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  1. I done a similar thing this year one of my main things was i got myself a quiver, sti x-lite in the main part, 3 rods in sleeves attached and banksticks (not sainless) and net in side pocket, main tackle box left at home, i just take a small one with just enough inside with a rig board and bits bag, a flask all in a fox stalker rucksack, plus bait bucket and i can walk as far as i need to, it's made a big difference to my fishing, forgot to mention my chair, which i have a few hour's sleep on if i need them, good luck mate.
  2. If they were not prepared i can't see why the would be in a freezer, but you never know.
  3. Back to thread, a few t-shirts and hoody's, kent tackle have got a bit of a sale on.
  4. Lobworms, popped up onto the surface is a killer tactic.
  5. I've only ever had 2 fish doing this but you just never know, the next one could be the big one.
  6. Drennan double strength in 10lb and 12lb for floater and zig work.
  7. If you are using tiger nut hook bait's like you have said i would say there is no need to pre-bait, get on them straight away, good luck.
  8. Time to get rigs and plenty of bait ready, "get out of MY kitchen".
  9. Haha you better get ordering her a pair of shoe's, i hope she never find's out the price of rod's, reel's, alarm's etc.
  10. Bait floss and marker elastic, i'm sure i already have it somewhere.
  11. Couldn't you just boil for less and drop a few mil of flavour etc. i know it's not the same but could give you that washed out sense.
  12. Carp fishing is whatever you want it to be, just enjoy it the best you can.
  13. Surely they would learn that certain bait has a tiger nut in them (if that is what was used) and if they don't learn how come they stay away from certain things, rigs, angler pressure, we have all seen carp spook when in a swim, something must spook them are you honestly saying that in your opinion that carp don't learn or become conditioned to certain situations.I will agree that on a runs water, ie a hungry overstocked lake that they will eat anything but that's a different situation, too much competition for food.
  14. If you prebaited enough of them they would soon learn, but would take a lot of time making a few kg of them.
  15. My favourite add to put on meat has always been hutchy's secret agent, put a few mil in a freezer bag add some cubed meat and give a good shake so that the meat get's a coating, then put in freezer, they love it but i am running out of secret agent and i'm wondering if the new stuff is the same as the original.
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