need we booking La valdore has anyone got any idea I make it out to be this one HODENG-AU-BOSC (76340) on a Holiday one but they don't offer that online so how do we go about sorting a license Cheers Marty
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