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    ... Is half the battle Brighton
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    Carp Fishing, Diving and River monsters
  1. Well in Phil
  2. Went down to a local lake this morning and it was rammed so came home unfortunately.......
  3. That's a good deal mate !! Didn't get much hassle from the crays at said venue but think they did me on last night. Just shelled out £130 for a lens repair so no bait order till may lol
  4. Will it be your focus for this year / season ?
  5. Trakker composite and Fox ruckall are my latest additions
  6. Is this by any chance White cottage lake ?
  7. Trying to do it now most of my stuff fits in my rod holdall need a brolly thou still take my barrow thou as i cant be bothered to carry it lol
  8. I use the Gardner ones and get on with them, ive also used the nash D-dam ones and didn't like them tail rubber didn't fit properly and found the lead was impossible to eject cast one out without a tail rubber had a fish and the lead was still on
  9. Its same mix as my boilies its better now ill leave it out for a while before i fish with it again next time
  10. It's not cold it's fully defrosted its just really sticky like dough tried rolling a few balls but it just gets stuck to my hands
  11. Right I'm using paste but how long do I need to leave it out the freezer for mines been out a few hours and its hard to mould into a ball it's really gloppy so speak ?
  12. Cheers mick and yes I am atually I need to eat thou otherwise it will end badly
  13. Well I've just noticed that its been year and 5 days since i joined the forum i was a bit skeptical about joining but im glad i did, I've been on 2 socials already and hoping for more met some great friends hopefully friends for life my fishing has come forward since joining and hoping to up my PB this year got on a nice syndicate full of PB fish so the pressures on
  14. I've got the chub equivalent lacks passing on the side but apart from that its really comfy it could do with being a bit wider thou
  15. No just standard size I'm sure Ian could weld on a support beam underneath it. Don't hurt me guy it was Graham's fault