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  1. never boil it anyway. lob in cool box, fill with boiling water, leave over night. job done. lob in lake
  2. done around 250 nights last 2 years with the atts from baking sun to minus 5 and not a dot of bother. only times they bleep is when you get a run (delkims in the rain anyone!) im still on the same batterys they came with from erics. i dropped one in the lake last year, took me a good 10 mins to fish it out, and still no problems!!
  3. the old leader argument!! jesus wept. we are fishing right? we are all so concerned that leadcore may damage a scale (no more than line does if at all) but its perfectly fine to trick a fish that is trying to eat to survive and drive a piece of sharp metal in its mouth, drag it 100 yards across its world under extreme stress, lift it out of its world and start the suffocation process, pick the fish up with your hands and burning it, blind it with flah photography then put it back!! oh but its ok you had a barbless hook and no leadcore and you did use ur klinik !!
  4. ever thought about getting a cheap car?
  5. had my best winter at woodchester baiting with half a kilo 3 times a week and then fishing fri n sat night with a kilo over each rod. double 18mm bottom baits and topping up after every fish!
  6. oh and for the record milky , i can easily do 130 on the nose every chuck (ask theo) so no need to be rude. however just because i can dont mean i have to!! i can walk the 24 miles to work each day but i have a car so i dont have to!! know what i mean arry!!
  7. so you dont use buzzers either?? coz in some eyes like that of the gsc that would be cheating. oh and dont take your bedchair and sleeping bag...thats cheating to. yates would only use a basket and a overcoat. oh and make sure you side hook your baits as a hair is cheating. where do you draw the line?
  8. sooo bait boats are cheating and are for people who cant cast. ok then so are bite alarms cheating and for people who cant be bothered to stay awake and watch there bobbins for a bite? what i hate these days is you get a bunch of spanners (tools) who have it in them that you have to exhaust yourself with spods and hard work to be a good angler! you know what i go fishing to relax and do very little (and i have a few out:-)) its about enjoying yourself. i actually use my boat very little due to the 2 waters i fish dont allow them but given the chance id use it every day and drink a beer while the spod army do there thing.
  9. so you have a date with ur sis!! whereabouts in glos??
  10. pair of muppets, and for your information i am actually from the city of oxford, headington to be exact. suppose you queens are from the north?? maybe get yourself a education?? factory fodder.
  11. tell me this isnt personal?? i ask to meet up as men and im branded a trouble maker. chris says i should be hung and asking me to duel and thats all fine. your gunna get it chris im telling you. come to bussage in gloucestershire tonight
  12. nige, i find chris's comments offensive. saying i should be hung is a bad thing to say. and i would like to make a formal complaint.
  13. the stuff i use could do that!! the kryston one is soo heavy. great for silt fishing as the leader actually sinks into it so total camo ban the chris ban the chris!
  14. a ha! i just believe in liberty and freedom. stop causing trouble chris!! ban the chris ban the chris! save the woodster!!
  15. my last post was deleted! why?
  16. well jesus christ, ban ban ban.
  17. the word "ban" really is dreadfull. !! genereally used by little hitlers that have never had any control on there lives that suddenly become a bailiff at a fishing lake and all of a sudden give it the swagger and wear there bailiff ticket pinned to there overweight chest. i couldnt remember how many kippers ive had on kryston score gold but there has been a few,and none have had any scale damage,i also find it interesting that as fisherman who drive a piece of steel into a fishes mouth will its trying to eat to survive,then scare the hell out of it by dragging it 100 yards across its world, then lift it out of its world and start the process of suffication, lift it of the ground in a weigh sling then blind it with flash photography before putting it back! and your concerened about leadcore?? were fishing mate, deal with it.
  18. tie a knot in the leadcore about 6 inches above the lead. then pop bead on then the chod, obvio its important to leave the top bead free to pop over the top of the leadcore incase something goes wrong. then during the fight the lead hangs 6 inches below the fish and out the way. oh and it has to be fished slack or if not you will lift the rig/leadcore up in the water.
  19. yes we do it with lemon,grapefruit, orange,lime etc. infact at open evening we tried banana skins, and yes we collected some oil but it smelt more like "old bananas" if that makes sense?
  20. heating mantle and a condenser. peel orange and put peel in water bowl, boil,collect steam and cool with cold water, and slowly the pure oil out of the skin of orange will drip out.
  21. ive just been making oils. just done a orange one. and black pepper last week!
  22. listening to wrong advice , like being told leadcore is unsafe.
  23. im sure your right and i should take note but to me when a carp is in feeding mode and going for it picking up gob fulls of silt,leaves twigs,stones etc my mind tells me they aint going to notice a tiny bit of metal. end of the day they hoover everything up in there chops and then sort out what they wana keep and spit out the rest. and in a typical mouthfull everything is a diferent weight. silt,leaves,various sized gravel,stones bits of twig etc, even your baits are going to vary in weight. just my thoughts, not wanting to start a row!
  24. or just use the baits out the bag so they behave like to others you have put in! never been sold on all this balance this wafter that.
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