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  1. Well thats not too sad and virgin fish from empty waterrs would make a difference from here!!!
  2. Ha ha! Good news! Generally go for better fish but sometimes nice to get some action to reasure yourself that your not doing it all wrong! Can't see myself getting over before the new year being realistic, but thanks for the offer mate! Good to know that I'll still be able to do some carping, as well as having a go for all the new exotics! What sort of sizes are about?
  3. Cheers mate, never really considered it would be so strict, though i suppose it makes sense and aint that different from the airport! Is it worth stock piling to bring stuff over or is the price and availability not that different? On a different subject how riggy are the fish? Or is it more of a case of location?
  4. Hello, coming over from the uk in the new year and will initially be living in Sydney. Are there many/any carp fishing lakes/rivers within a few hours (2-3) of the city or do you need to go further? Cheers.
  5. I'm moving over in the new year and I'm wondering if its worth bringing my freshwater fishing gear over? Mainly carp gear, but also some predator and river fishing stuff used mostly for barbel. Also any ideas on the fishing situation in NSW? Especially for carp and other fresh water fish? Whats the availability of equipment and bait etc? Cheers.
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